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Humans are designed to run. We walk upright, we sweat to cool down, we have slow-twitch muscles to push and pull us for miles on foot. The best thing a homo sapiens can do to cultivate the mind and body is to go for some kind of run every day. It doesn't have to be long, it doesn't have to be fast. The point is to overcome the mental obstacles and do it. It's hard to bear the thought of putting yourself through discomfort with no perceptible reward. Already, it's easier to coast 5 more minutes on the computer than it is to get up for anything, let alone a run. It's going to be rainy, your shoes are gonna pinch, you wish you hadn't eaten that thing. If you wait too long it'll even be dark. But when you get back you'll feel accomplished and valid, because you are. As I sit here this afternoon lamenting my existence after playing Assassin's Creed all night, it occurred to me that I hadn't gone for my run yet. I encourage you to do one too--seldom easy, always worth it.

A friend of mine hit a deer in January at the end of our road. My brother got the call and drove down to dispatch it, then I got the job of skinning and dressing it. Using the knife to peel sinew and cut skin and muscle is a funny feeling. You grit your teeth and hold on tight, but it makes you feel totally badass. It's fuckin' amazing how our ancestors killed and skinned animals to survive on the tundra, woods, deserts, and plains before the age of agriculture. Skinning a deer really puts in perspective how easy life is these days. ![](

Guy has eaten raw meat for 6 years. Never died.

People who focus on calisthenics all look really healthy to me. It's not the strongest type of body, but it seems to be a good balance between mobility, speed and strength. Basically, if your goal is to have a comfortable balanced life, do calisthenics. To maintain a body builder's body you have to eat an insane amount of food every day.

Babies should eat mostly red meat and some fruit. Skip the oats and rice imo.

Has Liver King Said Anything About Vitamin A Overdose?
Liver King apparently eats like a pound of liver a day. Officially that amount is recommended I thought like over the course of two weeks or a month (I forget?) So has he said anything about concern of overdosing on Vitamin A or anything else? you don't really have to know much about this guy to know my question for those who haven't stumbled upon him, I'm just wondering if anyone knows how people think they can avoid Vitamin A overdose with eating so much liver I eat a pound over the course of a week when I have eaten it, which I thought was still an overdose on the days I've eaten it. no negative effects observed

While I agree with him in spirit, Raw liver isn't needed to give infants vitamin A though. Which he says it is absolutely necessary. It does have a lot but you can give them cooked liver or just regular old beef. Beef has vitamin A in it. Eskimo's traditionally fed the organs to their dogs. Eskimos were a pretty well documented stone age people pre colonial influence so are a pretty good measuring stick on what is natural to eat. In the north at-least.

Eating a diet of fat and meat is healthy

That's why they are mostly over weight and unhealthy today. From all the shit food Europeans introduced.

Adventures in Diet; The Eskimos had perfect teeth their whole lives without tooth brushes
**by Arctic Explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson** ```initially published by Harper's Monthly Magazine, November 1935.``` > I brought about 100 skulls of Eskimos, who had died before Europeans came in, to the American Museum of Natural History, New York. These have been examined by many students, but no sign of tooth decay has yet been discovered. > The slate is, therefore, clean to date. Not a sign of tooth decay has yet been discovered among that one of all peoples which most completely avoids the foods, the precepts, and the practices favored for dental health by the New York Commissioner of Health, the average dentist, the toothbrush drillmasters of the schools, and the dentifrice publicists. So you see, the dental health of the Inuit pre-colonial food was perfect. No cavities and no tooth paste or tooth brushes. You can buy the whole book The teeth are an organ. Grains and sugar both damage the teeth and lack the nutrients to help your teeth repair themselves. A diet consisting of mostly animal foods high in saturated fat will give your teeth the best chance at never needing a dentist. I had bad teeth as a child and have been feeding my son a diet heavy in steak and raw milk since he was two. No cereal for breakfast. Always, bacon, steak, eggs. And some apple for taste. and he has beautiful teeth. He has grown very large and strong easily on par with kids a year older than him in height.

Bones and blood - liver king

Literally eat as much as you can stomach. Your body will love you for it. Its not uncommon to see people lose weight on heavy animal fat diets. Its so filling you won't want to eat much. Look at how much science goes into killing you I mean tricking you into eating this garbage. ![]( Of course the who recommends it. Its clear the who wants us dead and is paid off by seed oil companies. ![](

Fruitarianism: A Challenger Approaches...
Posting this mostly expecting wolfballs to critique it, apparently there is an ultramarathoner on this diet - I guess they get protein from seeds in the fruits, and mostly eat fruits and some veggies? Again, personally I endorse this only as a temporary thing, I don't know how long it can be sustained for a lot of people. I think it overlaps with another religious fast that came up in discussion called "xerophagy", which is a raw fruits / veggies / seeds fast that I think it only supposed to be temporary for lent or maybe for committed religious people.

Any primal, raw, savage spirited content. No pussy shit

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