Privacy is a human right, thank you Edward Snowden. I dont use any social media other than:yewtu.be/newpipe Lemmy and Minds. I post my opinions on subjects wether people agree or not, if you want to disscuss than do so respectfully and ill do the same. Check out my sublemmy 10_0s basement.

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From British empire to American empire, the cycle of history repeats

Its cheaper to import electricity just for this spike than to recommission a whole powerplant that won’t be running for a whole 1 - 2 weeks.

They banned abortion outright a position only a minority of groups support, so not really a bogeyman when religious groups have lobbyists in DC.

Can’t wait to see the blood bath on the news : )

So that’s 1 good guy for every… 5-10 bad guys?

I would buy it if I wasn’t poor, I would like an iPhone, but you can’t do much with an iPhone so this is the best iPhone that runs android you can get

Tbh it just needs a great frontend mobile app, like newpipe for YouTube

Wow, who would’ve guessed this ever would have happened, I guess the tens of reports from the last… 4 years since its launch were true after all

  • Look 18
  • Buy from gun show
  • Try not to use it to take revenge

Mother Almond Gets Squeezed to Death (SHOCKING!!)

Nice photo, where did you take the shot?

I like to keep a light load when it comes to my pockets so I only carry the essentials with me, phone, wallet, keys, and PineTime. - I've used my PineTime for about 6 months now, and it's improved a lot during that time and some of my critisms of it are no longer valid. - The bulkier phone case is mainly for looks over function, but it does protect the screen from minor drop damage while being more appealing to look at. - The wallet is only for cash, coins and bus card; and the keys are nothing special. - If I'm going to the library or my course I'll bring my backpack which I'll do another post on in which I have a some more EDC things I'd like to share. But I am interested in what other peoples EDC is because I've fallen down this rabbithole for day and I'd like to know.