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Cross-posting to here since I get answers quicker on freeforum. If I’m being spammy, just ask me to stop or wait longer in between or whatever.

I’m looking for an app for Android and for Linux that lets me put a bunch of Fediverse instances in one feed and communicate with all of them through my Wolfballs account. Any recommendations? Is there a way to just do it within the Wolfballs site under communities? Forgive me. I’m still a fediverse noob.


The Lemmy software itself isn’t well suited to what you’re talking about. It supports Activitypub, but it’s sort of a self contained ecosystem meant to emulate Reddit.

Something that would work more like a notification machine for a bunch of different fediverse instances would be something like a mastodon or pleroma or friendica instance. You could subscribe to the wolfballs communities, or maybe some peer tube instances, or maybe some users on the broader fediverse, then use something like husky to get all the messages from the different communities on your phone.

Besides that, I know that you can join communities on other let me instances on wolfballs as long as they haven’t defederated, and I don’t know if you can do the same for lotide communities or not – the software also largely emulates reddit, but I think that the behind the scenes stuff works quite a bit differently.


off topic but why does it double post instead of crossposts sometimes

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It double posts whether I add text or not. I thought that was normal. I just thought I would explain what I was doing so I wouldn’t come off as an annoying spammer.

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