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Well there’s yacy, but haven’t tried it out yet. The problem with p2p is, that without enough people keeping up nodes, its quality is usually low.

Incredible how fast they dug their own hole…

Online “news” today are basically just randomized text generators with placeholders for $current_thing and $current_persona_non_grata…

This… honestly doesn’t sound too bad.

Some people just need a golden calf to worship…

Meh, I shipped worse software tbh…

I’m more surprised that they still ask those stupid ass questions on their flights.

It‘s literally all about making you dependent on the system. Soon it will be like:

  • You want to live off the grid without electricity? There‘s a blackout and you can‘t charge your phone? Well no identification/driving for you, friend.
  • You don‘t want to buy a new smartphone every year without replaceable parts, but with non-removable software that spies on you every second? Tough luck, buddy.
  • You were a bad goy committed wrongthink, which is vaguely defined on a daily basis by the media? Oh boy, you‘re in trouble now…

This pattern also emerges with electric cars (power grid), the anti-meat / veggie movement (imported, processed food only), debt and wage slavery and many more. The only way to oppose this, is to be as independent and self-reliant as possible in as many aspects of your life as possible.

To be quite honest, I blame the denazification campaigns of the allies after WW2. The German culture has always been submissive to authority, but the decades of literal social engineering that took place to prevent another national socialist takeover really did its part. Yet East Germany underwent quite a different process under USSR occupation, which is still recognizable to this day.

Every form of formal education (from the earliest kinder garden classes to university) in Germany is designed to be fertile soil for left-wing and woke idealism and most Germans will protect this with their life.

People massively underestimate the amount of cope that is happening in Germany right now!

It’s a grotesque play where basically no one trusts / cares about what any politician propagates via the state media. Yet everyone still submits to the idea of an authoritarian state and keeps his head down. This is a deeply engraved behavior in the German culture.

Due to the combination of corruption and incompetence in the last three decades, Germany developed backwards from a proven industrial nation into an unstable house of cards, keeping only its own bureaucracy alive for its own purpose.

I am thinking about getting a Pixel 5 or 6, to install either LOS or GrapheneOS on it, for some time now.

Which alternative apps stores do you use? Did you encounter any problems installing or using apps for banking or messaging (they often require explicit google services)?

Good catch! Makes me think of how many other crypto wallets or miners do quasi secret ‘donations’…

Mining Monero
Anyone tried mining like this? Or running a node?

You can also buy/sell Monero without kyc at https://localmonero.com. I don’t know how legit those offers there are, though.

I also liked https://cryptwerk.com/ to look for real world services payed in Monero or other cryptos.

‘fedivote’ sounds like voting is a central part of this instance/community - which is not the case imho. ‘freefedifolk’ is more general and contains a nice alliteration.

They always propagate “free speech”, as long as it says what suits them…

Is there a reason some lemmygrad communities are still listed in the Communities-overview?

I personally am not bothered by any groups with opposing political/ideological views, as long as they aren’t completely degenerate. Yet I agree, that federalization shouldn’t be a one way street.

Aren’t you guys as glad as I am that Biden got “elected”?

Well if the world is going to shit no matter what, why even care what others think?

Why is it so hard for people to understand, that nothing true comes out of current state (social) mainstream media? Just block/ignore it and move on with your life…

Too bad the site seems to be abandoned...

Especially don't rely on schools or the news!