Hello everyone.

I’m admin of wolfballs.com. Someone recently posted about this instance over on the bawls. And it looked pretty interesting so I thought I would come post here.

In general i’m a advocate of the free internet and a vocal supporter of the fediverse.

I like programming in rust and C++. I got my start on computers when I was homeschooled on windows 3.1 in second grade in the religious south in a rather poor house on the edge of the forest.

Technically a millennial but i’m on the older side.

Politically I would not fit in here but mostly from perspective and not values. unless it comes between group and personally liberty I tend to value personally liberty over group freedoms as a rule of thumb.

I’m not a fan of big tech so I am happy to join forces with anyone taking any action to limit their power (in legal ways) over people regardless of their politics or religious beliefs.

I’m happy to help anyone set up a instance or debug issues. I have a pretty good understanding of rust, diesel, sql and actix so on the code side can help make customization. I can do the front end side to I just hate javascript app development and am not interested in doing it in free time.

This is an open community where anyone is free to introduce themselves or their instance (if they are an instance admin) on the federation.

Introduction posts are great, but introduction posts quickly get lost in the shuffle. After a couple of days those posts may be buried.

/c/introductions hopes to solve this by providing a more formal forum and outlet for Fediverse users to introduce themselves.

Instance admins are also welcome to introduce their instance to the rest of the community too!

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