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change my mind

Message for wigglehard
Mike_ice got his acc locked can you do something about it? https://gab.com/M1k3_1980/posts/109433269859507494

the real question is was the fly dead or alive?

This means that for the next three years WHO could dictate new pandemic policies, the deal has not been signed yet.

web apps are alternative to traditional apps also elon could just make separate apk package that could be downloaded outside of play store

In europe that would mean having no friends lol

Well I don’t play it myself but I like watching it

I prefer hockey

shame they removed the headphone jack

This is some moody stuff

I don’t go to movies often but recently they forbid people taking their own candy, one more reason for me not to go to movies.

im just antisocial

The tendon is still sore, I was just in MRI and monday I’ve got another doctor’s appointment.

I like it, I use it as an ig alternative

This is the funniest thing I've read today

Daily though I do not have an account. I use it to follow tech news and some other communities like r/edc.

Highly recommend you listen this, very good podcast!

Google spying on kids with google assistant, sketchy vpn that comes with spyware and more tik tok controversies...

And they say privacy does not matter...

Rappers with based lyrics
I already listen to tom macdonald, struggle jennings and hi-rez. Any other based rappers? I don't like rap with autotune though.