I have no interest in hosting a nazi party site

I can’t host that guy Charlies content. Everyone one of his post is a jew meme. …

In Celebration of the establishment of the country of Israel on May 14nth

I have placed a Yamaka on the wolfballs wolf icon and a star of david on the wolfballs shaman…

default community is now the announcement community

freeforum is a better catch all than default. And I don’t mod it so I’m not responsible for it. I like that. Default should be for officialish bawls communications. …

New instance spot light. Exploding heads

Just found a new instance that looks pretty good. Please show them your support. Be respectful as that is one of their rules. …

edit nvm was just ddos

I think we are being ddosed somehow …

It's time

Ask me…


Sorry for the down time, I really need to add more logging

I’m trying to debug whats going on with the 503’s. …

Looks Like We Have Passed 20K Posts (By Numbering Anyway)

The numbering seems to skip but these were the closest ones: …

Some things I read about wolfballs today, and thoughts on the platform

I went around the internet searching up wolfballs. Looks like we’ve been boosted by the algorithms somehow. Deblocked. We show up everywhere on google …

Sorry for the down time

I was having nginx and cert problems. …

Testing rate limiting for ddos attacks

You will see occasional downtime today. I am attacking my own website…

Remember the days when china wasn’t acknowledged as a country but Taiwan was? Instead of taiwan is a province of china, china is a province of taiwan. …

Remember to occasionally sort by all

As more instances come up people are sharing great post from other instances. …

What is the current plan for growing the fediverse/wolfballs?

What tactics have you used?..

Happy Easter

He is alive!..

The fediverse is a small world

Just browsing around I see fimilar users from both here, and gab and freespeech extremist. …


    The Announcement Community

    This is not a free speech sub/community.

    This is the announcement community reserved for admins or announcements that effect the whole community. Feel free to announce new communities or instances.

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