Today i read an article that was about "fans" being shocked at how realistic Denji's perverted thoughts were portrayed in the anime vs the manga. They also specifically mentioned the scene in the bathroom where Power beckoned him the grope her breasts. I can tell you with 110% absolute certainty that that is bullshit. This is 100% star wars again. I you don't know about star wars allow me to elaborate. In the beginning of the Disney star wars trilogy there were many "fans" who came out claiming to have read or watched all of the source material and were demanding representation. They got their representation and shortly after the rats were leaving the sinking ship. No one, including the non-fans, wanted to see the shit they were producing even though they bowed to their inclusive demands. This is the same. The non-fans claim to have read the manga but even if they did they most likely did so only to check if the anime was accurate to the source before announcing their dissatisfaction. These non-fans want nothing more than to strip this beloved series of what made it good and see it fail. Luckily the anime industry is pretty resistant to these kind of attacks since they know that 90% of their money is earned off the backs of the whales and they certainly do know how to please their whales which mostly cause the problems of the current anime industry too like a lack of creativity and the stereotypes which seem almost impossible to get rid off. These kind of attacks have become extremely frequently, mostly due to their high success rate probably. This is why every community needs to gatekeep. Gaming isn't for everyone and Anime isn't for everyone. You can make your own niece within these industries but if you always try to please everyone you will never please anyone.

Again sorry the saturdays anime are super late

Anime Season Fall 2022 halfway point Discussion
By now most anime from the current season have reached their halfway point. I'd like to hear you opinion on the currently airing anime. Which did you pick up? Which did you drop?

Sorry, for the late post of the Saturday animes. I'll try to be quicker in the future.

This is a direct copy of what i wrote elsewhere. I apologize for any formatting errors that might occur. # This will be spoiler free but beware there will be my comment discussing with spoilers. For once i've got to agree with MyAnimeList. It really is about a 8,5. I barely gave it an 8 after thinking it through. **Visuals**: The anime is beautiful. In one of the thousands of videos analyzing the anime or in trailers you can see for yourself. It mixes up the color palette good. Every scene is detailed and almost all shots feel well thought out. There is also some meaningful imagery though it's not often used and feels a little cheap since it's very on the nose even more so through flashbacks that are supposed to spoon feed you the comparison. **World**: The world feels really sound. They really nailed the dystopian mix of wealth and poverty masterfully even though you mostly get to see the poor parts. I don't know if good or bad but there is a completeness to the common knowledge. Meaning people talk about the Cyberpunks and cyberpsychos and some concepts not explained or shown in the anime. This is good since this adds a lot of depth to the world and makes you want to learn more, on the other hand this makes some small interactions a little hard to get if you don't pay full attention. **Characters**: There are many characters. Some are very likeable and some are very very flat. Actually there are only 2 or 3 really thought through characters, that's including the main character which most well thought out characteristic is being not thought through. Other than that every character is literally just some evil corpo or some punk trying to get by. **Story**: The story is OK. It has some themes that shine a little and it is entertaining and maybe even provokes some thought. Sadly the latter half is a real let down of the story. They instantly make it blatantly obvious how the story is going to end and to add insult to injury they have a painfully long built up to the ending which is helplessly derailing everything about the limits you would have assumed this far. I would say i enjoyed the story until the built up for the ending had begun.

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