Gay men could be offered monkeypox vaccine in targeted rollout

Gay men could be offered monkeypox vaccines as part of a focused rollout to tackle the UK’s outbreak, which today doubled in size. …

British warships could be sent in to protect freighters carrying crucial Ukrainian grain and break Putin's blockade of Black Sea ports

Britain is co-ordinating with its allies on a potential plan to send warships to the Black Sea port of Odesa to offer a protective escort to ships exporting Ukrainian grain. …

A hot, deadly summer is coming with frequent blackouts worldwide

Global power grids are about to face their biggest test in decades with electricity generation strangled in the world’s largest economies. …

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate whisked a $40 billion package of military, economic and food aid for Ukraine and U.S. allies to final congressional approval Thursday, putting a bipartisan stamp on America’s biggest commitment yet to turning Russia’s invasion into a painful quagmire for Moscow. …

Erdoğan blocks Nato accession talks with Sweden and Finland

Turkey has held up Nato’s plans to bring Finland and Sweden into the military alliance, throwing into doubt hopes that the two Nordic countries would swiftly join. …

Midterm Stakes Grow Clearer: Election Deniers Will Be on Many Ballots - The New York Times via Ghostarchive

Republican voters in this week’s primary races demonstrated a willingness to nominate candidates who parrot Donald J. Trump’s election lies and who appear intent on exerting extraordinary political control over voting systems. The results make clear that the November midterms may well affect the fat…

What is monkeypox and what do we know about the cases in the U.K. and Europe? NPR | Ghostarchive

Honestly quite a decent overview of the monkeypox in the article as well…

truthsocial web signups are working

You need both a email and a phone number. but you can now browse on the web…

Stocks resume their rout as falling profits reignite fears of inflation. - The New York Times via Ghostarchive

A short reprieve for investors ended abruptly on Wednesday as stocks had their worst day yet in a series of already ugly drops after shrinking profits by major retailers reignited Wall Street’s fear of high inflation. …

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