List of alt tech
# This is a list of alterantive technologies you can use to help remove power from large corperations We can include all political sides here. **Youtube**: [bitchute]( [odysee]( [peertube]( [Rumble]( []( [Gab TV]( **Twitter** Pleroma [gab]( [Mastodon]( []( []( []( []( **Search engines** [Brave Search]( [Duck Duck Go]( [Searx]( **Instagram** **Reddit** [Wolfballs of-course]( [Lemmy]( []( []( This is a reddit viewer so not give reddit money **Operating Systems** [Linux]( **Phones** [PinePhone]( [Librem 5]( **Discord/Chat** [Matrix]( Feel Free to suggest new additions in the comments

Written in rust it's pretty nice. Stores subscriptions in browser cookies so using across devices wouldn't work well. Could update it to store them on a local postgres db, that would be pretty cool.

Looks interesting

if you want extension that redirects popular sites to alternative frontends and backends

Blue Dwarf Forum
Site: About: Rules: edit: (Basically no intimidation, name calling, threats, ads - besides your own articles, or illegal posts) This is [@LEM1969's]( site of I believe, linked on redditalternatives

Yikyak Leaked Users' Precise Location
The Yikyak re-launch was failed and my interest in it is gone: \> didn't do android release at beginning \> promised android release and failed to deliver still before summer to secure college userbase \> user location leaked \> people deleting in disgust it's over

Someone Have a Facebook Frontend or Would It Be Possible To Create One?
we have like for twitter, or for instagram... anything for facebook? reason: other people use it as a primary website

Odysee should run faster now

Just installed a invidious Instance at home
Wow this thing is awesome. Can create a account, subscribe to all my favorite youtubers and it's fast because it's running locally. Really fast. Zero ads, zero. Can download any youtube video. There is a kodi addon for invidious too so you can get all the benifits of youtube without needing a api key. Only issue I can see is you can't watch controversial videos that need a actual youtube login.

Yikyak Android Release Delayed Again And Decentralized Alternative?
Yikyak android release is delayed again, they are way behind Is there a way to create a decentralized alternative? It's basically a location-based "anonymous" microblog pretty much like a mastodon but how would you get location data in to the mix?

when gitea joins the fediverse it's going to explode
## Intro Not long ago **gitea** (the github alternative) [announced it was joining the fediverse]( I've been playing with my own gitea instance and it's really great software. It has most of the features of github that I use everyday at work. Somethings are missing like, multiline comments but those features will come. ## what federation will bring With federation the first usecase will probably be instance to instance PR request and code reviews. This way someone can submit a pr from their instance to my instance. With that will bring instance to instance comments. This should also bring Issue comment federation. ## How this could make a simple social network Imagine a post becomes a readme md file. To start a discussion one can open an issue. a issue will work like a thread. People can come in and comment their thoughts on the issue. Every software developer will want to host their own instance. Because readme's work as great resumes. So there will be thousands if not more instances. Each instance would be able to have one or more users that can message each other. All of these discussions will be taking place far away from the control of big tech. ## what else? This will expose thousands of more people to the concept of the fediverse. Which will result in more interest and more services being written. gitea is written in go btw. go is one of the easiest and most productive computer languages ever made. Yes you can be just as productive in rust and the code will be between 5 and 20 percent more efficient but at the cost of months to years more experience needed. I imagine there will be many forks and many ideas being experimented with.

Reddit alternatives notabug and saidit am i missing any?

It's strange to me that rumble + locals is becoming the conservative big tech. Obviously she isn't conservative but she gets banned with all the conservatives.

Frontends For Various Services (Example: Bibliogram For Instagram)
some copypasta either from discussions or chans: (my edits indicated in parantheses) > use bibliogram or imginn. problem solved same with twitter - use nitter (or mastodon) same with reddit - use libreddit (edit: another option) same with yt - use invidious or piped or freetube (better yet use odysee or bitchute) same with tiktok - use proxitok same with imgur - use rimgo same with wikipedia - use wikiless (edit: also) same with google - use searx same with medium - use scribe same with google translate - use deepl or lingva (edit: yandex translate can work too) same with google maps - use osmand same with spotify - use soju \> add more?

Anyone Know What Happened To Flote.App
I haven't logged on in a while and it said you need to reset your password with an email, and then was requiring email verification since March 2022 Did they get hacked or have some kind of technical issue? pretty disappointing as I probably won't use the platform now btw they have a "flotefest" coming up soon, IRL event

A community about alternative technologies to mainstream tech.

Example, Odyssey or rumble rather than youtube. Wolfballs rather than reddit

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