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Parsons agreed with Weber and similar classical sociologists that religion was a significant factor in the development of social behavior. He was convinced like many of the thinkers we’ll consider in the future that there was an essential connection between secularized Protestant Christianity and the modern world, specifically the turns toward individualism, industrialism and political pluralism characteristic of the 19th and 20th centuries.[v] But he also stressed, consistent with sociologists like Marx, that non-ideological and non-moral forces like economic and technological innovation shaped the nature of contemporary social behavior and ideas. For Parsons, the protestant respect for denominations, coupled with the effects of industry on the division of labor, migration on the demographics of the country, and the Enlightenment-derived American revolution on institutional attitudes toward liberty, diminished the importance of denominational beliefs themselves and created the conditions for the emergence of “common values” among protestants, Catholics, and Jews. Through these various processes, and with protestant inclusivity undergirding common values, individuals are “differentiated” from their ancestral groups and religions, politics and law are “differentiated” from the church and rabbi, groups are “differentiated” from specific professions and classes, and so on. Modernity is therefore a process of “differentiation” within and away from archaic social structures.[vi]

The estimated 2.3 million illegal immigrants who have crossed the border and stayed since Joe Biden became president will cost taxpayers over $9,000 each a year in housing, food, medical, and other services, according to a new report. The Federation for American Immigration Reform, which regularly tabulates the costs of illegal immigration, has put a price tag of $20.4 billion on providing “benefits and services” for the illegal immigrants being spread across the United States since Biden became president. That, said the group, is on top of the $140 billion taxpayers are spending to provide services to illegal immigrants who were already in the U.S. before Biden replaced President Donald Trump and signaled that the border is now open.

Dissident Right

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    The Dissident Right consists of any people who are not in the mainstream right and also are not Libertarians. It is anyone who believes in alternative political philosophies & models than what we really have in place now, and are generally cut off from mainstream conservatism. It includes ‘alt right’ type people, but also consists of neo-reactionaries, paleoconservatives, traditionalists, and anyone else that you can imagine who is on the right but outside of Conservatism, Inc., and Libertarianism.


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