Wolfballs Development
Hello; This is how I run the wolfballs backend codebase. To make UI changes more work is needed. If someone wants I can make a tutorial on that next. Copying the contents of the readme below. # Alternate Lemmy docker and vscode instructions I like to be able to run a rust app with cargo run and not rebuild images. Even if it's quick. This alternate docker method mounts the lemmy code into a container that installs all your dependencies. To get started you need a couple things installed on your machine; 1. [Docker](https://www.docker.com) For the ui features; 2. [VSCode](https://code.visualstudio.com/) 3. [Remote Container Plugin](https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=ms-vscode-remote.remote-containers) ## Instructions Clone lemmy down, `git clone https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy.git lemmy` `cd lemmy; # go into lemmy the directory` clone down this repo into the docker directory `git clone https://git.freefedifolk.com/chuzuchi/lemmy-remote-development.git docker/debug` Build the image; builds a arch linux container with a suder user name developer `docker-compose -f docker/debug/docker-compose.yml build` Do house keeping stuff the same as other methods. `mkdir -p docker/debug/volumes/pictrs` `sudo chown -R 991:991 docker/debug/volumes/pictrs` You can go ahead and test this with the terminal if you don't want to use vscode. To do that, `docker-compose -f docker/debug/docker-compose.yml up -d` `docker-compose -f docker/debug/docker-compose.yml exec lemmy /bin/bash` Might need to update rust; `rustup update` Ok now you can just run `cargo run` And you can visit the ui at, `` You can stop the container with; `docker-compose -f docker/debug/docker-compose.yml down` ## Run in VSCode If you would like a whole development environment based on vscode with all plugins auto installed continue to the next section. Bring down the containers `docker-compose -f docker/debug/docker-compose.yml down` From the root directory of the lemmy code base, copy the devcontainer and vscode directories from the debug section to the root. `cp -a docker/debug/devcontainer/ ./.devcontainer` `cp -a docker/debug/vscode/ ./.vscode` Now you can open up the project from vscode. VSCode will actually be running inside a arch container. Type `F1` and select `Reopen in container` ![](https://gitlab.com/wolfballs/lemmy-remote-development/-/raw/master/assets/picture1.jpg) Now you can click run in the debugger on the left. Break points aren't yet working due to async await in the main function. I'm not yet sure how to fix that. If someonw knows of how to get that working please open a issue and let me know. However server starts and the terminal in vscode is inside of the container. You can make code changes and click the restart button and it will restart very quickly. ![](https://gitlab.com/wolfballs/lemmy-remote-development/-/raw/master/assets/picture2.jpg) Thats is! You've got rust extensions auto installed in vscode for you.

Communities: What New Ones Should We Make, Which Existing Ones Should We Check Out?
We're getting closer to a 1 year of Wolfballs being up I think too

Anyone Had Issues With Crossposting?
not always but sometimes some communities don't come up, like I tried "Christianity" and it wasn't popping up

What features would you like to see in a wolfballs rewrite?
I would like to see a more traditional timeline and the ability to follow mastodon users as well as wolfballs users. communities would work like groups and you could have a communities timeline, a person timeline, a combined timeline all in one ui.

I'm considering rewriting wolfballs
I don't like single page applications. I've actually worked on the extensively and they suck. I don't like that the front end is a server side rendered nodejs application. I think it waste a lot of resources. I don't like the heavy use of websockets. I don't like the context switching between node and rust. I don't like requiring java-script. I think my dream stack would be, rust,actix,tera (templating), bulma (css) that would render the html and then I would just make a api separate. Zero web sockets they suck and don't work consistently. Just good ole fashioned post, get,put,update,delete. Could totally make it api compatible with lemmy. Certainly could make it federate with lemmy. Everything else I think would be the same. I've been toying around with the idea. It would be a while but it is something I would like to work toward. I might work on a shop at the same time and try to have some kinda shared code base.

Unable to open certain users' profiles
I tried to open Masterofballs' profile to try to contact him about his offer to help anyone spinning up a lemmy instance but when I click on "Send secure message" I get redirected to https://matrix.to/#/[object%20Object] but after that I can no longer open the profile due to some error.

Do Video Embeds Exist In Comments?
like with the ! [] () syntax or something? it could show the thumbnail of a vid link? edit: if not, hard to code?

Connection error
As requested, here's a downtime report. Couldn't connect to the site for a couple of hours today. Very approximately, was gone for a few hours and last checked an hour ago and was still down. Up now. Never got the matrix details so posting in good faith to the dev community.

Multi-Community View
TIL you can view two subreddits together by putting /r/[subreddit1]+[subreddit2] in URL could we do this with lemmy, like wolfballs.com/c/politics+freeforum would show the posts from politics community and freeforum community?

Adding Moderators + Other Questions
One of the new Chinese users had this to say: >Hello Is there any help manual here? I would like to know if a community can add multiple administrators or if I can transfer the created community to other users >(你好 >请问这里有没有帮助手册? 我想知道 一个社区能否添加多个管理员,或者我能否将创建的社区转让给其他用户) I would like to answer but just realized I could not figure out how to add a moderator to my own community, Dissident Right, and thus I cannot use autotranslate to answer them. I am also now very curious as to how those things are done! Thanks.

Any Ideas To Improve Wolfballs? Should There Be A Post Now And Then?
I've had issues getting on the site sometimes, I forward them to MOB, and sometimes just post from explodingheads otherwise been pretty smooth We might want to try to get a few more people - marketing seems key, seems like user growth is slow and steady Should there be a post now and then to discuss ideas to improove Lemmy or Wolfballs? What other thoughts does everyone have on development?

That's a good bit. I thought it was a cool email.


email advertisement draft 1
What you guys think? ``` <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h1>Hello, {{first_name}} {{last_name}}</h1> <p> I've used nearly all my power to reach out to you. A small group of freedom fighters have risen from the ashes of internet censorship. Your actions and drive for freedom in the convoy proves you are willing to fight evil. Do you want to meet others like yourself? Others who have been censored by big tech tyranny? Are you tired of seeing fact check labels on truthful posts? Are you tired of your opinions being removed due to "Community Standards" aka the elite's standards? I Masterofballs have prepared a space for you and others like you {{first_name}}. We need you {{first_name}}. The world needs your voice. Don't let them take it. Come say it at https://wolfballs.com </p> </body> </html> ```

Finally. Very much a prototype project but it's been fun to learn about email marketing. It's written in such a way that I can switch email providers if this one blocks me. Collecting and storing email addresses is separate from sending emails. I own all the services and code for collecting and managing emails. Sending emails uses a third party api. I could send directly from wolfballs server but the incoming ip address would likely be blocked because it isn't well known. The emails show up as a promotion in gmail, which I guess can't be helped. Took me a minute just because family life has not given me much dev time to work with. Everything is written in Rust so it fits in with the rest of the stack here fine. All I have left to do now really is come up with a cool email and video to go with it.

I need to solve the site downtime issues before sending out advertisements
I'm thinking of increasing resources for the main rust service and seeing if that will help. Email send app is almost done.

I bought a po box today
So, I need to make a slight code change to add update time on my mail app. The script to send out the mail via aws should be pretty simple. Hopefully I'll send some test emails out tomorrow. I expect to send the emails out within one week now. All the pieces are ready. almost. I think after this I need to decide to either build a store to sell mob mask or work on mobile apps.

snag on email
Kinda hit a snag on the email situation. I don't know how to get mail to a p.o. box without putting my real name on there. Something I need to figure out before sending the emails out.

Think ddos attacks is mostly fixed
I pushed a ui patch out today and I think that fixes the json error we get every now and then when someone floods our site with http fetch request. I didn't have much time to write code for sending emails today but I read over the code here https://git.freefedifolk.com/chuzuchi/aws-sdk-rust/src/branch/main/examples/ses/src/bin/send-email.rs And I mostly understand it. Need to order a po box today or tomorrow to put in the email. Should be quick. I want to work on making some video today too. Need a video message to send out.

Wolfballs Development

    Wolfballs Development

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