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When he makes a robot that can suck my dick as good as your mom then we might be making progress. I just see empty promises here.

Man says life is to hard as a sex offender in documentary
Then sends a dick pick to the documentary producer

Can I Squart in your pussy?

You must be quite the specimen when sexually serving you is considered a bribe.

Considered a privilege I would say.

Don’t worry, if you work hard, go to the gym and work out you might be able to date a girl who is half as hot as one of my X’s.

This is my last girl friend.

I fucked her sister right in front of her. And then I broke up with her. She cried for days for me to take her back.

How do I manage all that?

This is my arm,

People pay me massive amounts of money to send them vhs copies of my work out routines. (I’ve grown very wealthy and thus women desire me more and more) To bad they can never look like me. They don’t have the genetics I do. Pure breed German Scottish English blood.

I’ve had sex with thousands of woman. And i’m only getting started.


That is how I get away with so much.

Also fat girls btw. They suck dick the best. Like they are hungry.


Fat woman can't lose weight because muh rascism
Stop eating shit food you fat fuck.

You are all racist for caring about her skin color

I am offended

This is what it's like after getting a sex change surgery

The only purpose for a female to live is to birth as many children as possible.

I’ve got a sandwich and a kitchen full of clean dishes that disagrees with you.

5 Reasons Trans women aren't women
1. They can't get pregnant. 2. They have a X and a Y chromosome. 3. They look like men. 4. They are physically stronger than women. 5. Men don't want to marry them because it would be gay to have sex with them and also number 1.

Wife Material

As the video points out China does not have the allies left to take over Taiwan. The us would go to war, Europe, Japan, and many others would side with the US. Russia is still busy with Ukraine. Which hasn’t been as easy as they thought.

China would face a extremely embarrassing loss of life and boats. Which is why they won’t try to take it right now no matter how much they say they will. They would rather wait for a better time where they have more allies, or the us is busy with a civil war or something.

American black women get pregnant all the time. I heard a number like they average 9 or 12 pregnancies. Obviously some just birth lots of children. Some have abortions. They don’t seem to be to worried about the father staying in the life of the children. In areas where abortion is illegal it will absolutely become more black. They just have so many more babies than white people. And they will live off welfare. Its unsustainable IMO. If you have millions of black women having 12 kids and not working , all of them trying to live off welfare society will collapse. They need to fix their absent father issue. Perhaps make tax breaks or financial incentives for fathers to stay taking care of the children.

Analy of course. I am a man of culture and would not risk my seed growing taking root in this filth.

If you want to see a little bit of the scale of the concentration camps.

You can enable english cc subtitles in YouTube.

gay nigger spic chink tranny minority virus? bless their gay infected hearts.

I pee on on my girl friends. No warning. If they stay with me after that I know they are sincere

Quickly grab AOC and begin to fuck her in public to establish dominance.

I’ve heard some Christians don’t consider anal sex as losing your virginity. So that may be an option for you and your girl friend to consider.

Sometimes when doing anal, you pull your dick out and there is shit all over it. Nothing to freak out about but you might want to have some baby wipe’s nearby.