I’m fucking sick of milk bull shit.

The whole industry is trash.

Point 1. fat content

God damn lying mother fuckers convinced the public Cholesterol kills you so they could sell you inferior 2% milk. (It doesn’t)

2% milk is bad. Skim milk is pure garbage. Whole milk is what should be consumed 100% of the time milk is consumed.

They then use the fat they extrated to sell to you as butter. Otherwise no one would buy that shit left over milk. For the last 20 years they marketed that trash milk to soccer moms and all their kids missed growth potential because fat contains all the vitamins.

Point 2. Pasteurizing milk destroys the milk.

Raw milk taste better, is more nutritious, easier to digest and basically superior in every way to pasteurized milk.

Raw milk does not last nearly as long as Pasteurized milk. Mega Corperations cannot be formed selling it. Farmers keep all the money Because generally it needs to be purchased directly from the farm to have any shelf life at all.

So the FDA funded by a bunch of greedy corperate ass holes has convinced lawmakers most places to illegalize it. They even raid shops that sell it anyway.

Police raid raw milk shop

To try to keep their lies about milk prevalent even though more and more people are waking up to the milky lies they have been born into and drinking it raw anyway, The FDA puts out propaganda to make you drink their poisoned garbage milk

Milk is one of the most nutritious foods mankind has access to. It’s been known for millennia.

Milk, butter, and cheese are all best consumed raw.

Pasteurization is a technique to take money away from farmers and into the hands of people who never have to smell cow shit ever.

Support your local farmer, drink raw milk.


Its fucking terrible. I love raw milk. I wish it was more widely available. Im sick and fucking tired of society trying to sterilize everything in general. Its unhealthy.

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