Last month, 21-year-old Killian M. Ryan, a soldier serving in the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, was taken into custody by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). According to the FBI, Ryan is a "white supremacist domestic extremist." What betrays this characterization of the young

That’s such a bunch of hocus

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    The Dissident Right consists of any people who are not in the mainstream right and also are not Libertarians. It is anyone who believes in alternative political philosophies & models than what we really have in place now, and are generally cut off from mainstream conservatism. It includes ‘alt right’ type people, but also consists of neo-reactionaries, paleoconservatives, traditionalists, and anyone else that you can imagine who is on the right but outside of Conservatism, Inc., and Libertarianism.


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