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Wrote an unreleased comic book series that is eerily coming to life for the past 6 years and counting. Just remember that 2024 we all will be thrown into a Global Civil War… Prepare!

Will run for Politics by 2029 as a dude in Megatron-esque armor.


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In time, my brother - I still have to deal with some loose ends here.

You killed me with Transexual Platypus, LMAO!

Well, isn’t it a fact? Any government institution is to be trusted as far as you can shoot them.

DeSantis’ office was also trying to push laws to keep him as govenor as he ran for president… that already gives red flags too.

I like the guy - but, I can’t trust him.

Wut… Okay, the guy who posted it is salty at Ye…

Who’s the pedo? Wut…

Not necessarily use against - but, DeSantis is a strange figure. I like him, but, I don’t trust him either.

And that is the point.

Come to peace and seek wisdom with ourselves cause we are complex ourselves.

God is complex and so are we.

At least, that how I view it.

Canada is already fucked - everybody is docile here

It is very possible when you consider he is seen as a paradox of being in control of his own emotions.

God is good - but, God is not perfect. He just is the best definition of it.

There were some names I can’t recall who were connected to Blackrock and the Yale Society, iirc. I have to get that info just to make sure I was not hallucinating.

Biden is on the chopping block - course they are allowing Elon to do this.

DeSantis is being hyped up by the MSM for a reason - and it ain’t for sunshine and rainbows.

God gave free will… God perfect will is to allow people to become wise and become moral through suffering.

The definition of perfection is imperfect.

God is not perfect - but, he is the wisest of us all. We all are reflections of his existence and that says a lot now about us as living constructs.

There is no plan but for him to learn and understand us so he can understand himself.

Existence itself is a teaching experience we take for granted or spite.

I think Food, Booze, Ammo, and Gold are solid assets no matter what. All of them are something people will always need no matter the time we live in.

I am close to starting the path, my brothers and sisters. There is only one path - into the fray of the insanity that'll come for us all. Gotta keep marching forwards cause there is no other way. I have the tools - now I need to get the materials.


The entire COVID plan - should have shared this when I first landed here, tbh
Read for yourself and decide. Note that John Hopkins Institute is ran by eugenics like Bill Gates - explains more than enough.

For Canadian Frens
Prepare Today and Survive Tomorrow

Prepare Today and Survive Tomorrow

It is very relevant and something that speaks truly to our souls.


In other news, the Alex Jones trial is shining in his favor.
I've been looking into the trials and despite the mainstream and normies painting it as something it is not, the family suing and the Jury are siding with Alex more and more. If the goal was to villainize him, it failed. Alex has some reserved feeling of optimism as he sounds more cynical on his own view of the situation. Will InfoWars live forever? I hope that is the case cause my prophecy is close to being dinged to 80% accuracy with the fall of InfoWars - and let me tell ya, it ain't going to be pretty if it follows through. Pray for Alex Jones. Support him by buying products and donate when you can at InfoWarsStore. Buy his book, The Great Reset, on Amazon so you can make sure he stays in the top charts - or, buy an autographed edition from the InfoWarsStore. Alex has fought for us all - regardless of race, color, creed, religion, age, views, and etc. We owe it to support him anyway we can. I owe him a lot because he made us conspiracy analysts now the forefront of uncovering truth as it should have always been. Heck, my own folks now cannot call me crazy because Alex Jones is always being proven right. Still, the fact the trial happened is a literal illegal act - you cannot bar constitutional rights in any trial nor can you default someone guilty without providing clear, concise, and UNALTERED evidence. It makes my blood boil that we are powerless to point this out as a whole. Alongside that, YT comments are really fucking cancer. Sometimes, I wish I could block it all. Seriously, when you have been fighting these yahoos for sometime, their barrage of hate starts to mess your brain up alongside the permanent brain damage caused by pornography consumption.

Alex Jones' defense is strong - but, the fuckin' thing is rigged against him still. Funnily enough, the family that "started" the lawsuit started to reach out to him. Heck, I think the jury are going to look into what he says cause now they want to understand who the guy is. If anything, this trial is basically a Alex Jones promotion. He even promoted his products on the trial, LOL! Just remember to not read the comment section - it is powerful enough to fuel Chaos Gods for days and destroy and demoralize you.

The American government does not recognize Taiwan as an independent Country - so China is not going to follow through the American attack as of the moment. Fuckin' Hell, we are on razors edge here. Pelosi's presence in the Asian Pacific is already a problem.

Speaking of China....
War in November incoming....