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I just discovered the bad way that nodejs has catastrophic writes when a disk is full
When a disk is full instead of refusing to write, if the file already exists it will just overwrite it and write zero bytes. Be prepared to lose data if you write to the same file multiple times and don't wrap your writeFile function in something that tests disk space first or moves the original to a temp location to be moved back on a write failure.

Scientists tell how they can change the weather - cloud seed
They go into detail. This is not a conspiracy at all. IF the UN makes it illegal to use in war, then it is real.

1% Rule: Only A Minority Engage With A Website (We're Gonna Need A Lot More Lurkers)
> In Internet culture, the 1% rule is a rule of thumb pertaining to participation in an internet community, stating that only 1% of the users of a website actively create new content, while the other 99% of the participants only lurk

StumbleUpon Alternatives?
So I remember there was a site called "Stumbleupon" that would pick random interesting sites to display when you would click a button. I thought it was discontinued, and was wondering if any sites have been created as an alternative. "This spiritual successor to StumbleUpon makes the internet fun again" (the referenced site redirects to > Cloudhiker is a collection of anything interesting, weird or astonishing; websites of exceptional quality, sites to kill time or learn something new. You won't find any clickbait Buzzfeed stuff or low-effort blog articles here. All sites on Cloudhiker are carefully reviewed and selected based on strict rules. Do you know of any other interesting alternatives to Stumbleupon?

Bottles: Run a Windows Program in a "Bottle" on Linux > Bottles was born in 2017 as a personal need. I needed a practical way to manage my wineprefixes. I hate the idea of using applications that install me a version of wine for each application and I decided to create this application, based on the concept of using one or more wine prefixes as a "container" for all my applications.

Return YouTube Dislike
Addon that will return the dislikes to youtube videos

What Things Are Worth Physically Printing On Paper These Days?
A lot of things are just seen on screens and not printed out, but I was wondering if people have ideas of things that are worth printing out. I guess anything that could have a moderately long term value. Any ideas of good data to back up on paper? What do you still print on paper or think printing is useful for?

Invidious Instances - Invidious Documentation
A list of available invidious instances because fuck youtube. I run my own private instance behind a basic auth wall. So after I see a video I usually share the real youtube link so other's can view it. I'll start sharing links from these instances instead to not give youtube ads any clicks.

Worried that your vpn connection will drop and you will end up with a dmca letter from your cable company? Run your torrents through this. It auto shuts off if the vpn drops. The web ui is really nice too. You can manage your torrents from another computer.

UserLAnd: Use Linux Anywhere (Android)
> The easiest way to run a Linux distribution or application on an Android device.

A catch all for all things technology related. tutorials, interesting links ect.

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