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British warships could be sent in to protect freighters carrying crucial Ukrainian grain and break Putin's blockade of Black Sea ports

Britain is co-ordinating with its allies on a potential plan to send warships to the Black Sea port of Odesa to offer a protective escort to ships exporting Ukrainian grain. …

Crazy about the monkeypox situation in Belgium!

I agree with this - we should always think of every day as potentially our last.

I think that she might actually, truly be stopped in her district, and she is just uninterested. What is the chance that she is a belieivng, practicing Catholic? Quite low!

And if she was… she would find some Bishop or Priest who would make it a point of giving her the eucharist, and at that point the Catholic church would absolutely dread having to mediate this situation. They would likely do nothing.

It’s actually quite amazing to see some analysis like this:

"Geologically, we have to consider the tectonic plates of a particular geographical area and note where the springs, tanks and bore wells are. We then plant trees along the natural path of water flow and increase the soil’s water absorption capacity. As groundwater surges, streams and springs become more affluent and join the river from underground. Over a period of six months, the closest river would have a strong flow and a noticeably significant increase in volume.”

The Karnataka capital Bengaluru, is popularly known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ and the ‘start-up capital of India’, but citizens have neglected to upkeep one of its first titles, ‘the garden city’. …

Lots of good information on the hydrological issues affecting Chennai, though dated…

Officers spoke to Thaler’s friend, identified in the complaint as RP, who said over the past week, Thaler wanted to learn how to use a gun, so they went to a gun range. He said she bought the shotgun on March 17, and they went to the gun rate the next two days. He also told police Thaler had been carrying the shotgun in and out of the apartment, and when she did, it was wrapped in a gray blanket.

Police further searched Thaler’s car, finding “significant blood” and what appeared to be brain matter in the backseat, charges state. A gray blanket was also found in the trunk.

A preliminary autopsy found Eli was shot multiple times, possibly up to nine times, including shots to the torso and head, the complaint said.

Court documents show Eli’s father, Tory Hart, had been fighting for custody of his son. Tory Hart’s fiancé, Josie Josephson, told FOX 9 the boy’s mother struggled with drug addiction and mental health issues. But despite their repeated calls for help, Josephson says Thaler, Eli’s biological mom, was recently awarded full custody.

“That was it until last night when we got notified that he was found in the trunk of his mom’s car. Not only did we express concerns to multiple people, multiple times…every time the response was, ‘This is something for family courts.’ (CPS) said laws do not allow us to address this, unless (they) see physical abuse, (they) have no grounds to remove him from her home,” Josephson told FOX 9 on Saturday.

Fox 9

Gay men could be offered monkeypox vaccine in targeted rollout

Gay men could be offered monkeypox vaccines as part of a focused rollout to tackle the UK’s outbreak, which today doubled in size. …

Black political commentator Calvin Robinson who said Britain is NOT a racist country is BLOCKED from becoming a priest by white bishop as a result

A black trainee vicar was blocked from becoming a Church of England priest after a white bishop voiced concerns about his belief that Britain was not institutionally racist. …

Brandon's Final Words (a Microstory)

One of my old high school classmates died in his early thirties of cancer, but he got married and had two children before he passed. …

The exciting part is considering that they are not mutually exclusive.

He could simultaneously make a grave error … while also being devious.

This may account for more human history than we would like to even know about.

The Wish

It does not make that much sense to me that the actual living wage is $24/hour.

There really is no such thing as a single living wage that makes sense for the whole of the US. This makes even less sense for the entirety of Europe. Of course, EU regulations on wages do not affect every part of it, but it is the fact that they do have a single interest rate for the whole of the EU, which grossly impacts local real estate markets and the likes.

In my opinion, a very brilliant album…

A hot, deadly summer is coming with frequent blackouts worldwide

Global power grids are about to face their biggest test in decades with electricity generation strangled in the world’s largest economies. …

I fully agree with this – there’s a massive issue with imbalances in wealth and resources.

I also think that Gates trying to rebill himself not just as a health expert, but also as an environmental activist is dangerous. He is going to get duped by the charlatans in both of these fields who’ll use his tremendous wealth and influence to screw things up.

It is even the case that white people can be dissatisfied with hair salon visits in Asia because they will try things that routinely work with Asian hair but do not succeed with white hair. This is not a problem so much for men, but it is for women.

One of the things is stuff like getting white hair curled/permed requires a lot less than it does with Asian hair, and I know my wife, who is Middle Eastern, struggled to get her hair dyed at a Korean salon because her hair is just too bloody plentiful and doesn’t take dye the same way, lol.

These are actually funny problems when you think of it.

Are you implying they weren’t trying? That isn’t even wrong in my opinion: groups like the CIA and corrupt LEA have had lots of involvement in enabling or even promoting domestic drug use. But I think as a nation state the US did honestly try to win the so-called war on drugs.

The CIA was profiting off of the drug trade, so it could be thought of them as not trying. But I am not sure to what extent this is. I think it is also the case that the constitutional rights to privacy in the US are sometimes almost insurmountable, and the police are very crippled by entrapment laws. This would definitely affect the situation.

I thhink the concept of winning against drugs is futile, it’s not as if governments aren’t trying. It’s led to weaker groups getting picked off and more and more violent groups taking their place and consolidating, becoming more rich and powerful.

You may be right. It is certainly not easy. We may be doomed, because the narcotics culture in the US is crippling.

The ultimate way to win against harmful drugs is stop people from wanting them, which I think is more achievable than preventing the well-funded, resourceful black market from importing or producing them.

Maybe this could be done by legalizing a significant amount of soft narcotics and only pursuing the more hardcore ones, but it is also the case that people who do have meth truly are addicted to it because I hear it is one of the most ecstatic and wonderful experiences a person will ever have.

I also wonder if, in the long run, it will be as good as people say to legalize these things. Sure, if it’s no longer criminal to possess large amounts of weed or some such, it may result in smaller amounts of people going to jail. But the more long-term health related issues for people may crop up.

I am not sure what is happening with long-term health trends in the US but I believe it is the case that

  • lower T
  • smaller taints
  • less masculine men,


Really, truly is a theme among males in the West, and this can even sometimes be cross-species.

To be completely fair, the price of beef all around the world except the Americas and maybe Australia is quite prohibitive, so a lot of people don’t eat beef as often as Americans. The fact that it has decreased is not alarming to me.

There are about 80 confirmed cases worldwide and 50 more suspected ones, the World Health Organization said. France, Germany, Belgium and Australia reported their first cases Friday. …

Could be not terrible

In the lead up to the election he was at pains to prove he is “not woke” - an appeal to more conservative voters who abandoned the party at the 2019 poll.

This has included walking back his support of more aggressive climate action policies while ramping up tougher rhetoric on China and national security.

He has also backed Australia’s controversial policy to turn back any asylum seekers arriving by boat - something he once publicly opposed.

That is a very good point when you think about gas prices and such.

Not a conspiracy or anything - just shedding some more light on the news story. Might possibly entail more tech crackdowns.

(1) I disagree. I think it’s pretty easy to conclude that anyone would rather live in the USA than El Salvador, so it is not hard to place the anger back at the topic. In fact, the Great Replacement stuff helps draw the ire back to the top.

(2) How is it a fantasy to believe that elites actively want to import more people for cheap labor to replace the rapidly declining white population…? Especially when it is far more costly to educate lots more white people who have much greater demands, and it will take a lot longer to replenish the population.