The trials were bull shit from the start. This is what the inventor of mrna vaccines got banned from twitter for posting.


So a couple things, this is a mainstream article our "side" might suggest the " vaccines" are harmful and weaken immune system as a main effect but even the mainstream "science" of "vaccination" seems to acknowledge that these shots weaken immune system as they are basically making it sick in order to theoretically make it stronger. and yet how effective they are is questioned. Imagine if people were simply infecting themselves without it boosting immunity... btw one other concern with vaccines is additives, was anyone raising concern over additives in covid "shots"? another problem with this is lack of private labs to create or test these shots ourselves, putting a lot of people in to a position of " just trust me bro" tier reasoning whether they should accept these products created in labs they have little direct access to or knowledge of. what other further related issues come to mind?

cross-posted from: > For more than two years now, experts have tried to deny that the FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine might impact fertility in both men and women.

Bob Saget, Gilbert Gottfried talking about getting vaccinated
They are both dead now.

99 years old and unvaxed
She says she is 99 years old, never had a flu vaccine and never had the flu.

lmao, news had to admit vaccinated are getting covid more than the unvaxed

4 catbox is down, this will probably be deleted from streamable because streamable is woke asf.

Get the jab

Exposing the hoax that is covid.

The hysteria around Covid is unreasonable. There are no dead people in the streets.

Anyone who isn’t a total bag of skittle eating shit can survive “covid”.

Natural immunity is best immunity.

Covid vaccines are experimental and give heart attacks to people who would absolutely have no problems if they got “Covid”

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