Tales of the Kevin kind
How does it get to the heart?
I was raised as a Christian Scientist. While I have moved on from that a large number of family friends and acquaintances were part of that religion. I was on leave from boot camp and I was having a hard time of it. Hanging out with friends and meeting people was fine but I was stressed at the thought of going back. As a result of this stress I had indigestion big time and carried a roll of Tums with me. A group of people went to dinner, all in all it was fun. We were all eating and laughing, but it was Italian. Not good for indigestion so after every other bite of food I was swallowing a Tums. This piqued the interest of the Christian Science Queen.... (The sands of time have erased her name from my memory) However she too great interest in what I was doing. The following short conversation ensued. CSQ: What are you taking? Me: I just have a little bit of heart burn, so I am taking Tums. CSQ: But how does the medicine get to your heart? Me: <sits blinking> I can't remember if I explained it or someone else did, God help her if she ever got pregnant.

Tales of the Kevin kind

    Tales of the Kevin kind. Post your tales of dumb things you have heard people say

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