The trials were bull shit from the start. This is what the inventor of mrna vaccines got banned from twitter for posting.


Lol tripple vaxxed news anchor was out for weeks possible months from covid
And me, never vaxed was jogging, doing pushups, and drinking beer after 3 days lmao. I'm gonna have to make some remixes of this it's so fucking funny.

Daily reminder the vaccines didn't work and gave thousands heart attacks
And they still got COVID if they didn't die from the vaccine.

Rally against vaccine mandates in new york.

Sudden death on tv

Vaccinated Mutants of Costco harass pure blood ![](

Exposing the hoax that is covid.

The hysteria around Covid is unreasonable. There are no dead people in the streets.

Anyone who isn’t a total bag of skittle eating shit can survive “covid”.

Natural immunity is best immunity.

Covid vaccines are experimental and give heart attacks to people who would absolutely have no problems if they got “Covid”

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