I’m a grumpy Catholic.

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Theology and philosophy are real sciences and are hard. You have to be specifically trained to do them.

We are very prone to believing emotional arguments. So when we go against what well established authority teaches (no, not egg-spurts) we should feel alarmed, instead we feel brave.

The problem with Elevation Church is that they have cut themselves off from the historical understanding of Christianity. Without any mooring you are free to drift from heresy to heresy. You’ll never even know you’re wrong because you have no fixed reference.

Even the video you posted gets it wrong. The purpose of the Church is to administer the sacraments. That’s it. In the Catholic Church we have confession which is a sacrament and in that there can be a bit of counseling, but that is it as far as help goes.

I understand the desire to bring more people to Jesus by lowering the price of admission. It doesn’t work. You just end up with very weak Christians.

If worship doesn’t cost you something, you’re in the wrong place.

If Russia is losing why does Ukraine need ai many weapons?

I was today years old when I found out...
Bunny rabbits are where chocolate chips come from.

That was hilarious!

I’d be happy with just the Bishops. I’m still holding a grudge against the Germans for Martin Luther though…

When Russia bombs Germany, I hope they take out all of the gay bishops.

I’ve seen movements like this before. Though with the world in the state it is in, nothing will surprise me.

Now they need to invade in winter. What’s old is new again.

Nah-nah Nah-nah Nah-nah nah FAT MAAAAAAN!

Lol, not the hero we need, but definitely the hero we deserve.

Comments call out BS on Putin story. If NATO wants Putin to lose, then I want him to win. I will gladly sacrifice Ukraine to avoid WW3.

What is a woman? No one knows => no one can be in charge. Without leaders there would be peace.

Except he gets booed from the audience at his rallies. He knows the vax isn’t popular with his base.

To me, the best line was, "God is totally in love with each and every one of you." I never really understood that until I became Catholic.

I just realized, I can't name one prime time TV show. I don't know what the latest trend is.
I was thinking back to the 90s when everything was a cop show. Now I have no clue.

I was just recollecting about some harsh memories.
Shortly after my wife and I got married, her parents euthanized her pets. Believe it or not, it is actually worse than that. She bounced between her grandmother's house and her mother's house. She had a cat at her mother's house and a dog at her grandmother's house. They were both euthanized the same week. That is so incredibly and shockingly sick I can't put it into words. Yes we went no contact. It took much longer than it should have. My wife's mother stated that we should have aborted our other 4 children and only had our 1st child, basically wishing our other 4 children dead. SO, she is in a nursing home now in FL. Everyone else she knew is dead. I have to pray for her and I do, I don't have to like her. Was it all worth it?


I am amazed that she could do this and not jump into total blasphemy.

Day 2
I'm going to make my 5 miles today! According to my fitbit anyway. I have a long way to go. Most likely I won't do daily updates. Whew, I have a long way to go. Good to know I can walk 5 miles at least. Now I need to get that to 20 miles in a day!

Because someone needs to see this.

Day 1
Training for the 3 hearts pilgramage in October has begun. Woo hoo! Broke out the Fitbit, I have sort of a plan. I have a long way to go, but I have time to get there!

Why do we want normal people?
There is an urge on alt tech sites to attract normies. I don't even know what they mean by normies, and neither do they (we). By normies I am assuming that we are talking about someone that never causes controversy and just consumes content in the most banal way. They never stir the pot and they never ever give mods any reason to ban them. They are also boring. They are not passionate about anything because passion requires/brings some level of excellence or dedication. Excellence and dedication by their very definition are not normal. Processing either or both of these traits means that you have set yourself apart from everyone around you, you are different. Different people are not boring. Different people are interesting. I could read posts from someone passionate about raising chickens all day long. If someone has anything to teach, I am willing to learn, even if the thing I learn is how NOT to do something. It is still valuable. Passionate people stir the pot, they can be messy. Passionate people will bring normal people who are looking for escape from their banal existence. Passionate people will also value free speech, again because they are messy and often say the wrong things. My thought is that we market to the weird and exceptional. They will generate the content that is worth going out of your way to see. Just my 2 cents worth.