I’m a grumpy Catholic.

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I consider myself Catholic. The governing bodies of the Church are in distress… as well as every major government institution.

As long as the populace is corruptable and the political leaders are corrupt - there is no form of government that won’t enslave it’s people. COVID lock downs prove this.

Should population have a true conversion to Catholicism, they will no longer be corruptible. With an incorruptible population, any Government is fine.

Yes, and more people defending and promoting the Rosary. I expected a bunch of modernist claptrap, but I was pleasantly surprised.

He certainly wasn’t my favorite, but he is really promoting the Rosary. He gained a bit of trust from me for that.

No matter what color you buy, it comes out brown.

The benefits of the Luminous Mysteries.

  1. They affirm the spiritual authority of the church. Christ gave the Church the authority to bind and loose things in Heaven and Earth.

  2. They affirm that the Church is alive and responsive to the times. There are many new devotions that have been added to the Church, the Divine Mercy Image for one. Divine Mercy Sunday is another recent addition to our Church. Christ walks with his Church and equips if for each new challenge. That is how the Rosary began in the first place.

  3. They are moments in Christ’s life that are worthy of devotion and meditation. The 5th Mystery is the institution of the Eucharist. In this age where only 25% of Catholics believe in Transubstantiation… Do you really want to argue that this mystery is superfluous?

The Church as Christ founded it is a hierarchical structure. It IS Christ’s body here on earth and if we are to belong to it, we must affirm all it teaches.

Is Satan in the Vatican? Yes. Is our current Pope undermining the faith? INMHO, yes.

There is real trouble coming. There is real Schism coming if it isn’t already here. If we deny what the Church is, if we refuse even part of the deposit of the faith then we have begun the process of separating ourselves from the Church. We have become protestants. Been there, done that. Not going back.

Christ gave the Church authority to administer HIS grace through the sacraments. The Church has the authority to save your soul. If the Church has the authority to save your soul, then they can add a set of mysteries to the Rosary.

I pray the Luminous Mysteries everyday. I thank God for his Church and that he has given us good popes in the past. I thank God that he walks with his bride and showers such lavish gifts upon her. I thank God that he forgives us when we go astray.

Honestly the worst thing that could happen from a drunken hook up when I was a kid… was having another kid or getting an STD.

Now it could be jail time of the most unpleasant sort depending on what you are charged with.

Women are so toxic that they aren’t even worth a drunken hook up anymore.

Apparently you can use the skin for tranny vaginas. Why not add bestiality and necrophelia to the list of perversions.

I have been busy
1) We had two major appliances that needed replaced / repaired. 2) We are training new people at work because we are suffering from the eternal labor shortage. I've had 3 days off over the last 2 months. Plus higher call volume + working in the office == less moderating / God Posting. All I have been able to do is the occasional snide remark. Bless you all, Scruffy

I like the sign, you are never too small to make a difference.

Pray the rosary.

Some people come to faith in God when they finally see Satan face to face. We’re getting closer.

Pray the Rosary. Whatever actions come about, whatever happens, that is the only answer.

I drink a lot of Mtn Dew and I realized something.
After it goes through you, it looks the same, but tastes very different.

Maybe this song will come back into vogue. Time will tell.

Or, how to go to hell in 1 easy step.

They've killed billions and they aren't done.
The Vax alone will kill a billion over the next 5 years. Energy, food, inflation will kill more in the short term. They have been and will continue to push for war and civil unrest to up the body count. They are mad and will not stop. In the world they want, you will beg and grovel to subsist. I see it happening and I still don't believe it. I had to pull my kids from school because I couldn't trust that they wouldn't vaccinate my kids without consent. We will know when they think they have succeeded. They will announce that for the first time the world population has decreased. They will celebrate it as a good thing and the mindless masses will go along and be happy. They will celebrate the deaths of faceless millions. Then they will die as well. There aren't enough prayers to pray to turn this back.

Waiting for Depends to make edible underwear
You know it's only a matter of time.

How's everyone doing.
I've been playing polybridge 2. Fun little game. It was under $9.00 on steam.

Apropos of nothing
I have been vegging out on KSP for a bit. I have played that game on and off for 10 years, I figure I might as well learn how to do interplanetary transfers. With the rapid pace that space x is perfecting starship, and at the rate the world is going to hell, being able to dock a spaceship just might come in handy.

After mass
My thought is, 'I sure hope Jesus likes Melon flavored Power Aid, 'cause that's what he's getting.'

To love God
I used to pontificate loudly on social media when I was a protestant about new thoughts I had on God. I didn't realize what I didn't know and that most of the questions I had had were answered 1000 years ago by people much smarter than I ever was. This idea however strikes me as profound and so much different than the understanding of Christianity that I had as a protestant. 'The highest virtue or endeavor that the human soul can ever aspire to is to love God.' ANYTHING else isn't even close. Compared to loving God, feeding the world is insignificant. Curing cancer (though a noble and good thing) is worthless. It is really based off of the simple fact that God is infinite, so any interaction with him takes on infinite value.

This was a good day.
Roe V Wade has been over turned. I am not looking forward to Satan's wrath.

Final thoughts on Charcoal
Soft wood is crappy charcoal, but it will cook your hotdogs. It doesn't hold up well and burns really quickly. The upside is that it turns to charcoal nearly instantly so your time investment is minimal. If you are scrounging for wood that is most of what you will find. This was a fun experiment and I regret that I ever bought charcoal. There is no need to ever buy charcoal.

The only limit is access to wood. I got some nice pieces out of this. I walked around the neighbor hood till i found a big enough stick. I found a few of them.