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Joe Biden is a Fascist
New domain, i am a fascist .com Has a picture of Joe Biden.

Angry you are paying for my loans? Blame Biden
pin Make a red wave in November. Never forget lockdowns, forced medications, job threats, Your money to Ukraine and my loans. Fuck Biden

Wolfballs Android App
Hello everyone, Some people have been asking for a app. Lemmy's new android app is pretty good. You are welcome to install it from fdroid or google play. It's called Jerboa. However; I have made a build just for wolfballs. The only things I changed was the default instance from to and the instance list from like communist instances to free instances that federate with us. exploding heads, manders instance ect... If you would like to download our build you can get it here, Eventually i'll host the file from my own servers or user github and not catbox. In the mean time, you can verify the checksums to be sure it is the right apk. It's pretty safe though. ``` MD5:6b8a469e6c2214a1c455019394f78d9d SHA1:3ac3ad4a517ce98f54f59ee471f03a4d0c4daf0e ``` Source Code Available here if you would like to build it yourself:

Hello all new members. Welcome to I am Masterofballs, admin of Enjoy the freedom. Let me know if the site runs into any issues. For a brief introduction of the site watch the following video We are part of the fediverse. That means people come from all over the internet to participate in the discussions. More simply we are a freedom oriented topic based social media platform.

default community is now the announcement community
freeforum is a better catch all than default. And I don't mod it so I'm not responsible for it. I like that. Default should be for officialish bawls communications. Please only post announcements in the announcement community. This will only be loosly moderated so if you really want to share something there just try to frame it as an announcement.

New instance spot light. Exploding heads
Just found a new instance that looks pretty good. Please show them your support. Be respectful as that is one of their rules. Content is pretty slim but it looks like content many of the users here would enjoy. See them at or visit their communities from wolfballs like You can paste their community url's in our community search and they will start showing up after you subscribe.

We got lot of good people on the free fedi verse
There are now several instances who don't block because of political stance. As mid terms approach we need to be at battle stations. No censorship on anything political. They can't ddos us all.

Thank you to whoever just donated 7$ of etherium !
I can't see who did it but thank you.

Some down time today
I've been playing with the tech to rewrite the backend here. I'll start getting to work on doing that probably next week. And I want to move away from web sockets, combine the front end service with the backend service. will take a while but I think it will be fun to do.

Update's Code of Conduct - Lemmy
Posting for conversation sake. Interesting thread went on about my alt account over at lemmy. I honestly don't know how to deal with some of these accusations. I'm not sure how not banning people for offering contrarian opinions some how makes us LItErAlY kILlInG, gEnOcIdE, RaCiSt, anti lgbqtabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz There is not a moderation policy that doesn't ban any contrary viewpoints that some people will accept.

New Instance spot light
Hello everyone, A new instance has poped up. They are a non political instance. Their rules are a little strict for my taste but they say they federate with basically everyone. They allow users to filter communities for themselves. Which seems fair to me. Every node inches away at big tech's power so it would be great if you can show them a little some support.

Pushed some fixes today
Let me know if you see any bugs on the ui. I didn't have to actually do anything but pull in the latest rc, build, test, push.

New instance spotlight One of the users here set up their own instance. Check it out!

profile page might be buggy for some users
I can fix it but don't have a few hours to debug it and build a new version till probably after monday. In the meantime just click around, clear your cache and don't click send secure message. I must have pulled in some newer than release commits during the last release that weren't tested fully. It just did a git pull rather than merge release branch. You are welcome to mention any problems here you are having. That will help me reproduce the errors.

Looking for knowledgeable mods as I'm currently going for my own gun license. Age doesn't matter as long as you are knowledgeable and have a love for weapons and armor

Thank you everyone for the great post and comments today
Its been great participating in this little social network away from corporate vampire anti human , G-d hating scum like fuckbook, instacrap and the rest of the venture capitalist funded garbage people blood sacrifice their babies to in the name of woke inclusivety while simultaneously hating every norm and achievement that brought us to the moon.

Feel free to download and share [Alternative download link](


    The Announcement Community

    This is not a free speech sub/community.

    This is the announcement community reserved for admins or announcements that effect the whole community. Feel free to announce new communities or instances.

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