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phuks is not a good alternative. Its run by SJWs

LBRY is also a desktop application, which is what makes them censorship resistant, is that they don’t rely on a single URL. Originally this application was mirrored on lbry.tv ~ regardless, they are still able to censor by disabling uploads, by removing video visibility, and by demonetizing users so they will no longer have LBC to upload. I used to use the site for years, but enough was enough. You give techies a tiny bit of power and they go crazy. I’d rather the CEO was a plumber or a carpenter. Techies are way too easily corrupted by power.

LBRY censors like crazy wtf you talkin bout. At least on Youtube they’ll put you in age restrict mode for offensive content. LBRY will straight up disable uploading.

Its a quarantined subreddit, you have to be logged in to see

Omg I’m the one who created those subs XD But hey at least they’re just memes and forums!

I think I’ve kept the content on those subs pretty soft compared to how bad they COULD be. And I plan to continue keeping the content soft and forgettable.

I approve of this system. Keep weird shit off the homepage!

I don’t recommend GETTR. I got banned there literally within a day of creating my account for edgy memes

A bit more, but Rumble has banned conspiracy channels in the past and Odysee demonetizes anyone who upsets the admins. All hail the admins. Bend your knee to the almighty! The admin! XD

Normally I dislike Odysee but I upvoted

Simps, crossdressers, and retards

This would get me a facebook ban if I shared it but I’m tempted XD

I can’t wait til we get back to this again X>