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This dude was on youtube for like 16 years and never said anything hateful. He was one of the original raw meat eaters that folks like the liver king got their info from. (Whether they admit it or not)

Fuck facebook, get digital blood, sue, sue, get it bois. Make them pay. Take paychecks, take jobs, send to jail. Everyone who got censored needs reparations. I demand reparations for the us government deleting my memes .

Andrew Tate Banned From Facebook & Instagram
didn't click, but source example:

cross-posted from: > Beginning on the evening of July 28, the platform put up a warning on all links from The Epoch Times. A click on a link would direct users to a page titled “Warning: this link may be unsafe” which prompts users to return to the previous page.

cross-posted from: > “Reddit is going scorched earth on anything that invalidates or merely questions the current progressive line for trans politics: ‘A trans person is who they say they are, you do not get to debate that.’ > > With controversies in the public sphere like the participation of trans athletes in sports, trans kids being given puberty blockers, drag shows, ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria,’ and so on, I believe it’s important for there to be a space to have discussions about these issues, and that might be tough for some people to deal with. But I believe in a marketplace of ideas, and trying to run a marketplace like a monopoly, saying that one idea must be affirmed before any discussion takes place, means that true discourse is dead. Reddit used to posture itself as a site for honest discussions, but in its hasty efforts to protect certain identities, has become an avenue for restrictions, and a place where a controversial opinion doesn’t get you downvoted, it gets you banned.” Copied from exploding heads. Would be great if we can get these guys to the fediverse

cross-posted from: > I'll be switching to self hosted gitea this week. Adding it to my big docker-compose of self hosted services on my rpi 4

I personally think there is room for moderated spaces and spaces to go full retard. The fediverse solves a lot of problems if you van get lots of instances. Monopolies were formed to early IMO. We need competition to drive better policies. Maybe new technologies.

Really happy to see the push back against duck duck go. I bet they will reverse course

I don't like this. I understand the algorithmic problem. State actors constantly post information across the internet to mold narratives. There is even a word for these people in Chinese **Wumao** Which means 50 cents for 50 cent army. Also could translate that as fed posters accounting for culture differences. Countries have a bigger budget and can make information look more real than it is. A user will see a disproportional amount of imformation slanting a certain direction and people tend to believe lots of information more than correct information. The problem here is that it's accomplished with AI or worse simple if else branches. So any American trying to explain Russia's position is going to get deranked along with any post made by Russian Officials. Rather than trying to limit the information we see, why not publicize the results of your studies that show how many post are coming out of Russia? Study the flow of memes with hidden water marks. These large companies are deciding what information we have access to and no one should have that kinda power.

Facebook censorship is misinformation.

But why did they choose them to begin with? Gifts and go? Why do people continue to use services and corporations that want them dead? When there already exist alternatives. 9 million fucking dollars. Stolen and givin to libtards. Someone could make the worlds best and most censorship resistant group funding platform and people would still use Facebook and gofundme.

Facebook is banning Trucking groups
Facebook, those dirty bastards are banning groups organizing truckers protesting. Even though they let **BLM** destroy whole cities last year. This is unacceptable. Of course any trucker is welcome to organize here on wolfballs But you can also go to gab which has many more users and existing groups. Here are some trucking groups on gab


Ron Paul censored for quoting Pfizer CEO

This is the kinda stuff I was noticing. Glad he made a video. I'm surprised T-Mobile is censoring anti abortion websites. What a bunch of cunts.

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