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Agree completely. What pisses me off more than just about anything, I used to post on reddit’s environment sub, this is many years ago before it was ruined, but even then you could post about any of these topics and you’d be swarmed with muh climate change. its all they can think or talk about. It got to the point I wondered if its just controlled by big companies to avoid any actual progress on things that do matter.

I simply do not care about climate change
So I did a little search to see what people might say about my not caring about climate change. It was even better/funnier than I would have thought. >The key result of her research is that so-called apathy is largely a defense mechanism against underlying anxieties and a sense of powerlessness against the inevitable. >It turns out that when faced with environmental catastrophe, whether local or global, people tend to cope with their anxieties by pretending not to care. A PhD wrote this of course. Source: [https://medium.com/the-infinite-universe/people-are-too-scared-of-climate-change-to-do-anything-about-it-8dc8f51f86ed] Maybe some people do feel this way for this reason, but not me. I simply Do. Not. Care. I don't fear it. It doesn't bother me one bit. Kind of like Covid. I don't care that Covid numbers are up. Why is everyone so fearful? there are many greater problems to our daily lives, and the future of our society, than climate change. This doesn't mean I am heartless. I don't want to see people starve from crop failures, I just don't trust what they are telling our society to do about it .The funny thing is most of the things we could do to stop climate change doesn't bother me. I think Americans should walk more, build more walkable communities and greatly increase public transit. But climate change just isn't any part of that reason. Even if the worst of the climate predictions prove true, those events are far away and would be slow progressing and it is ridiculous to think the most adaptable species on earth (well maybe excluding cockroaches) would not be able to handle it. I simply can't imagine losing a second of sleep to the supposed crisis of climate change.

All I want is for all the blacks in the US to be gathered up and returned to Africa. They can even get housing and funding to get started but for some reason this generates a lot of backlash. I’m saving them from the rampant white supremacy!!!

Yeah I read a book that went in depth into the lack of religion and community support in the rust belt and it was pretty compelling evidence. Now that I’m getting older, I can see the importance of religion. Much of it seemed dumb when I was a kid, but I try to urge everyone I can to stay active in the church, and it doesn’t even matter all that much which religion you pick, but having something is really important.

The only reason I ever joined or post here is because its called wolfballs. It’s awesome!

I gotta give credit for a population control method, they did a bang up job. “I survived big pharma and Bill Gates” might be a good shirt to make later in 2023.

Just got back from a high school meeting talking about having defibrillators accessible at all events. Jeopardy category “Things we would never have even considered when I was in high school”.

Do you want to be a therapist that stays away from my kid or a dead therapist?

So many doctors are so shitty and terrible at their job, its nice they have a new route they can take and be successful by immediately killing their patients .

Happy New Year! God is good and we can stand up for what is right even if it is hard! 2023: The Return to Sanity.

Yes i have gotten way better news and information on saidit than on reddit or twitter, and the comments are usually better. Not a ton of content though, which is OK.

Any significant amount of time spent online will depress you. It may be hard to get outdoors this time of year depending on where you are. But some sunshine will certainly do you good.

I don’t trust any of these globalists. There is no telling what they will do but most likely they will try to cause misery.

He is good when it comes to the Covid BS and censorship issues but otherwise he is basically trash.

No because I don’t have cable. If I need stock market news, I will choose Foxbusiness.com but otherwise I avoid all major corporate media.

Literally stop using part of your brain so you hate God and love blacks

I guess some of these CEOs are starting to figure out communists won’t keep these guys around once they fall.

It’s good with a really salty chip. The chip must have lots of lefty salty tears. LOL. But really, it is good.

Sorry I have become one of little faith.

That was bad but the Covid tyranny affected me more so that is why I’m voting straight GOP for the 1st time in my life.

Truth sux, it is literally the only social media site I have ever been too that won’t let me login using my VPN. Even twitter allows me now.

Biden is literally the only fool on the planet these 2 faggot buffoons could outwit.

No longer an "experimental" vaccine
I saw on several news reports some state attorney generals are opposing the CDC adding Covid vaccine to childhood vaccines most states require to attend school. And in their opposition they keep referencing "experimental" vaccine. Yes, this was an experimental vaccine, but it is no longer an experiment. Literally over a billion (if not billionS) of people have been injected, and it is vastly apparent that the vaccine is simply a worthless and dangerous risk to anyone under 65. The experiment is done. They need to fight it on those grounds alone.

Kind of interesting weekly videos not earth shattering but worth a watch.

Quote from 2020, still applies
Whenever, which is often, I see in the media that “experts say . . . ,” I immediately assume what follows is lies.