My beliefs on LGBT rights

I believe that if people want to fuck, suck and do whatever strange and unusual thing with another person, fuck it go for it. I don’t care what they do, go for it. I don’t care if LGBT people get married although I think that civil unions would be a better solution than marriage as marriage is traditionally between men and women but hey who am I to argue wording. However I think that I believe that any and all persuasion upon young people under the age of 14 to learn about their sexuality or gender ect should be prohibited. The furthest it should go is how to properly wear a condom starting in 6th grade or age 12 as that’s when boys hit puberty and for girls education in reproduction same age as they hit puberty around same age. Let me hear your thoughts

Well, I oppose gay sex and how it harms society. The biggest problem I have is how it enters the media, how it is normalized, how it is shoved down our throats, etc. I’m almost to the point of saying the government needs to round up the advocates and activists and jail them. If the rest can keep it to themselves, they should.

I believe gay folks can change or at least develop a durable holding pattern. I’m not advocating repression, but full knowledge of oneself and choosing not to do what is wrong. It has nothing to do with “mah feelings.” Screw feelings. Even the Bible says, “…such were some of ye.” We have people harming their souls, personalities, and interpersonal relations and don’t even know it. They claim to be brave, strong, and proud, yet lack the strength of mind to confront their aberrant desires.

A problem is that when artists/creaters are gay, it colors their entire work, and appreciating and normalizing the work also validates the thought processes to make it. There will be subconscious inclusions in their work, even if they don’t see it and most don’t notice it. Take the song, Bohemian Rhapsody. A lot of it seems more metaphoric for something else. Supposedly, his inspiration was from the Old West (US) and the idea that a cowboy killed someone over a woman. But you get the part about spitting in someone’s eye and leaving them to die. Well, Freddy Mercury was Persian by birth and raised into Zoroastrianism. In the Middle East, humiliating someone by spitting on them as they are put to death is mostly reserved for sex offenders and homosexuals. Why do that for a murder that was spurred on by heterosexuality? So apparently, Freddy knew some things about himself and it came out in his music. Even the part about killing a man, I can’t help but wonder if Freddy suspected he was HIV+ himself at that point. I mean, I can’t help but think up alternate lyrics like, “Mama, I killed a man, put my junk inside of him, gave him AIDS, and now he’s dead.” And why did he say, “pulled my trigger” and not “pulled the trigger?” A trigger is part of a gun, not something personal.

A person’s work and the subtleties they add also give clues to the origins of their behaviors. Isn’t it interesting there are a lot of gay programmers and trans engineers (at least ones who don’t fully buy trans inclusion with the LGB)? Lynn Conway is a transsexual and made at least two major contributions to computer hardware.


Jeez, I did not realize that freddy mercury was such a fag. That song in particular has made me recoil and cringe for many years, now perhaps I know why.

Don Shepherd

For me, this gay shit is fine so long as it is kept to themselves - which it isn’t. Heck, this shit is supported by our taxes, so LGBT rights my ass. Unless someone decides to reduce taxes to just a bare minimum of less than 0.5%, I am going to smite thee who trespasses.

Same argument for abortion as well and all other fuckin’ mainstream garbage supported by “Government” AKA the Deep-State. As long as it ain’t on my money and fucks my, or a child’s, well-being over, we good.


I’m kinda the same way. I don’t think I have a right to tell two consenting adults what they can do with their bodies. If they want to stick a spoon up their butt and scream like a walrus it’s their decision.

And I do think marriage should be between a man and woman and long term gay partners should just use another word. Like butt buddies. or Lilly licking queens. I don’t care. Tax breaks should be equal under the law. I don’t really think the government should have any say in marriage. It should be a church matter and not a state matter.

Just keep the gay shit away from my kids. I think society does better when it’s a secret thing and not out in the open.

But on that note, guys and girls shouldn’t be deep kissing in front of kids either.

I will not give a single penny to any company promoting gay lifestyles to kids.

Adults are fine though. LIke i’m not going to go to some gay underwear shop and tell them to stop selling gay shit. Seems like a waste of time.

To me, it’s not a matter of telling others what to do with their bodies, but my right to express that a certain behavior is wrong. I think we need to exercise and fight for the right to do that much. “My lifestyle isn’t affecting you,” yeah, and me condemning your (not you) foul, immoral behavior isn’t affecting you. If it is, that is not my problem, but the fault of those who think that. If my words make you want to end your life, then you should see a therapist for that or reconsider your behavior. How are my words condemning a lifestyle in the abstract any worse than what you (those using the argument) do in the bedroom?

Like most here, I do believe that what gays have is not a marriage, and that they are appropriating a straight-only term. At least in modern years, they have become more honest and use terms like “same-sex marriage” and not “gay marriage.” Gays could always marry someone of the opposite sex just like everyone else. Nobody really other than the bride or her father would really object to a gay man marrying a straight woman. So same-sex marriage is more specific.

And yes, keep gay and trans away from the kids. Now if a kid is truly unhappy in their gender, then raise them as a girl and keep your mouth shut about it, and make the kid not talk about it either. I make a distinction between transsexual and transgender that many don’t make. There’s a huge difference between feeling trapped in the wrong body and having a fetish or doing it for attention. So I believe there are transsexual kids, but not transgender kids under the age of 12.


I think that homosexuality and all it’s derivatives are a perversion of the natural (holy?) complementary dichotomy between the feminine and the masculine. In a time when civilization affords such a luxurious and worry-free life style, people begin to lose touch with the axioms upon which it is built, namely the family and the sacredness of the union between the feminine and masculine aspects. When one is not recognizing these aspects all the time in nature, one can become deluded into exploring homosexuality. The roman empire is an example of this. Thus I believe that a homosexual is merely misguided, made possible by the ease of living in modern civilization.

However, I have a hard time throwing all my weight behind this theory. My best buddy in high school and my best buddy in college each had gay moms. It worked fine and they were upstanding young men. Both football players, badasses. Really smart guys too. One grew up on a farm, and the other was Catholic. He was teaching ME the bible. I’ve seen that gay parents can truly raise a strong family. Perhaps homosexuality is somewhat naturally occurring. Perhaps this can be partially explained by the native american concept of “two spirit.” Before it became a woke fad to say it, I was telling my conservative friends about the possibility that gayness is somewhat naturally occurring. The native people are more in touch with the natural world than any other group. I trust that if there was a concept for it in the Lakota tongue, it’s naturally occurring.

So what’s my issue? I see a lot of people who don’t know what to do with their lives. They need attention, maybe they’re overweight, maybe they’ve gotten participation trophies their whole lives. People who have been raised to be weak, and be okay with that. The modern-day gay community is the perfect place for them. Life is too good so they go to commiserate with other degenerates. A handful of my high school friends have gone this route (not my HS buddy with the gay moms, of course). I see these people have no desire to raise families or to work hard for what they have. They only desire to live hedonistically through bong rips, sex, and junk food.

So my experience has formed the beliefs that:

-Homosexuality is naturally occurring, but these days it is largely cultured within people who don’t know themselves.

-Upstanding and hard working gays exist and are often badass.

-Misguided homosexual degenerates are a product of society being too easy.

-Homosexuality is fine as long as it’s not an aggressive trait trying to persuade others.

-Sex education should be taught by parents, not schools. If it’s done in schools, it gives the opportunity for degenerate adults to misguide young people who don’t know themselves.

It is interesting that the Bible says to not let your sons be sodomites or your daughters be harlots. That is interesting to me due to a scientific theory that proposes a gay gene that causes promiscuity in women and homosexuality in men.


I think some of us have recognized the slippery slope is real and actually slippery, so have decided gay is basically not ok

the goalposts keep moving. you say gay is ok, but trans for kids isn’t. tomorrow they’ll be saying trans for kids is ok, but abusing kids isn’t. Then abusing kids will be thought ok and on to the next thing after that (I don’t know what will be moved to next). So some of us have moved back and said naw, gay is a problem.

gays are more likely to be mentally ill and spread disease. They cannot biologically produce families. creates problems for society. and is a choice especially in that gays can have normal straight relationships (some have chosen this like the ex gay movement or people who had kids and then decided to be gay).

trans was thought to be a mental illness and associated with gender dysphoria until a few years ago. being gay was also thought to be a mental illness in the DSM until the 1960s, and certain actions associated with being gay felonies in all 50 states.

So legally I often take conservatarian views. I don’t necessarily care if gay “marriages” are legal or not, if they are illegal I’m ok with that and if legal they should be discouraged. It’s an immoral “lifestyle” and harmful. Particularly no foster homes should be adopting kids out to gays, ideally.

The hook up culture is kind of related, because it’s just as unproductive or destructive as gays. A lot of straights use contraception, which is just as against reproduction as certain gay actions. hook up culture is about a century old (1920s) as far as I can see, with the feminist “flappers” who had “petting parties” of touching and kissing. Decades later people were more likely to commit further sins of fornication which brings us to today and so many unwed parents.

So legally I guess I am a bit indifferent, I am not going to be pro for legalizing. and if legal I am not encouraging. It’s really a society splitting issue, because gay actions can be so offensive.

Gay sins are one of the four special sins that “cry out to heaven for vengeance”. I think this is because perhaps the gift of life and sacredness of the family is so important, and certain gay actions go exactly opposite of this.

Gay unions aren’t a particularly positive solution as they just encourage people to have a committed sinful lifestyle.

Trans is mutilation of the body and unnatural, and has some complications and irreversible damage. Especially to children who many people consider unable to consent to all kinds of other things like getting tattoos. Trans also causes practical problems, because if a person is born male and presents themselves as female, then if they are in a relationship with a male that’s a gay relationship, and if they are in a relationship with a female it looks like a gay relationship and so would be scandalous. So trans doesn’t really seem to make sense in normal society.

So for trans I think the key is “gender acceptance”, they should just come to terms with who they are as a person born as whatever gender and not engage in “denialism”, and likewise for gays, they just need to accept their biological reality. The ex-trans and ex-gay movements may have people that could discuss any difficult questions struggling would be gay or trans might have.

thinking “what if I was the opposite gender” or desiring it is somewhat normal I think. Having close friendships with people of the same gender is also normal. Why they need to cross these boundaries in to the abnormal is unclear, it seems to be the lure of the thrill of rebellion luring a lot of people. or genuine confusion. But that confusion should be helped when possible, and the rebellion discouraged.

also society needs to respect gender rules more. attempts to not respect them are also lending themselves to gender confusion (trans interest) and gay confusion.

On trans, I divide it into 2 categories, transsexuals and transgender. Transsexuals just want to get the surgery and move on. Transgender tend to keep their original anatomy for life, and I consider them the most toxic and damaging to society.

In some cases, IMHO, one should hold trans-identified children (and spouses for that matter) to what they say they are. I mean, if you try to nag, counsel, forbid, etc., you only make them hate you and rebel against you. When it comes to emotions, they need to be dealt with experientially. So if a boy is insistent about being a girl, raise him as one, and construct it to where things are hard and realistic. “I don’t want to wear that dress, it’s ugly!” “You will, and if you keep on, I will give you something to cry about.” Or, “I want to play sports with the boys.” “Actually, I need you to help me in the kitchen. If we get things done soon enough, then you can go out and play. And don’t get your pretty dress dirty, or you’re going to have to clean it!” So the result would be forcing them to engage their mind and weigh out their options. Just don’t give them a fantasy version. So if they can’t take the pressure, they will rebel away from what they are doing. “Mom, I didn’t know it was so hard to be a girl. I’m not doing it anymore!”

A simpler version of the above is what a television repairman did. His son came home with an earring. That night, the dad kissed his son on the mouth and said, “Goodnight Princess!” The next day, the earring was gone. The last I heard was that his son was in the Navy, maybe working on a nuclear submarine.

And yes, I think gays tend to have a distorted sense of friendships and boundaries and confuse sex with friendship. I think they tend to have an underdeveloped/immature sense of relationships, as well as shallow personalities. So bossing people around or trying to get sex all the time is normal to them. A lot should have some therapy done around topics like excessive religiosity, self-esteem, and assertiveness. I mention excessive religiosity as that can be a sign of the opposite. So you do right because you are scared of God and don’t have a personal relationship, and that can paradoxically drive someone into depravity. The longer you repress things or hold onto this duality, the worse it becomes later, since the longer you hold things back like that, the harder the rebellion will be. It is kinda like the laws of physics and the part about equal and opposite reactions. Assertiveness is another contributor because so many gay guys have domineering and controlling mothers who have emasculated their husbands. So gay guys often need coaching on how to cut the apron strings and be their own person.

As for common concerns in ex-gays, here are a few. If they want to become ex-gay out of a fear of hell, they should deal with that concern first. If you have flashbacks and images, such as seeing female genitals every time you close your eyes, then you should do some trauma work. Lesbians may have some additional concerns such as codependency (a pattern of self-denial and an addiction to “helping” others) and emotional enmeshment and may need therapy for those. They may also need to do trauma work, since a common issue that fuels lesbianism is domestic violence. So they “rebel” inside at an early age when they notice their father is the aggressor and their mother is a doormat who just takes it. So they may reason that it is better to be a man, and over time, they become more like a man in their personality. Then it may become self-fulfilling since they won’t be able to find a man who would desire them.

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