“Jeff, we’ve got to stop there,” he said. “Why do you feel that was a US action? What evidence do you have of that?” Sachs said radars detecting US helicopters in the area, coupled with key statements made by the White House regarding Russia’s stranglehold on European energy supplies, led him to make the conclusion. “Well, first, there is direct radar evidence that US military helicopters that are normally based in Gdansk were circling over this area,” Sachs said. “We also had the threat from (President Biden) earlier this year that ‘one way or another we are going to end Nord Stream.’ “We also had a remarkable statement from Secretary of State [Antony] Blinken last Friday in a press conference where he said ‘this is also a tremendous opportunity.’ ... “If Russia invades — that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine — then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it,” Biden said at the time. Sachs acknowledged his take “runs counter to our narrative” in the US and accused his nation’s media of neglecting the issue. “I know it runs counter to our narrative, you‘re not allowed to say these things in the West, but the fact of the matter is all over the world when I talk to people, they think the US did it,” he said. “Even reporters on our papers that are involved tell me ‘of course’ (the US did it), but it doesn’t show up in our media.” ...


Info wars noticed this bull shit too.

Ukrainians Are Responding to the Threat of Nukes By Organising an Orgy
The opening post told members to decorate their hands with stripes to designate what their interests were ahead of visiting the hill – three strips symbolises anal sex, and four means oral sex. They then posted: “They say that all the apartments with a view of Shchekavystsa have for some reason disappeared from real estate sites.” Radio Free Europe interviewed a local woman about the group, who said: “It’s the opposite of despair. Even in the worst-case scenario, people will look for something good. That’s the mega-optimism of Ukrainians.” A man said: “It’s an attempt to show that the more they try to scare us, the more we will transform it into something else.”