How should rich people be taxed? Are there any other considerations to be made?
Saw this question on lemmy and figured I'd ask it over here on the internet libre

Alex Trolling Antifa, and tearing up their signs
lol, this dude really went for it

Do You Think It's OK For A Person To Prefer Dating Virgins Only?
cross-posted from: > I saw this was a controversy posted elsewhere, it's a niche issue > > Also I know someone IRL like this that prefers to date / court only virgins > > So a couple things with this, women who are not virgins are not supposed to wear white at weddings when they get married I think - white is supposed to symbolize purity. So nonvirgins either violate this rule if they wear white or if they didn't wear white it's almost like publicly shaming yourself so I imagine some men just want to avoid this issue. > > The other thing that comes to mind is statistically the less virgin a woman is, the more likely they are to divorce or not be as committed to a relationship > > But then some "born again virgins" so to speak, women who may not be virgins, feel "discriminated against" and like anyone should forgive them and still date them equally. There is something to be said about this. > > But overall I don't think this is a controversy as much, because I think most people seek out people like them. So virgins tend to date / court virgins, less virgins seek those who are less of virgins. I think it may be a culture and way of life and personality and whatever else of like that attracts like. Virgins may be thought to be "boring" by some non-virgins who aren't as attracted to them in the first place, and non-virgins may be thought to be "too loose in morals" by virgins. A nonvirgin who repents of sins of fornication is going to tend to find nonvirgins who have also repented. > > So I think the conflict and controversy is probably avoided a lot of times. But of course if a person is truly sorry and changed, they could be treated as such. But I also think this may be another rare niche and is probably avoided a lot of times as well. > > So do you think this is a mostly non-controversy, or have you seen it pop up, or what do you think of it?

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