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Yeah, but the older ones had the presence of mind to try to keep it to themselves and attempt to conform. And before the TG and NB BS, folks were more likely to see TSs as ugly women and go on about their business. And the TG movement destroyed that innocence. TSs wanted everyone to see them as having no connection to the gay shit.

They aren’t really even tranny, but queer/non-binary. So he is even more confused.

Good one. That sounds like the Left for sure. The dog barks at antiwhite racism and she has him euthanized.

I can’t help but parody Bohemian Rhapsody.

"Mama, I killed a man,

put my dick up in his bum,

gave him AIDS

and now he’s dead."

Is he named Joe or Biden?

Someone told me what turned them off to guacamole. Apparently, they were invited to be around gays who used it in unconventional ways with each other.

This bothers me. Damn! I’m tired of the pussification of society.

Why not? That’s a good way to octopi their time…

Not bad odds for 6 illegals. 1 killed, 1 fled back home, and 4 arrested.

“You’ll never see me cry. Here I stand, in the light of day, let the bans come on; Twitter never bothered me anyway.”

(Let It Go, parody line)

When are the babies due?

That isn’t a muscular thing, but a vascular thing. Those new vessels are called collaterals. Some people grow them better than others. However, atherosclerosis can prevent it from happening. I mean, if the chemical signals have to get to the walls, and the walls can’t get it if they are gunked up.

Well, you don’t have to have an abortion to get the placenta. Still, the health risks of the products that use that are scary.


Do we have bugs?
I can't find a lot of things on here anymore. I can't find the post button to the right in communities. I have to use the one at the top and select the current community. In my profile, the places I moderate or belong to are no longer there. The Posts filter in my profile does nothing now. Plus, if I click on Modlog in a community, it just hangs.

Is Tic Tac Toe antisemitic?
Think about it. The x's are a type of cross. When Jews immigrated to the US, illiterate ones signed their name with a circle. They refused to use an X. Thus X's are Christians and O's are Jews. There is no way to play it without being antisemitic. If the O's win, then of course they do, everyone knows that the O's are in power and control everything. And if X's win, then it must be because they are against the O's and hate them. I'm surprised that nobody has raised this as an issue.

Your fake gender...
Your fake gender won't protect your real balls if police hit you with rubber bullets during a protest.

Speaking of old pinball machines
As soon as I send the payment on the bid I just won, I can say that I own such a machine. It certainly will need some work since the listing said it was non-operational and there is significant damage to the playfield near the lower-left corner and some rust on the "apron" where the instructions or any legal information would be attached. If you've played any of those, you'd find the instructions on the left and legal and other information on the right, usually the words, "For amusement only." That was there due to gambling laws. But yeah, some did attempt to gamble using pinball machines, mostly kids. From what I saw in some photos the back box is rather sparse. It is a 1-player wedge-head design. The underside of the playfield appears to be all there. There may be issues on the mech board (bottom of the cabinet). The playfield will need mostly cosmetic work. It is an EM-type machine. They're not as exciting to repair as solid-state, and often, that is just a matter of cleaning and adjusting. Hopefully, they will ship its key to get inside it, and I don't know if they have the schematics. I know I can order those just in case. Pinball Resource should have those. Since it is a Gottlieb rather than Stern/Williams, I might just luck out and find some PDFs of the schematics. It appears that someone had unplugged the Jones plugs going into the backbox. So I'd need schematics or at least some photos of a working machine to know how to plug those in. I feel some slight trepidation since if this came from a shop, what do they know that I don't? I mean, why didn't they fix it? But, I am not too worried. I will try to find a way to get it working. And if I have to, I will give Ron who does the videos about repairing them a call. I'm sure he could talk me through some things. Now, I hope it is not a worst-case situation. To me, that would be the control motor, and particularly what is attached to it. That is the heart of an EM pinball machine, and if the plastic shaft that drives the cams gets cracked, it won't work. You might be able to rebuild or replace the motor, but if the shaft that attaches or the cams are busted, you are in trouble. If the cams are a problem, it doesn't mean the machine cannot be fixed. Maybe someone has one, though the chances are slim. Or, if worse comes to worst, that means it is time to build a PCB. I mean, does the rest of the machine care about how it is done? All that matters is the correct voltages at the correct places and times. So a microcontroller or some programmable logic and some transistors/triacs could do this. Or hell, use coil relays. I guess if using a microcontroller, you could have a huge loop that runs all the time and have frequent spinlocks. So whenever the "motor" is stopped, everything holds its values, and things are stuck in a pause loop. Once the spinlock clears, everything runs in sequence. But I hope it is not that. It could be some hacked wiring or previous repair attempts. Since the backbox is so simple, I'd bet on it being the mech board, though it could be in the underside of the playfield.

The "dayvorce"
A country farmer sees an attorney. "I want a dayvorce. " "What are your grounds? " "Oh, about 50 acres. " "I mean, is she running around on you? " "No, I run around on her. She stays mostly in the kitchen and I run around the farm, working. " "Does she beat you up? " "No. I get up at 4:30 and she gets up at 5:00. " "Does she cheat on you? " "No, we rarely play board games or cards, but when we do, it is always fair and square. " "Is she a nagger? " "No, she's white, but her last baby was a nagger. "

Does anyone know of a Discord alternative?
Does anyone know of a Discord alternative with a look and feel similar to Discord, but without the cancel culture? I won't get into it, but I was falsely accused of "hate speech." I don't even know what that is anymore? I mean, they keep changing the damn rules, the interpretation of the rules, or even what the English language means. It is a bar that can never be reached. Worse, I started a homebrew computing forum that was among my most successful ones, and now, I am not there to run it. TBH, I'm sick of this bullshit. I'm sick of "cancel culture," and I'm sick of Silicon Valley monopolizing all the large sites. I just wish the 9/11/2001 terrorists would have hit San Fagsicko (and maybe Los Demonas and Hollyweird too) instead of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Servicing pinball and arcade machines
I've watched videos of Ronnie Lyons in South Carolina fixing old pinball and arcade games. The latest video has a pinball machine that is 65 years old. It was from the time period that they were still using wooden side rails, and a cigarette holder came as standard equipment. There are some repair techniques that are common to all of these machines. Cleaning all electrical contacts and plugs applies to all of them. Often, that fixes the majority of the issues right there. From there, one would want to check all the voltages and see that the correct size fuses are used. If they are too small, they will likely just blow, and if they are too large, that can lead to catastrophic failure in the event of a problem. If there are large capacitors, and they are original, you most likely want to change those. Sometimes, you want to go even larger with high-value power filtering capacitors, such as when the cabinet and playfield lights flicker when you do something on the playfield. With solid-state pinball machines and arcade games, you may need to rebuild the power boards. It is best with most of these machines to work your way in from the power cord. Rebuilding the power boards isn't too hard. Just test all the semiconductors and change what is broken, change the capacitors on the board, reflow the sockets, and replace the connectors if necessary. Sometimes you run into parts availability problems. For a number of the power boards, there is room for larger rectifiers on the other side. If you can't find the 3-5 amp rectifiers, you may have to use 30 amp replacements, so you'd have to mount those on the other side of the board, and you likely won't need to add any heat sinks. In some cases, you will have regulators putting out too much power. In some cases, that is a design flaw or from using a different part than what was called for. Sometimes, you can jumper over the nearby resistor to reduce the voltage. There is also a pot to adjust the high voltage output line. While that should be around 190 volts for the plasma displays, you may want to use a little less to help save the displays (they don't make them anymore). On the power feeding the MPU board, you don't want that to be much over 5 volts. If it is 5.2 volts, that is one thing, since there is voltage loss in the wiring, but it can be a problem if it is putting out 5.6 volts or more. If that is too high, it can damage the MPU board or other boards such as the sound board. There are 2 categories of pinball machines, electromagnetic and sold-state. The EM machines use motors and relays for everything. Most of the problems on those are related to bad connections or misadjusted switches/relays, though you will find broken parts on occasion. You don't want to adjust every switch, just the ones that are obviously messed up and those tested as not working. There are parts that routinely wear out such as the plunger tip, the rubber rings, the flipper shoes, etc. There is a scoring motor on the EM machines. On rare occasions, the cam will break where it attaches to the motor. That will be a problem since you can't get the cam anymore. If you run into that, you will need to hack a solution. There are stepping units that should be disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated. The same goes with the score reels. You may run into PCB trouble on solid-state machines. If you have major issues, you should check the playfield for problems before reinstalling and attempting to use any boards that you repair. For instance, if a solenoid and a switch are touching or miswired, that can send solenoid voltage up digital lines and possibly damage the MCU board. That is why most who repair the boards don't like to do so without having the entire machine. (Similar goes for automatic transmission repair. They want your vehicle so they can clean any debris from the transmission cooler under the radiator so it won't damage the new or rebuilt transmission.) You have to be aware that some problems manifest in multiple places. For instance, solenoids and transistors often fail together. Either the transistor shorted first and caused the coil to lock on and short from overheating, or a shorted coil damaged the transistor driving it. Sometimes, that is caused by a misadjusted switch. There are 2 coils inside the flipper solenoids. A normally closed switch shorts the finer coil to give more power so the flipper will move rapidly. Once the flipper is fully extended, the switch is supposed to open and reduce the power used as the flipper is held in place. If a flipper is weak, it could be that the end-of-stroke switch is misadjusted or dirty, or in some cases, particularly with the EM machines, the switches behind the flipper buttons are dirty/worn. It is a good idea to change all the bulbs at once. You really don't want to tear back into the machine anytime soon when the others blow. If they use #44 bulbs, you may do better to replace them all with #47 bulbs. They are slightly dimmer, operate cooler, and use less power. That helps reduce melting parts on the playfield, and with solid-state machines, that can help the driver transistors last longer. If there are still bulbs that don't work, the next place to check would be the sockets themselves. You can often wiggle the bulb or rotate the socket where it is riveted if that is the case. If you still have bulbs that are out, then check the switches that are driving them (on an EM machine), or check the light driver board on a solid-state machine. The first thing to do if you suspect the light board is to inspect the plugs. Replace the connectors if you need to. Then make sure the connectors have good solder connections. So reheat all the solder joints to the connectors. Then test all the transistors, particularly the ones that schematics suggest are involved, replacing them as needed. Now, if a whole group of lights is involved, you sometimes need to change the chips feeding the transistors. On plasma displays. If they are not working or have weird issues, there are several things to try. Inspect the "glass" part. If there is a hole, signs of a leak, or burned digits, there is no way to fix the display. Just keep the board for parts. If there are no obvious problems, then check the components. Check the transistors and the values of the resistors. Once you change those driving the digits involved, it may be the IC if it still doesn't work. Of course, if none of the displays work, it could be a problem on the MPU board, or rarely, all the displays are indeed bad. If you cannot fix the displays, there are LED retrofit kits. Depending on the machine and the upgrade kit, you may be able to change just the affected displays or maybe not. If you must change them all, you can remove the fuse to the 190v power rail, since you won't need it. If you upgrade the displays to LED ones, certainly keep the plasma displays, particularly the working ones, since you may need them for another machine. On arcade monitors, if they don't come up, you should rebuild the deflection and high voltage boards. Clean and reflow the connectors as with everything else. Change all the capacitors if they don't appear to have been changed. Check the fuses and semiconductors, replace what's needed, and install the correct fuse values. For some machines, if you change the capacitors, then you should also change the flyback transformer if the original is still installed. They may have cracks or other issues, and restoring the original voltages may damage them. So on the machines known to have this issue, replace the flyback when you rebuild it. If you find that your display changes size after the monitor warms up, that is likely the high voltage rectifier. If you have unusual color shifts, that could be short in the CRT. In that case, change the CRT if you can find one. There are also some hacks that some try such as building a power supply just for the filament to mitigate the short. But then, things are not original. For the MPU board (in either arcade or pinball machines), besides cleaning and reflowing the connectors, you should lift all the socketed chips out, clean them, then reseat them. If the machine's self-test shows that the RAM is bad, that is not necessarily the problem. It could be, or it could be the nearby buffer chip. A logic probe is mostly what you'd need for troubleshooting. Another place to check is the CPU watchdog circuit. Sometimes a nearby buffer may be bad, and occasionally, a sound chip if one is located near the CPU. With sound boards, you should do the usual work such as cleaning and reflowing connectors and cleaning and resocketing any socketed chips. If you're missing certain sounds, you may want to try swapping any POKEY chips. Sometimes a logic gate or an opamp may be bad. Just follow the schematics to where the missing sounds are produced.

We need to bump this community up some
I might want to focus more over here. I've been helping out at Reddit in the homebrew computing sub there. TBH, I might want to focus on the other type of "homebrewing." I have a number of bags of brown sugar and some packs of yeast. I guess all I need now are some sterile containers. And to be honest, I should get a hardier yeast so I can get higher percentages. The more sugar you use, the hardier the yeast you need, or it will just turn out sweet. So you have to match the strength of your wort to the varieties of yeast you intend to use.

I still haven't found any relief from intrusive ruminations
I am about to the point where when God fails and doesn't love me enough to prevent them, I'm going to start calling these shortcomings of God out in public. There are shitty people behind bars who don't suffer this issue. In fact, many have no sense of conscience at all. They may be going to Hell, but at least they are going in bliss. I wonder if this is the "unknown problem" that Paul had. He took the thing to prayer 3 times and finally concluded that God wouldn't heal him and accepted that. I'm sorry, but I'm not that kind of pussy. He did many things for God, kept all the laws and traditions from his youth, and yet evil people didn't have that problem. And then I struggle with the concept of Jesus. So you are the highest God and decide to go off on a power trip and come up with a bunch of rules nobody can follow to have an excuse to set up your own flesh and blood to get murdered? And where I struggled is that God "loved" me enough to sacrifice his Son for me, but doesn't love me enough to stop the intrusive memories which I'm sure is easy for God. I can't say easier than the other, since if you are the sum total of everything, then relative terms cannot apply. I see EACH and EVERY intrusive memory as an act of hatred on God's part and tantamount to rape because I don't consent. My love for God is conditional, and while that is probably a character flaw, I'd be content to have it forever. I don't know how to get God to do a miracle here. I don't know how to twist God's arm, and some have succeeded in that. I am not saying that went well for them, but I can live with the consequences. Moses tried to force God's hand when the people were murmuring, and he lost some blessings over that. Some of the other fathers (and mothers) of faith did things to try to force God's hand. Like the prophecy that Esau would serve Jacob, and despite what his mom did to try to even the score, she ultimately played into God's will in that matter. So I don't care if some God murdered their son for me to get me into Heaven if I refuse to live with a God who doesn't love me enough to heal this problem permanently. Scumbags in prison don't have that issue. I'd almost want to trade places with them.

How to determine your mental illness
Just ask where your friends are: * Addicted: Your friends are passed out beside you. * Depressed: No friends. * Psychopath: Your friends are under your floor or cut up in your bathtub. * Schizo: Your friends are inside your walls.

A woman sees her doctor
A woman sees a doctor. He starts grabbing her boobs. He asks, "Do you know what I'm doing?" "Checking for lumps?" "Yes." Then he grabs her thighs. "Know what I'm doing?" "Looking for blood clots?" "Yes." Then he starts having sex with her. "Do you know what I'm doing?" "Yeah, you're getting the STD I came to see you about."

Let's move the God question up a notch
I am willing to permanently worship the first god to remove unwanted memories from me, replace ALL the FIRST opportunities to do things my way, myself, without help, in matters that don't inherently impact others, and replace my memories with the knowledge of getting to do EVERYTHING myself without help. And yes, I could care less about eternal life, my soul, or any of that crap. So let consequences be damned. As soon as I find a God who will remove ALL unwanted memories of unwanted help and who loves me enough to wind the clock back to give me the stolen opportunities back or at least manipulate my memories and conscience to where I remember ONLY doing EVERYTHING that I benefit from myself. I will worship THAT GOD and THAT GOD ONLY and permanently turn my back on ALL others. And having a life where I constantly get to struggle, earn everything good that happens to me and have no "privilege" unless I earned it (and without ANY benefit coming from my race, my family ties, my friend circle, or any sort of influence or previously existing wealth on my part).

If God doesn't kill me tonight, is there a God?
I've prayed for years for God to repair the brain injury that God raped my soul of by allowing it. I've prayed for years that God would stop worshiping the idols of everyone else's free will by letting others abuse me with their unwanted, forced help. Those rape-deserving, cop bullet deserving, sacks of shit arrogantly pretend that I am stupid crap who needs help as they do. I've prayed for God to remove the intrusive memories. However, God has NEVER loved me that much, and I could never love a God that has any filthy plan of me keeping them. However, God did "love" me so much as to make up a bunch of impossible rules out of some sick need and immoral desire to control everyone and to have some excuse to murder His son. --- So if I make it through the night, that will discredit the notion of there being a god. I just can't accept the concept of a God who enjoys the evil in the world enough to not intervene while sucking off the penis of "free will." "Rape another child for me, Epstein!" Unlike Paul, I will put God to the test. If I make it past the night, then I will consider that God is fake and made up and that Christianity was just garbage made up by Emperor Constantine. If God lets me live past tonight, then we must consider that it is just a weak little [gay slur] who is not to be feared, respected, or obeyed. And pray that this will happen. It is my will to perish tonight, and not by my own hands. So pray that I die and if I answer, you will have your answer on the God question. And if I don't answer, and I'm not going to be a troll about that, you have my word, then you have your answer. And if there is no way for me to get back in a timely fashion (power or Net outage), then I will get back when I can.