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Wrote an unreleased comic book series that is eerily coming to life for the past 5 years and counting. Just remember that 2024 we all will be thrown into a Global Civil War… Prepare!

Will run for Politics by 2029 as the Human Megatron for shits-n’-giggles. Will be shocked it that actually works.

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Just like recession, they want to redefine raid. Heck, they redefined cult after Bohemian Grove! SHIT PISSES ME OFF!!!

Anything goes - but, it is being said in the shadows that they’ll kill both Trump and Biden to start a civil war.

Well, tbh, at least he woke up people - take victories when you can - and mourn when you could not save so many.

They are serious about starting a civil war.

China is the tool of Davos. We have to hold Davos at bay to prevent China from takeover. Heck, China knows it is on the cutting board of the WEF - yet, they like the perks of being funded by the power-brokers. The population collapse of China is a hope that should be relied on last… And it is a shame what is happening to Japan. Abe Shinzo died too soon and now fixing the population crisis will be difficult.

At least we could score some Japanese Woman I guess? LOL

Mainland is definitely guarded - but, not West Coast. Chinese are aware of that and thus chose the way of invading the mainland is to starve the population out. It can be mitigated with secessions as liberal weakness and policies will not seep to the state borders.

And the States are coming out saying they cannot defend their carriers against China’s missile systems and their tech. There were also leaks of a discussion for plan of attack with the Chinese generals. Also, every computer with wireless network capabilities on this planet has a embedded killswitch. If it can be used against us - which it will - we are really boned. Still, China’s invasion will be slow as it was admitted by them and Canada is an easy stage to front their assault from.

I need to say this ain’t me being a fear-monger, this is just what I see, read, and hear from all sides and fronts.

In conclusion, we fucked regardless no matter the outcome. There are so many ways this can happen.

Fair and to add to the Canada point, Turdeau does joint military operations with them.

However, going back to the USA, you forget that China has bought farmlands near bomber bases in the States. That and America is a place abundant in natural gas and oil. China is waging a psy-op war first before engaging the USA so that the invasion can go over easier - and the west coast is Liberal as fuck so it is the most vulnerable.

It basically one big clusterfuck!

Well, I need to get my shit started up fastly!

In other news, the Alex Jones trial is shining in his favor.
I've been looking into the trials and despite the mainstream and normies painting it as something it is not, the family suing and the Jury are siding with Alex more and more. If the goal was to villainize him, it failed. Alex has some reserved feeling of optimism as he sounds more cynical on his own view of the situation. Will InfoWars live forever? I hope that is the case cause my prophecy is close to being dinged to 80% accuracy with the fall of InfoWars - and let me tell ya, it ain't going to be pretty if it follows through. Pray for Alex Jones. Support him by buying products and donate when you can at InfoWarsStore. Buy his book, The Great Reset, on Amazon so you can make sure he stays in the top charts - or, buy an autographed edition from the InfoWarsStore. Alex has fought for us all - regardless of race, color, creed, religion, age, views, and etc. We owe it to support him anyway we can. I owe him a lot because he made us conspiracy analysts now the forefront of uncovering truth as it should have always been. Heck, my own folks now cannot call me crazy because Alex Jones is always being proven right. Still, the fact the trial happened is a literal illegal act - you cannot bar constitutional rights in any trial nor can you default someone guilty without providing clear, concise, and UNALTERED evidence. It makes my blood boil that we are powerless to point this out as a whole. Alongside that, YT comments are really fucking cancer. Sometimes, I wish I could block it all. Seriously, when you have been fighting these yahoos for sometime, their barrage of hate starts to mess your brain up alongside the permanent brain damage caused by pornography consumption.

Alex Jones' defense is strong - but, the fuckin' thing is rigged against him still. Funnily enough, the family that "started" the lawsuit started to reach out to him. Heck, I think the jury are going to look into what he says cause now they want to understand who the guy is. If anything, this trial is basically a Alex Jones promotion. He even promoted his products on the trial, LOL! Just remember to not read the comment section - it is powerful enough to fuel Chaos Gods for days and destroy and demoralize you.

The American government does not recognize Taiwan as an independent Country - so China is not going to follow through the American attack as of the moment. Fuckin' Hell, we are on razors edge here. Pelosi's presence in the Asian Pacific is already a problem.

Speaking of China....
War in November incoming....

On my trial if it ever comes, this will be my speech and defense. I already made a reply with the exact same contents - but, I feel it best be also a separate post. "I was never going hurt you from the beginning, so why won't you leave me alone!? If there is any madness today, it is the fact you can't understand the basic moral law of 'Treat others the way you wish to be treated yourself'... Why are you trying to fuck my Life over when I have done absolutely nothing to you!? If you can't get that fact through your head, Imma go to war to defend my right to exist! World's unfair? Yeah. But, that don't give you the excuse to burn it all down because you were the only one wronged by it. I was wronged by it and heck, I built myself to become strong and tough to fight the World - but never acted on it. Why? Because I would not want to wish upon others the suffering I had. Now, you burn down cities and try to take away my rights to defend my property, support local businesses, and protect those that I care for? Y'all do this shit because you think you are owed by people who have never even pulled the trigger on you!? People like me who were once you!? It is a fuckin' god-damn wonder no regular and sane person actually snapped just as of yet. Then again, they are all kept docile by degenerate activities that rob them of individuality... So, what was I going to expect? There is also the corporate and government funded media that have effectively removed all easily accessible sources of information on how they're manipulating you fucks to hurt people who just want to be left alone. Then again, you guys are so caught up in the celebrity fad and the current trends that they keep feeding you that you miss this. And, after all that, you have the audacity to call me a Fascist? Fascists don't advocate for individual liberties to defend and protect nor do they advocate for prosperity of individuals either. Fascists want Government to be ruled by Corporations who dictate through state-media daily that you have no rights and you will conform with their bullshit designed to castrate, kill, starve, and treat you as nothing more than a number in some cursed experiment because you yourself believe they have your best interests at heart. Failing to comply will result in having the government/corporate-fucks rape you physically and mentally for simply questioning its legitimacy and wanting to not participate in something that you know is deadly for you. What's worse is that they will convince you that you want to - but, you, in your last moments, after having been fooled, will realize that you didn't. Now, apply what I said to how you all are acting, you fuckin' Liberals. Am I, or anyone who thinks like me, want to control what you think, feel, and eat? Am I wanting corporations to dictate how you should live and die? If the answers are no, then look at yourselves and look at who you idolize to validate your existence. Look, I ain't religious, but, what you 'Atheists' and anti-Christians are doing is basically the religion of Corporatism. Can you not see that? Are you so blinded by the narrative that you cannot even trust your own eyes to what you've all become? If the answer to it is no, then I must go to War and do the unspeakable because you clearly learned nothing about yourselves. Besides, what makes you think I will spare you in the afterlife. There is no Heaven and there is No Hell - there is only me and the suffering you brought onto me."

Well, we are now in friggin Umbrella Corporation Voodoo
And I took this knowing this would happen because commie Canada and because I am surrounded by brainwashed idiots. Now, my mind is starting to be manipulated thanks to Leftist Psyop-ing, Nanotech, 5G, and these buildups.... AS IF THINGS COULD NOT GET ANY WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no choice but to stay behind to fight the good fight. It is not my time yet...

Seriously, the moment I tune out on my day off, the World just exponentially got worse. Even a drink cannot numb the pain I feel on a typical basis... Yeah, need to make myself an Iron Helmet and become a Drunk Monkey. If I could be granted three wishes, I would want the Globalists [redacted for legal reasons], I want the Pedophiles [redacted for legal reasons], and I want a day off!

They're counting the votes in the Provincial Elections using Dominion....
Just voted and... well... we fucked. Dominion is already a big red flag. Doug Ford (PC) is set to win and not Derek Sloan (OP). I am unbelievably pissed off. Still, if The Ontario Party wins a good majority of votes in the South and North, we may have good balance to at least have seats in the Parliament! I have no hope that central Ontario will vote Ontario Party.

Though this will mostly be a rant/food-for-thought post thanks to Justin Castro's recent actions, I really need to get this out. I shudder to think that us Canadians who are aware of our country becoming a colony of China will be killed or snuffed first. A majority of Canadians of the brainwashed kind want us dead and not even knowingly. They laugh at the news unfolding while thinking we, the awakened, are making this shit up. It usually doesn't infuriate me if they mock us - but, the fact that my own IRL friends are mocking us is. With the Gun ban, it ain't stopping me from building [redacted] and it ain't stopping me from buying Gold and Silver. I am not obligated to save anyone nor should I put that burden on myself. If they ain't taking it seriously now, they will in 2 years time when it is too late. However, as the saying goes, better late than never! To my brothers and sisters in the South, my strength will be yours in due time. For now, it is shitposting and lurking here while I still can!