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Maybe Facebook, twitter, discord , shouldn't have banned trump supporters and half the US population from talking about their personal interest. Telegram channels are a mess. The only reason it has experienced this insane growth IMO is because people were banned everywhere else.

Trojan horse NOPEN is remote control tool for Linux
An exclusive report published by the Global Times in May disclosed that China captured a spy tool deployed by the NSA, which is capable of lurking in a victim's computer to access sensitive information and was found to have controlled global internet equipment and stole large amounts of user information. The Trojan horse, "NOPEN," is a remote control tool for Unix/Linux computer systems. It is mainly used for stealing files, accessing systems, redirecting network communication, and viewing a target device's information.

People need to move to open source and IMO federated solutions. Matrix can be self hosted and federates, creating a technical hurdle to censorship. You have to build your house on a rock. A centralized platform like slack isn't it.

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via bluedwarf not sure if lemmy would be affected

I'm not buying into the nothing phone hype but the notification led in the back cover is a good idea. I think other brands should copy this since notification led is useful feature.

Jack Dorsey announcing web 5
If you didn't know web 3 was bull shit, web 5 should certainly indicate it.

I might give it a whirl what's everyone fancying for plain text editors these days

So I've identified this is an issue off and on, my strategy for reducing the problem is to record things to search on a search engine to do at a later time if ever (instead of searching for it, opening up tabs, and then leaving them be accumulated). Or to bookmark open tabs and come back to them. Anyone else run in to this problem and how do you manage it? > tfw just cleared out a tab hoard I wrote down the main ideas I search for, and discarded accumluated extra unneeded links

Any tech realated news. Computers, games, programming all welcome

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