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The Jersey

So am I since the officers are black and regular people won’t buy into this subconscious racism stuff driving blacks to kill other blacks

Exactly correct

Nonetheless the police made an error here

Rather, a series of errors

Yeah, it’s the first verse of the Bible and the last verse of the Bible - the entirety of the Bible!

There are many factions among Israelis. They often compete. I don’t know that any of them are truly loyal to anything. However, their underlying behavior patterns show a kind of ethnocentrism similar to loyalty.

Yes, which isn’t problematic to me. Every group should have this to some degree.

Oh yeah I am kind of aware of that…


I knew a woman who was new to doing home nursing and she had a really slick guy keep a totally straight face and concoct a medically plausible scenario where she would have to apply a lotion to his member… while he was laying down in the bath tub.

My mother shrieked with laughter and fake scolded her and we still laugh to this day about how this woman was duped.

I think he is one of the shrewdest liberal politicians. Hasn’t pulled a Beto and ran for such high profile positions - just really picking up everything that he wants and is within grasp through the path of least resistance.

People on Reddit are of course using these photos to ID the guy right off.

There’s actually nothing there one name as ‘Jardi Haddock’ on FB and it is a Seattle, WA account from like 7 years ago belonging to someone who looks like it could be theoretically the same person back when they were a teenager. Very little publicly stated.

Not a bad observation but I’d counter he had no choice

Twenty two minutes

We can create a whole new ideology

Ordinary people of the world get democratic control of their economies and we can make a new confederacy around each community doing traditionalism anarchism etc

Whatever they want

Just fabulous vision


What’s really striking is when Brand attacks atheism and nihilism and says we need God around the fifteenth and eighteenth minutes.