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Just saw dozen of the geh flags in the city centre, i think i t would be funny to change them to nazi flags and see the reaction

who needs cars in a communist society anyway?..

more like jew world order…


Tor is not just a vpn its more secure and private because it goes through three different nodes. No privacy tool is perfect but i would rather trust tor browser than vpn which routes all the traffic through one server.

Don’t forget tor browser, its free and easy to use

I made !spaceandastronomy for stuff like this

No but i use fb on separate browser without logging in

Doesn’t daily wire have something like this?

I think some of this is the medias fault. Did you know that putin supports mask mandates vaccine mandates and lockdowns? most people do not know that cuz the globalist try to claim that russia is somehow against covid tyranny. Putin in fact put the elderly for four months long lockdown if they did not take the vaccine.

EU needs to be abolished, they support mass censorship and nazi passports. I don’t see any benefit of being part of EU.

New parkour video

I have been training some standing and running precision jumps. I have improved quite a lot when you compare the first jump in the video to later ones…

Odysee should run faster now…

China increases social media surveillance by tracking users ip adress…

there is no perfect search engine you just need to try one that works for you

The browser has had some controversies but its still pretty good and if you don’t like the search engine you could use something like startpage which uses the google search results.

Here is some lithium, lol

Bromite is light at leadt compared to brave and chrome

the media: watch out for the racist far right frog meme!!1!1!1!

Did instagram just commit a suicide? What do you guys think?..

Remember, the elections are safe and there was absolutely no voter fraud whatsoever…

Lineageos 19 has been announced

The application firewall is going to come back!..

Where did million ballots go?

I presume that globalists ate them…

There are already three episodes, you can listen it on youtube or bitchute…

4 planets and moon are going to align 23 of april. The planets are most visible an hour before sunrise…

i sprained my wrist and nowni sprained my ankle

[insert bad luck bryan meme here]…

What do you use as an instagram replacement?

I use minds gab is one option too but it does not seem to have an option to switch multiple accounts so I prefer posting on minds…