Dagny Taggart (@DagnyTaggart963)
Twitter, which owns the social network of the same name, has dissolved its office in Brussels, which caused concerns among EU countries about maintaining security in cyberspace - Financial Times

For Europe and Canada Twitter will have to censor more. Hopefully people can just vpn to America and the American version stay uncensored. America has some of the best free speech protection in the world.

It’s not a great place to host copyright infringement content but it is a good place to host ideological dissenting content.


Musk said he will follow local laws. Sounds fair. If EU voters do not want censorship, they should vote for change

Problem is they demanded hiring 100s of moderators or a % of Global revenue as fines. As a business owner this is unacceptable. Like Gab, Twitter should eliminate business in hostile countries and run from US. Let EU make a Great firewall to block Twitter like China. They won’t dare.

Brief history: Germany, EU, UK, tried to pass online censorship, “to protect kids”. They lost. GAB is accessible in EU despite telling German Govt to fuck off

Bureaucrats like creating drama. All bark and no bite.

US principles continues to be the foundation of liberty.

Post anything, all are welcome. No one can kick your post here. Do what you like. @WiggleHard bans nothing and exiles nobody (Dont doxx wolfballs users, no posting of porn/nudes or foot fetish material unless it involves political scandals, no ads for sex sites or dating sites; do that on your own time, no solicitation for pyramid scams, no posting job advertisements unless from official job sites, no posts supporting pedophilia, not all love is love) also: (we cannot allow violations of the patriot act concerning how we speak, no calls for violence, suggesting you are personally harming someone ect. These things are not free speech protected by law but actually against the law and could get the website shut down.) (no spam posting, especially spam posting of what could be considered symbols of hate) examples: guy posting nazi flag 5 times in one day, guy posting “whitey is the devil over and over, im going to use my best judgement on this one rule)

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