Rosellene Bronstein is warning parents of students at Rye Country Day School in Westchester about their new school head Randall Dunn after her son Nate committed suicide under his watch.

bullying’s tough because I feel it doesn’t go away and adults need to learn to deal with it

I feel if kids can resist bullying it builds character

but also it just drains kids and can be kind of worthless

hard for me to know what to say, I would want my kids to homeschool which would avoid many bullying opportunities, but you also can’t live in a bubble

maybe adopting bullying resistance training and coping skills would be effective

God gives people strength to resist whatever temptation so succumbing to despair should be generally avoidable for Christians

Here IRL I think families I have known have just switched schools if bullies were too bad (or like I mentioned I would just avoid schools for homeschool).


There’s basically two kinds of bullying… Normal bullying, which causes growth and positively impacts the bullied by encouraging growth. And then there’s extreme forms that are overly persistent and violent.

Teachers should maybe even allow more of the former and give it space in their schools because this may actually provide a release valve for the energy that would become more extreme if pushed more and more underground.

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