Apparently they may submit charges for review..? Could be good to keep an eye on this one.

A California man was arrested and charged with attempted murder after he allegedly attacked a police officer during a protest of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent abortion reversal, police said. Michael Ortiz, 30, and Juliana Bernado, 23, were among those arrested during a clash with police officers in the downtown Los Angeles area Friday as people gathered to protest the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore said. **"The vast majority of those involved were peaceful and law-abiding, however, a much smaller group of individuals took to the streets with the intention of creating chaos and destruction," the LAPD said.** Authorities said as the protests stretched into the night, members of the crowd began "throwing fireworks and other makeshift weapons" at the officers. Ortiz was allegedly among those members and stands accused of throwing a makeshift flamethrower at an officer, who had to be treated for burns. He was charged with the attempted murder of a police officer, KTLA reported.

Two former University of Missouri frat leaders have been charged with leaving a student brain damaged in what his family attorney called “the worst fraternity hazing injury ever in the United States.” Former Phi Gamma Delta fraternity members Ryan Delanty and Thomas Shultz were indicted by a Boone County grand jury on Friday on a slew of charges, including felony hazing, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said. The charges stem from the caught-on-camera hazing of Daniel Santulli, 19, who was force-fed beer and made to drink a liter of vodka, leaving him blind and unable to walk or talk. **He had to be revived in a hospital after his heart stopped when he was left with a blood alcohol content of 0.486, six times the legal limit.** The damage was “as horrible as it could possibly be and (have him) still be alive,” said David Bianchi, a lawyer who specializes in hazings and is representing Santulli’s family. “It’s the worst fraternity hazing injury ever in the United States,” he said, saying he has “been doing these cases for 30 years.”

A 21-year-old mother was gunned down while holding her baby. Her family said it was her baby's father who pulled the trigger while wearing a jail ankle monitor.

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