Can police legally obtain your DNA from 23andMe, Ancestry?
The DNA you send in the mail through genetics kits and ancestry programs like 23andMe and Ancestry can be used by police in a criminal investigation, but it doesn’t happen very often.

this is largely why I never took such a test. one day my nephew might wanna be a freedom fighter and my danged test would help feds catch him. also, some articles and studies have shown that many of the results are partly wrong. One company lumps Germans in with the French - two groups who pretty much disgusted each other for at least 2 centuries


In the HBD section, there is actually a post that deals with the French genome. It is incredibly diverse, and we wouldn’t have that many easy reference points for it. I think the same is likely true for the German one. Smaller places have the advantage of being more easily thought of with names that make sense to us.

I woudl also asy that it is enough that anyone in your family has done it at all, lol.

The Golden State Rapist was caught because someone who was a cousin did an ancestry test.

So, not just you, but anyone related to your nephew up to even third cousin could close the ring down on him a bit… Plus, any of his kids, his kids’ kids, etc.

It’s pretty wild.

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