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Joe Biden is a Fascist
New domain, i am a fascist .com Has a picture of Joe Biden.

Hello all new members. Welcome to I am Masterofballs, admin of Enjoy the freedom. Let me know if the site runs into any issues. For a brief introduction of the site watch the following video We are part of the fediverse. That means people come from all over the internet to participate in the discussions. More simply we are a freedom oriented topic based social media platform.

default community is now the announcement community
freeforum is a better catch all than default. And I don't mod it so I'm not responsible for it. I like that. Default should be for officialish bawls communications. Please only post announcements in the announcement community. This will only be loosly moderated so if you really want to share something there just try to frame it as an announcement.

New instance spot light. Exploding heads
Just found a new instance that looks pretty good. Please show them your support. Be respectful as that is one of their rules. Content is pretty slim but it looks like content many of the users here would enjoy. See them at or visit their communities from wolfballs like You can paste their community url's in our community search and they will start showing up after you subscribe. forwards to
I was looking through edgy popular twitter accounts who's name I could hijack. Troonytoons is getting popular now that Elon is in charge and does not ban such content. I guess because one of his kids transitioned and disowned him. It's mostly just people posting cringe transition pictures from reddit. Anyways, I thought it might give us a little bit of exposure so if you are posting gender cringe stuff consider posting it to troonytoons.

/u/Pinklacey aka Alice has been premoted to admin
A couple reasons why I think she can help out. 1. She appears to be real and not a dude pretending to be a girl as we all know are 90% of the "girls" in the fediverse 2. She has a good understanding of social networks 3. She understands that reddit is both fake and Gey 4. A different kind of mind set should help out and I think she can bring ideas ruqqus refugees like wiggle and me perhaps have not thought of. I still want to grow the freedom verse. Twitter's new rules have been great and actually mostly works for me. I left mainstream social networks when they banned doctors for criticising government's handling of COVID. However; we've all seen centralized social networks go to shit a billion times. We need technical barriers. Even scored has begun shadow banning and blanket banning words. If I can stop playing GOW3 I will get back to coding wolfballs 2. So I would like everyone to welcome Alice as our new admin who I know will help bring more people to wolfballs and the freedomverse. One more thing, I have moved wolfballs to a raspberry pi 4 on a ssd. Please let me know how the performance is. And if you run into any problems. It should have the same bandwidth as before. Now I'm not space constrained

Maintenance incoming
Downtime is likely. I cannot give exact time frames.

I dub every Friday In free forum “dance party Friday“
cross-posted from: > Let’s all share our favorite music every Friday, especially if you make your own music

The community to post all the mysterious deaths since the vax rollout, related stories and the scapegoats for the cause of death

New users need to go through registration
People often don't get their email. It's in their spam but they sometimes still can't find it. Our weekly new user count isn't that much so I can just approve everyone. Which I often do within minutes. I don't want a bunch of Viagra spam so I feel like this is fine for now.

If you link, use only articles you wrote. Think of this as free forum for articles. Write about anything.

We got lot of good people on the free fedi verse
There are now several instances who don't block because of political stance. As mid terms approach we need to be at battle stations. No censorship on anything political. They can't ddos us all.

Thank you to whoever just donated 7$ of etherium !
I can't see who did it but thank you.

Some down time today
I've been playing with the tech to rewrite the backend here. I'll start getting to work on doing that probably next week. And I want to move away from web sockets, combine the front end service with the backend service. will take a while but I think it will be fun to do.

Update's Code of Conduct - Lemmy
Posting for conversation sake. Interesting thread went on about my alt account over at lemmy. I honestly don't know how to deal with some of these accusations. I'm not sure how not banning people for offering contrarian opinions some how makes us LItErAlY kILlInG, gEnOcIdE, RaCiSt, anti lgbqtabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz There is not a moderation policy that doesn't ban any contrary viewpoints that some people will accept.

Angry you are paying for my loans? Blame Biden Make a red wave in November. Never forget lockdowns, forced medications, job threats, Your money to Ukraine and my loans. Fuck Biden


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