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Imma save this. One of the red flags I tell my kids abt. Too much makeup especially around the eyes. Unless they are a performer at work performing, it always means crazy.

How do Dems rape kids on a near constant basis but smear everyone else with sexual assault allegations.

OMG! This is big. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am sure that there will be quisling priests out there that would commune her anyway. …

Socialism only works if the earth is flat.

I read that nearly 100% of people that jumped off of bridges (that survived) regretted the decision almost as soon as it was too late to do anything about it. The ones I read about made mid-course corrections to increase their chance of survival.

If I were king of the world, I would make a suicide simulator that would be convincing and real. Let people jump off of a bridge or push them off, anything so they can feel that ‘OH CRAP’ moment and know in their heart that this is the end.

Of course it would be safe, I think that it would be very effective as well.

Therapy can be valuable when you are ready for it. That means it is not always valuable.

The whole mental health system in America is a joke. It is a huge CYA to society. The entire system exists so that people can say they tried to help but they care nothing about efficacy.

Lets look at one issue. Medication. SSRIs are horrible. I will give you that, but they can provide some relief.

NOW, if you are truly struggling with depression holding onto stable employment can be near impossible. How do you arrange Doctor visits to get a prescription and afford medication all while struggling with depression?

You can’t, not long term. Staying on medication is difficult, and what about people that have fallen out of society, how do they get help to get back into society? They don’t. The programs that are there exist so that people can collect a paycheck, they count heads going in and out of the system as ‘people helped’ but never actually stop to see if their lives were improved at all.

I have no end of loathing for the mental health system in America.

LOL, They are already banning Parisians… Why not cars too?

What is going on in Shanghi?

Edit: Ahhhhh the lockdown. People are fighting back though.

For now. There is always the race war they are trying desperately to start. I am a little optimistic because MSM has burned through any shred of credibility with all of the radioactive acids it could find.

But there are still a LOT of bots out there that can easily be programmed no matter how they have been lied to. Sadly and fortunately they were also the ones to run out and get all vaxes and boosters. Time is on our side because as they die off, the left will certainly falter.

This leaves lots of room for optimism, but the people at the top (no not congress) are not dumb. They are planning something else to be sure. They didn’t work this long and hard to watch their plan fall apart.

LOL, If it had been the Russian’s the term would have been surrender.

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And this is why vocations are collapsing…


I am thinking of a new slogan.

Be Catholic Anyway. …


History teaches us such wonderful lessons. The old Spartan battle cry shouted out by Spartan women to their Son’s and husbands, “Come back with your shield or on it.” …

Amazons LOTR disaster

While watching this I realized I never even pirated the last Starwars movie. It wasn’t worth watching even for free. How do they create products with negative value?..

Watching this video, it occured to me that I haven’t looked at porn in 2 years…