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SO, cards on the table. I am not a communist and firmly believe that communism is evil. Why am I a mod of the Communist Page? Simply because Communism cannot stand up to any real scrutiny and it's history needs a LOT of white washing in order to even appear presentable. This is why Communist boards need censorship. Truth dissolves it's lies. SO: I might remove posts to keep things on topic - but only sparingly I will remove smut, porn, legal, illegal, even if it is 'tasteful'. I do encourage Communists to make their case, I will let your words stand on their own. Scruffy

and somewhat related

All existing communist societies are Fascist
I was reading about Fascism today and what it really means. It's kinda one of those strange concepts that circularly defines itself. Italy was really the creator of the theory of fascism and Nazi Germany was sort of the realization of that theory. So today we kind of define it by the traits of Nazi Germany and Italy during that time period. Here are the definitions I found. > The foundation of Fascism is the conception of the State, its character, its duty, and its aim. Fascism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be conceived of in their relation to the State. Another more suscent definition in mussolini's writtings, > And to this myth, this greatness, which we want to translate into a total reality, we subordinate everything else. The idea is to build up cultural myths that a nation can latch onto to unite and become stronger together. Sort of like a government sanctioned bible. **The Fascist Playbook** 1. Build up myth of your nation 2. Build up myth of nation's consciousness 3. Subordinate the people to that nationalistic 'nation's consciousness' 4. Direct and control with a totalitarian state As I read these definitions all I could think about was communist societies and not Nazi Germany. My time in Communist countries I saw all these things daily. The T.V. Is constantly playing tv reruns of the myth of how the nation was formed. They force it in every school class. It's used to get people on board with the nations goals. As a Libertarian I value individual freedom above all. Fascism always favors the state over the individual. Communism does the same thing today. All communist countries are Fascist. To be antifascist you must be anti communist.

I need an icon for Communism
I was looking for a picture that was somewhat respectable and yet a good bit silly.

Made scruffy mod because of no activity and he asked for it.

Communism is good!
It gives the less capable something to hope for.

Yes prehuman hominids did practice communism sometimes very well

Not a perfect documentary but a good introduction to who Karl Marx was from a western perspective.

A place to celebrate, study, and share communist ideals.


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