lol, guy figured out how to get github to send a million emails. Should have tried to sell penis enlargers while he was at it.

This is interesting. A software license designed to keep for profit companies from using your code.

Small world contract theses
Posting because I want to ready later

I want to create a session storage for a web app in rust
I guess cookie session ? I've never implemented session storage before. jwk's stored in local storage make a lot more sense to me. But i'm trying to build a app that doesn't use javascript.

How I'm going about emailing the convoy donators.
Just some notes for myself This is the general algorithm, First I start with the data set of 92,000ish in csv format. Then, I convert them all to a sqlite file for parsing. I just import the thing in sqlightbrowser on linux. Then in rust I parse it for unique email addresses. looks like around 2 to 3 thousand people donated more than once. Interesting. Rust code looks like this, ```rust use rusqlite::{Connection, Result,Statement}; use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize}; pub type Pool = r2d2::Pool<r2d2_sqlite::SqliteConnectionManager>; type PersonAggResult = Result<Vec<Person>, rusqlite::Error>; use std::collections::HashMap; use std::collections::hash_map::Entry::{Occupied, Vacant}; use uuid::Uuid; #[derive(Debug, Clone)] struct Person { donation_first_name: Option<String>, donation_last_name: Option<String>, donation_email: Option<String>, } #[derive(Debug, Clone)] struct Name { first_name: Option<String>, last_name: Option<String>, } fn get_emails(mut statement: Statement) -> PersonAggResult { statement .query_map([], |row| { Ok(Person { donation_first_name: row.get(0)?, donation_last_name: row.get(1)?, donation_email:row.get(2)?, }) }) .and_then(Iterator::collect) } fn get_data(conn: &Connection) -> PersonAggResult { let stmt = conn.prepare( " SELECT donation_first_name,donation_last_name,donation_email from donations", )?; get_emails(stmt) } fn main() -> Result<()> { let mut person_list:HashMap<String,Vec<Name>> = HashMap::new(); println!("Starting read!"); let conn = Connection::open("crud.db")?; let rows = get_data(&conn); let mut counter = 0; match rows { Ok(list) => { counter = list.len(); for r in list { match r.donation_email { Some(email)=>{ let name = Name{first_name:r.donation_first_name,last_name:r.donation_last_name}; let _ = match person_list.entry(email) { Vacant(e) =>{ let mut l: Vec<Name> = Vec::new(); l.push(name); e.insert(l); }, Occupied(mut e) =>{ e.get_mut().push(name); } }; }, None=>{} } } }, Err(err) =>{ println!("error:{}",err) } } println!("Done reading in data for {} records. Beginning insertion.",counter); let mut counter = 1; for(key,value) in &person_list { let remainder = counter % 1000; if remainder == 0 { println!("{}",counter); } counter = counter +1; let mut firstname:String = "".to_string(); let mut lastname:String = "".to_string(); // Just pick a first name from for v in value { match &v.first_name { Some(x) => { firstname = x.to_string(); } _=>{} } match &v.last_name { Some(x) => { lastname = x.to_string(); } _=>{} } } conn.execute( "INSERT INTO users (id,email,subscribed,first_name,last_name) values (?1,?2,?3,?4,?5)" , [Uuid::new_v4().to_string(),key.to_string(),1.to_string(),firstname,lastname])?; } _ = conn.close(); Ok(()) } ``` Note this isn't optimized at all. And isn't clean code. My rust isn't nearly as good as my cpp yet. Takes about 10 minutes to run because it does a separate write for each row. That's fine 10 seconds or 10 minutes doesn't really matter in this case. Then I copy that sql file as a back up so I don't have to that again and load it up in a seperate project to allow users to update their email preferences.

stack over flow has been down all day
And it's really been pissing me off.

A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics:
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I mostly want to make mobile applications but this is pretty cool

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