You can use paint to cover my pen, but the shithouse poet strikes again!

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It takes a while for them to reveal that the perp is black

I hope that last one was a brilliant troll

The joke about Macron, Schultz and Trump in hell was awesome! It runs from 2:30 to 5:00 There’s an amazing joke at the end too, at 27:37

Yup, they are like that here. Kind of a burdensome people, if you ask me. I was talking to this Vietnam War veteran last year who lives in Minneapolis and he told me that they’re always loud and strutting about like they own the place. That’s what Minnesotans get for being welcoming, I guess. It really sucks but so often “no good deed goes unpunished.”

I am worse for having watched that, but my hat is off to the creator!

The bald guy with glasses is the perfect stereotype for this kind of attitude

“We have tools” Saying the quiet part out loud I guess

Oof, that sucks. I hope that person gets their problems all figured out.

Good. Hope you’ve found a patch of land somewhere with a gravel road

I bet when you speak, your voice is worth a thousand pictures.

Yeah I was just gonna say I don’t like the guy

Besides the hypocrisy of a large polluter like china saying this, and besides global warming being exaggerated hundreds of times, I find this funny because Europe is already struggling with energy and if they were to take any action it’d make them an easier target for China’s buddy named Russia. Anything I missed?

So you’ve got me curious, ha. Make America Great Again is a sentiment that resonates with me a lot, but Donald Trump doesn’t pluck my heart strings in the same way. What’s your take?

I stay away from politics, and evaluate problems as they come listening to both rationality and intuition. It’s all too tribal and senseless to me. Each faction crusades blindly against others trying to gain some temporary satisfaction, never looking to see which intrinsic morals we all share. If we look to the bare sense of right and wrong each of us has been gifted by the creator, we might gradually get something done. You can tell I’ve been reading Immanuel Kant’s work recently, haha.

Good sit-ups tip. All I hear my father bitching about is back pain, don’t want that to be me.

I don’t use any weed, alcohol or nicotine. Seems like a waste of money only to be detrimental to your health later on.

I'm trying to solve a coding/math problem
So I'm taking measurements and running some numbers to find the total amount of wooden trim board our family needs. I've gone around and collected the lengths and quantities of every single piece we'll need to finish all the windows. Now that I have the data in a spreadsheet, the problem is finding out how a bunch of irregular lengths fit most efficiently into 8' 10' 12' 14' and 16' boards from the lumber yard. It would be easy to use a modulus % function in python if the lengths were regular, but that's about as far as I've gone with computer science. It reminds me of something featured in a project Euler. I'm wondering if anyone's got a handy calculator or method that can plug in a range of values and find out how they arrange most closely into a set of predetermined lengths. I know we've got some computer wizards on deck, so I figured I'd ask before I try to figure this out manually. Excel sheet attached.

The price of these goods is only going up, so a little investment now will turn around nicely. I encourage each one of you to go out and get some goods while the getting's good!

A theory about why Cannibalism is being pushed
I recently saw a comment on a YouTube video which basically mentioned that discussions of cannibalism usually come up in history during times of famine. Well, with all we've seen going on in the world, a famine is pretty likely coming down the pipe. Processing plants burning, farmers prevented from using fertilizer, Ukraine+Russia reporting low grain production, costs of fuel rising, supply logistics in a knot... It's a perfect storm and it's going to hit land soon. Food is going to be pretty darn scarce here in the coming year, that's for sure. The impending food shortage is one thing, but it becomes grave when considered in conjunction with the media' effort to portray cannibalism as a palatable practice. Are those two things related? Do the elites think that this food shortage is going to get _that_ bad? I'm going to go buy more food tomorrow. Better to be proactive than reactive, as one of my favorite homesteaders says.

Where does the day go?
Fun game that takes 5 minutes

I saw this video from a homesteading channel that I've learned a lot from. It behooves you to know about this, since rail is one of the major fibers of the supply chain. This could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I am going into town to buy fuel today as a hedge against prices.

I had a pleasant experience this evening
I spent most of my day today glumping around, playing some video games, eating a little and watching a lot of YouTube garbage. I finally went out for my run around 21:30 in the dark. Where I ran, there's this paved road that heads out of town up this massive hill, it's about 2 miles long. But as I went up this evening, there were so many fireflies blinking in the meadows on either side of the road. Some nice houses had a warm light coming from the inside, and the sky had some stars. I was working pretty hard to climb this hill, listening to some soft house music in my earbuds so I couldn't hear my breathing. As you get to the top of the hill, it evens out and you get these rows of tall, old trees lining the road on each side, casting faint shadows. There are fields that slope down into the valley, perfectly silent and seemingly endless in the darkness. Dark shapes on the side of the road hasten your step, but it's just a culvert or a stump. At this point the grade became easier, and I started to pick up the pace with ease, my footsteps in time with the music. All this combined to form a blissful ambiance, and I was right in the middle of it jacked up on endorphins. It took me to a really nice state of mind, one that I had been chasing and delaying the whole day. You only get so many days in a life, and though I pretty much pissed this one away, it was partially redeemed by this beautiful and humbling experience.

When I started using this site about a month ago, one feature I liked about the inbox was the colorful button that shows you the comments surrounding the one you had replied to. Within the past two weeks however, it's stopped working and shows me an error 404 instead. Is anyone else having this problem? I don't have the technical know-how to diagnose and fix it.

The watch, keys, light and pocket knife are always on my person, while the phone and the wallet stay in the car unless I need 'em. - The watch is a Garmin Fenix 6 pro - The pocket knife is a Gerber Zilch (It very well may be the best 20 bucks I've ever spent) - The flashlight is a Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA I'm going to start wearing proper shirts and carry a pistol in the coming weeks. Any recommendations for handgun? My buddy says "Glock, Glock, Glock!"

Here is a good source for intelligence news run by a small independent agency. They do all kinds of videos presenting preparedness/intelligence concepts in a coherent manner for the concerned citizen. I get a lot out of these briefs so I thought I would share

A friend of mine hit a deer in January at the end of our road. My brother got the call and drove down to dispatch it, then I got the job of skinning and dressing it. Using the knife to peel sinew and cut skin and muscle is a funny feeling. You grit your teeth and hold on tight, but it makes you feel totally badass. It's fuckin' amazing how our ancestors killed and skinned animals to survive on the tundra, woods, deserts, and plains before the age of agriculture. Skinning a deer really puts in perspective how easy life is these days. ![](

Humans are designed to run. We walk upright, we sweat to cool down, we have slow-twitch muscles to push and pull us for miles on foot. The best thing a homo sapiens can do to cultivate the mind and body is to go for some kind of run every day. It doesn't have to be long, it doesn't have to be fast. The point is to overcome the mental obstacles and do it. It's hard to bear the thought of putting yourself through discomfort with no perceptible reward. Already, it's easier to coast 5 more minutes on the computer than it is to get up for anything, let alone a run. It's going to be rainy, your shoes are gonna pinch, you wish you hadn't eaten that thing. If you wait too long it'll even be dark. But when you get back you'll feel accomplished and valid, because you are. As I sit here this afternoon lamenting my existence after playing Assassin's Creed all night, it occurred to me that I hadn't gone for my run yet. I encourage you to do one too--seldom easy, always worth it.