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This news show is more left leaning but is calling out this disaster. I’ve also seen on lainchan anarchists and other such leftists saying the pandemic was about control. Leftists are catching on too. …

The other 70 genders are just personality types and should be called such. Also, it’s hypocritical to fight putting people in boxes: traditional gender roles that not everyone fit into, by trying to fit everyone in boxes: non-traditional gender roles that again, not everyone fit into.

Why did it delete both copies of my comment? I meant to delete one. Can’t tell if this is a Lemur bug, site bug, or just me being a dumbass.

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The only maybe not pozzed search engines are searx instances, and the search results suck. If you want a good balanced, DuckDuckDuck is probably the best bet right now. They get their results from Bing and the company is pretty SJWish in their hiring practices, but the results are pretty good and less censored. Example: researching a gun for purchase and looking up shops is easier on DDG.

Crooks will co-opt any movement if you let them

It double posts whether I add text or not. I thought that was normal. I just thought I would explain what I was doing so I wouldn’t come off as an annoying spammer.

This may sound rather cold, but I think the key here is to find ways let idiots filter themselves and lift up people who actually try to better themselves. Stop protecting stupid people with seat belt laws and such, make information both contested and not contested easily available for people to research themselves, make education easily accessible and tailored to student ability as Spotted_Lady suggests, only allow the most skilled and well adjusted to immigrate into the country, and allow abortion so shitty parents who know they’re shit won’t bring another leech into the world. (Ideally I’d be pro-life, but you can’t save everyone, so giving up someone that hasn’t consciously “lived” seems the least fucked up, the same way it’s less fucked up to increase the odds of old people dying of covid than to drag everyone else and the economy down to protect them.) Democracy is imperfect because everyone can’t be an expert at everything, but if you can maintain a somewhat intelligent public, they can at least serve as a better check to the state, and filtering through merit and individual choices can potentially shift the ratio in that direction while keeping sweeping discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, etc. to a minimum.

Fediverse Multi-instance Feed App?

I’m looking for an app for Android and for Linux that lets me put a bunch of Fediverse instances in one feed and communicate with all of them through my Wolfballs account. Any recommendations? Is there a way to just do it within the Wolfballs site under communities? Forgive me. I’m still a fediverse…

Isn’t kiwifarms the one that harrasses people with mental health issues? If it’s what I’m thinking it is, I can’t really blame someone for blocking that one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to explore that list because I was told not to.

I don’t think I’m in a position to do such a challenge, but I have been using command line tools where I can in Linux Mint. I actually prefer “sudo apt update” then “sudo apt upgrade” to using the GUI updater and I might use Surf once I get the ad-block and tabs set up.

Great. More pander media. “You don’t have to improve yourself, nor do you have to accept that not everyone will agree with you. It’s everyone else that should change.”

If a fat trans couple wants to protect their marijuanna plants with guns they bought with crypto while flying a rainbow colored swatzika flag in their yard, I will defend their right to do just that. But it’s not their right to make people agree with them, and if they truly believe in what they stand for, they won’t need anyone’s approval. Most of these self centered SJWs do it primarily for the approval of others and that’s why their shallowness is so incredibly transparent to anyone that isn’t as pathetic and stuck up as they are.

My bad. I see the sidebar button now. Sometimes I csn be slightly retarded getting used to an interface.

Sorry I should have posted this in Wolfballs Development or whatever the correct one is. I’ll crosspost. So you’re saying there’s no site wide policy beyond obvious shit (no legit threats, actual cheeze pizza, etc.). It just depends on each community’s rules correct?

A 4Chan anon asked if loli is allowed here. Is it?

I’m shilling Wolfballs on 4Chan and was asked if slurs and loli were allowed.

That too. Men get sick of being blamed for everything, and women who believe in actual equality and individual liberty are sick of being grouped in with entitled bitches.

If the growing popularity of anime is any indication, people still like to drool over idealized bodies. Weebs are just more upfront about it.

Reddit can still be decent if you hang out on the right subs. r/libertarian, r/LockdownSkepticism, and r/conspiracy are all pretty based. Plus it’s good for hobbies. That said, use a throwaway and a frontend like RedReader and invite people to alt tech where appropriate.

Did I do the “is asshole” thing right?

The Soviets were not real communists

Real communism A.K.A stateless, classless society achieved by revolutionary seizing of the means of production, is a pipe dream. So they’re more or less correct, but not for the reasons they seem to think. Humans are too selfish and tribal for it to work on a larger scale than a small village.

That’s just fast food chicken in general.

Cool instances to connect to.

If I understand this right, I can connect to communities on other parts of the fediverse using my Wolfballs account. Any recommendations and is there a way I can I get them all in one feed? …