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Saagar is on the right and Krystal is on the left. Some episodes lean more one way or the other but they have the most balanced take of any show on right now imo.

The gray headed cunt is welcome to censor his cock gobbler once he’s done munching on CNNs anal warts. Fuck him and his stupid fucking ugly eyebrows.

Or we could ditch the whole free speech thing and embrace the dirty furry slutwagon that this site has become

I propose that it’s only NSFW if your balls touch

So they’re saying we’ve got two right balls?

Some government dildo is prob getting a cushy job at the test manufacturing company after this happens

Matt Kibbe has some interesting libertarian perspectives during this podcast

Happy New Year Wolfballs!
I hope everyone had a great 2021. Every new year is an exciting opportunity to start fresh, make new plans, and button up whatever we want to leave behind. Living through a new years eve is a gift that I appreciate more and more each time I get to celebrate one. I hope everyone makes their resolutions lofty difficult and ultimately rewarding. Best of luck this year to all. Keep supporting free speech. God bless America and all those who protect and defend our freedom.

At least he didn’t lie about being a minority to advance his college career… Warren is a do nothing shitbag.

Explain Hank Aaron and Larry King.

You’re saying you’ve been outmatched by a toilet? I’m done here lol

Makes sense because your mom said the same thing about you.

That’s true but I honestly don’t want to support venues that require a vaxport.

Maiden tickets were way too expensive for me last time i was interested in seeing them plus they’ll prob require “full” vaccination for entry and I’m not getting any boosters. Hope you have a good time though! I wish I could see hallowed be thy name played live at least once.

When I was 7 I was gaining backdoor access to your mom.

Had a great Thanksgiving
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I've been pretty busy doing repairs and upgrades on my personal property along with having family over for Thanksgiving so I haven't posted in a while. I hope everyone else is having a great end to 2021 as well. PMA ALL DAY.


During the Rittenhouse self defense trial based Richard McGinnis describes how to disarm angry black protesters with cigarettes and whiteclaw booze.