You Ever Watch A Scary Movie or Read A Book and Then Feel Spooked For A While?
It's not the same as psychosis or schizophrenia but is this the taste of it that most people experience to give them some idea of how those mental illnesses are? Unironically seems like a "micro mental illness episode" I actually tested this intentionally and found I could get myself in a spooked mindset and then I just needed to take time to reset my brain by doing something not spooky to get my mind off the spooks Kind of related, I remember reading Salvador Dali had this "paranoia-critical" method where he tried to get himself in a spooked mindset in order to paint this state of mind more accurately in some of his art (I forget how he tried to induce such a state)

There someone following me
As i drive down the highway, Smacky the frog is right beside me the whole way. He keeps trying to sell me life insurance. Im not sure why because i died ten years ago…. Or am i alive? I remember the good old days when smacky was just a coal miner, we used to go fishing together and have sex with cows down at old man Miller’s farm. I would milk the cows and then id look up and realize my aunt sue wasn’t a cow. That was the day i was abducted by aliens and anal probed. The probe was a gerbal and the alien was smacky.

Room dedicated to random posts written as if you were Schizophrenic, delusional or insane. Unrelated posts will be removed.

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