DADS FOR CHOICE with W. Kamau Bell
This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate – and fight for – abortion rights and bodily autonomy for everyone. This movement needs ALL of us, including fathers, bros, and dudes of all genders and generations. Join in at: Featuring W. Kamau Bell Director: Jacob Kornbluth Writer/Co-Producer: Adam Mansbach Executive Producers: Josh Healey and Yvan Iturriaga Co-Producers: Lizz Winstead and Abortion Access Front Co-Starring: Jamie Greenwood, Adam Mansbach, Vivien Mansbach, Zanthe Mansbach, Asa Mansbach, Well and Wise Created and Produced by: Offsides Productions DP / Colorist: Andres Gallegos Editor: Aleixo Goncalves Flores AC: Janzen Adisewojo 2nd AC: Jessica Le Gaffer: Aaron Ware Key Grip: James Wilson Sound: Jon Boo Art Director: Jose Lucero Wardrobe: Alice Colajacomo Makeup Artist: Rabiah Collins PA: Mariola Fernandez Music: Eugene Cho Graphics: Idle Hands Studio

cOnTrOl bOdIeS

exempt the body you are killing

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