Golden Corner Restaurant, Brockton, MA
The place doesn’t look like much but the food is pretty good the crab Rangoon’s are homemade and the general goa’s chicken is pretty good. Good beef and peapods. Best Chinese take out in the city in my opinion….. FYI Brockton, ma suck in general so dont visit

Red Wing Boots
The best boots that i know of, a little pricey, more than Timberland but they will actually glady measure your feet there and get you the right boot given your job. Ot a fan of the irish setter boot though

Teds Montana Grill
Very underwhelming food in my opinion, bison dish lacked taste. Cafeteria food at best, bar scene is good though

My review: the coffee is the best value in the business, the fries are quite good if you get them hot, and the chicken sandwiches aren't bad. So what's my beef here? Look at the business model, my dad always said. The food is cheap and the stores are impressive and everywhere. How are they making money? Two immediate answers: they are paying their staff very little, and they are using cheap ingredients. Most of the cheap ingredients are not harmful *per se*. The meat is probably mostly soy. The oils are likely cheap seed oils. There's a lot of bread involved with everything. I go for the coffee. The bathrooms are clean, the employees often very considerate for people getting paid relatively little, and when the fries are hot, I might have an order. Still, $3 for 1% of a batch of French fries from flash frozen sliced potatoes and dubious seed oils is not really a good deal, is it? It's cheap, in theory, but to eat well here is to spend $10 or more. Two doors down, I can get a decent lunch entree for that.


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