Downvotes are back

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the trannies invading and declaring themselves admins. Remember to always check for the admin label.

I have reenabled downvoting. New user’s downvoting abilities will be limited . That will make it easier for me to moderate downvote bots.

I can further tune the algorithm as needed.

I’ve gotten some comments from people on other instances about controversial stuff. Example,

Perhaps this sort of thing has attracted the trolls.

I will never censor speech, I will never censor anti vaccine anything. We may hide communities from trending and the community list if their names are to ridicules and you are not already subscribed but I will offer advise and technical knowledge on how to create instances of your own which can federate with mine and have their own community list to advertise.

We can not have effective democracy without the ability to communicate openly with one another.

Reminder : wolfballs official stance is that there is only two genders assigned by God at birth and trans women will never be women.

God bless


Tiocfaidh ár lá


this is making for some good lulz

a warm welcome back to the downvotes even though I’m ok with them leaving forever


Lots of people like them. I can see that they aren’t really needed. But they do tell a story. An example reddit pointed out Rebecca Black - Friday has 1.4 million likes. It’s like the worst song ever and previously had like a billion downvotes.


    The Announcement Community

    This is not a free speech sub/community.

    This is the announcement community reserved for admins or announcements that effect the whole community. Feel free to announce new communities or instances.

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