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Just terrible! Get out of the Eu if you want to preserve your country at all.




If Only...

I do not have the link available but I think that, even at one point, John Locke talked about the concept of voluntary citizenship, or implied that it should even be the case.

The general argument would be the need to increase the total fertility rate in the West (and in Korea, Japan, etc.), since immigrants will not actually preserve the unique cultures and traditions of the people who live there, and because the intense alienation that Capitalism has created is making a problem by depriving people of family formation. Family formation is inherently good, right?

I would also point out that the total fertility rate of even very poor countries that historically produced immigrants for the West is going down dramatically, and this trend is being felt everywhere, even in Africa to some degree… So, this is unsustainable: at some point people will need to start having kids everywhere.

Check this out:

Shannon Brandt, the 41-year-old accused of murdering 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson for being a supposed “Republican extremist,” was freed Tuesday from the Stutsman County jail in North Dakota, Breitbart News has confirmed.


I honestly did not expect this.

Students and union denounce the exclusion of men from a computer workshop organized by the cultural department of Rennes-2 University, as reported by "Le Figaro". Nothing could justify this non-mixing”, assure students and union representatives of the National Interuniversity Union (UNI), through the voice of their lawyer. All denounce the organization by the cultural department of the University of Rennes-2 of a computer workshop dedicated to musical software "reserved for women", as relayed by Le Figaro Étudiant . "My clients were extremely shocked by the 'single-sex' nature of this workshop", explains Me Frédéric-Pierre Vos, in a letter addressed to the president of the university. According to him, “nothing, absolutely nothing, can legitimize the single-sex nature of the workshop”, neither its theme nor the program itself. The lawyer assures him: “This software has nothing sexed or delicate to use by male hands. The UNI denounces in a tweet "a drift of the woke ideology (which) is spreading dangerously in French universities". "Misandry and extreme left feminism do not have to be subsidized", he denounces, recalling that these courses are financed by the university and therefore "by everyone". The university ensures that it is a question of promoting diversity in the artistic environment Me Frédéric-Pierre Vos therefore called on the university to open this workshop to all students according to the principles of “equality”, “non-discrimination” and “neutrality” “inherent in the action of the public service ".

I think I would be willing to even for a Democrat if it was truly a protest vote.

I think the reason that many Westerners have frenetic views is because they believe that our concept of liberty has been failed by democracy.

We are now simultaneously looking to authoritarian systems and even anarchistic systems in an attempt to figure out how we can restore our liberty.

The Western spirit is fundamentally libertarian on some level: it requires freedom. It’s just the characteristic of how we view the world.

As a Christian, first and foremost, I believe that man is flawed. I also believe Christians can abide in any system… We are not obligated to believe in any very specific philosophies, but we must always believe in basic rights and dignities for man, because we are lovers of life.

I think it is the case particularly that man has certain inalienable rights, such as the right to his life, the right to speak his mind and worship his god (or to not worship), and the right to his goods more or less, without any excessive tax for the purpose of redistribution…

My ideal system is a diarchy in which there is a Judicial & Executive branch that is loyal to a Constitution that is unwilling and unable to change, and a legislature that is elected and which can propose laws, make some changes in government, but is also strictly bound to not violate the liberty of the people. So, this would be simultaneously robust & strong (with authoritarian powers in the executive branch that is loyal to the Constitution), but is also all about the individual’s God-given rights being preserved at all costs. It’s a system where the Army exists, in part, to ensure politicians do not disarm you.

Very glad to have someone on the left posting here… and I do say that a lot of Left Libertarians are terrific.

lol I like how, once upon a time, I thought Democrats in the 1990s were rather extreme weirdos for their belief in the welfare state but those guys are totally normal now considering what we are seeing.

This is not a bad move. Politics can distract from more important things - like spirituality.

But it’s also important to have some kind of consistency in what you think. Political philosophies can systemize that.

Christian conservative nationalist, prefer ancap but ok with some kind of more authoritarian government if it works well (like a monarchy, a republic, sometimes in practice I’m not sure it matters as much)

This is all contradictory, right… But it also isn’t…

Preferring anarcho-capitalism, but also defaulting to a more authoritarian government like a monarchy if it functions.

I am not even criticizing you because I do not think that I am that different from this.

I am still trying to puzzle together what has caused so many young men to identify as such. I think I will try to answer that in my own comment.

The morbid thought is that this may be the big reason for it decreasing.

Good luck. All addictions which give a lot of physical pleasure are hard to quit.

I am a former alcoholic! Many people are, but I would like to say that I was in the top 2%. It’s nto good at all. Very fun, but it can totally erase your next day due to sleep/hangover. It’s a real miserable drug.

… and, let us be frank: it is a drug.

That is certainly the case here, innit

Yeah I was wondering if it could involve something like that.

14 year olds and 18 year olds should generally NOT hang out, as well.

This even explains things like why people in the medical profession are paid well, or why random high school graduates without college degrees can just randomly enter into nursing or other medical vocations with minimal tech training and licensing…

If you are willing or desperate enough to deal with the sick and dying, you will always have a job. 🐍

“Vote better.”

Haha, yeah, no, sweaty - my ability to say whatever I want and be independent from your circus is non-negotiable.

This is why the US Founding Fathers envisioned specifically a Republic with small government, afterall.

He is someone that is read by Orthodox scholars but he is not as popular, but among anglophone Orthodox, he is hard to escape (not that you would necessarily want to escape a Saint!).