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Id knock your ass out if I ever saw you. I dont care that you are a woman.

Yeah fuck you cunt. I’ve heard him talk. You dont know nearly as much as you pretend to. You just put word salad out and hope we think youre smart.


He literally wants to merge humans with computers. Sometimes you act like a reddit fucktard.

Perception is reality. Youll believe what you find to be the most convenient for you.

I don’t think its wise to go from this post to believing he is hasnt sold his soul.

Youll be fine. No different than any other illness.

He may as well be. They completely control him.

Shhh just sleep. Alls well.

I deleted my comment because I can’t verify that he’s a Jew. Can you offer a source?

You are wrong. I read his speech he gave in Feb 2022. Shit changes.

And while I wish Russia success… I say America worries about America and let that whole mess play itself out.

These same people lose loved one to vax injuries but cant admit they are wrong as fuck.

Im so glad you can speak for Putin. Are you his personal press secretary?

You dont need apps…and you dont NEED tracking devices… I mean smart phones.

When you go on a date you talk about stuff that matters. Its not about fucking. You marry who you date. I mean I agree with you… it would help weed the libtards out but still. I prefer a more natural route. Of course Im married and done but thats how I had the best luck.

Its come to this


Not FC but probably true

Im root'n for Putin

Anyone signing up for Truth social has learned nothing.
There far are to many red flags. I say stay away.

Maybe this is a different kind of boner idk

This is not the time to be a centrist

They are breaking Joe Rogan.
Quit apologizing, pussy.

I think I believe him... maybe

Im taking it with a grain of salt for now but I found this interesting when I stumbled on it But nothing beats the meat