The automatic toilet kept telling me to get off
That mother fucker was sassy, started flushing before i could drop a deuce. Water splashed on my asshoe and now i fear i got a fucking assworm or AIDS, technology belongs away from the bathroom, keep it simple, shit, wipe, flush, that’s it


If you like this there could be more.

I know im sick cz i jusy shit my brains out
It wasn’t pretty

My silent protest
I'm just pretending to poop because my boss in an asshole and always acts like its a big deal when I ask off at the end of the month but he let's others do it all the time.

Be positive, Don’t say eat “shit and die”
cross-posted from: > Say “take shits and live”

This room is not only a forum but a weight loss plan, truly inspiring
My shit was inspirational and i lost 10 lbs

I typed in poop meme in a non-google search engine

Never force it
Never force a turd. Sometimes you think you should but then it hurts. Try a relaxed gentle push. Keep a shit knife close by.

cross-posted from: > "Is India open-defecation-free? According to the Government of India, yes: The country became open-defecation-free (ODF) in October 2019." > > > > "15% of the total population in India defecates in the open in India, according to WASH report 2021" > > I was just keeping tabs on how this internet meme is going.

I actually have a gigantic cock @fecul-whatever guy
I would send you a dick pic but its so big it would crack your phone screen


This room is for you to share your thoughts while you poop on the toilet (thoughts immediately after a massive poop are acceptable as well) Let us know how its going on the toilet, post anything.

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