Nerds are well aware that they’ll strike out every time in the Ken-and-Barbie land of Marina-style bar scenes. The sexual mainstream has already rejected them. So nerverts seek out situations in which the rules about what is and isn’t desirable are simply different. One positive consequence of being a lifelong social outcast: it makes you more open to interesting alternatives.


I sometimes like nerds. I am an old hag, though, now. I had a crush on Techlead, Vitaly Buterin, and Lex Fridman - all men far too young for me, of course. Are they all nerdy enough? I am sapiosexual and that is another type of burden to bare. I am an INTP, a very difficult thing for a female to get away with being. Doesn’t make me very popular or accepted. But, I used to be hot, and that was enough since men are so shallow.


Lol love the last sentence there.


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    The Dissident Right consists of any people who are not in the mainstream right and also are not Libertarians. It is anyone who believes in alternative political philosophies & models than what we really have in place now, and are generally cut off from mainstream conservatism. It includes ‘alt right’ type people, but also consists of neo-reactionaries, paleoconservatives, traditionalists, and anyone else that you can imagine who is on the right but outside of Conservatism, Inc., and Libertarianism.


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