We're Getting Buried in Browser Tabs And Scientists Want to Fix It
If you're struggling to handle the long line of tabs open in your browser right now, you're not alone.

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So I’ve identified this is an issue off and on, my strategy for reducing the problem is to record things to search on a search engine to do at a later time if ever (instead of searching for it, opening up tabs, and then leaving them be accumulated). Or to bookmark open tabs and come back to them.

Anyone else run in to this problem and how do you manage it?

tfw just cleared out a tab hoard

I wrote down the main ideas I search for, and discarded accumluated extra unneeded links


I would get annoyed if an AI moved my stuff. I like to organize and bookmark my tabs by category so I can easily find stuff.

On a related note, I just built a new machine with 64GB RAM, partly for storing tabs more easily.

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