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and every good ole boy across the states will handle Atlanta's terrorist/antifa problem. Until then live in your shit hole and watch it burn.


Worst place to rub one out. Smells, have to aim at end.

I try to see the upside in every situation
B all the way

  1. How many sex partners she had. Dudes basically expect them to lie. If they aren’t lying they aren’t trying.

  2. Basically Anything they did with another boyfriend.

I think all other things guys don’t really care. Girl could literally say a dudes dick is tiny and it might just turn him on. Say she’s been with 15 dudes when he’s only been with 5 girls and he will want to throw up.


You can’t culturally appropriate a fictional blue alien. It’s so dumb it hurts

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Usually when a girl won’t shut the fuck up you need to either feed her, fuck her, or get her to take a nap. What was the question?

Oh man if she is lactating?

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As far as being Spanish goes it wasn’t to much of a culture difference.

Spanish and English cultures share a lot of common history, religion and ideas.

It’s not like dating a Asian or Muslim


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what did these cuck journalist think it was gonna be lol
welcome to hell we've been here for years.

If he sucked my dick that makes Him gay not me.

I just sat there and let him be gay.

[Here is the video]( It's insane to think kids could go to jail for saying a word. Beat up? sure, but free speech is in the constitution. I hope they appeal to the end. **Save a click, here is the link contents** > HOUMA, La. (WVUE) - Two high school students have been arrested and accused of hate crimes after video circulated on social media of them using racial slurs on campus. > The two unidentified Terrebonne High School students, who are both white, face charges of inciting a riot, hate crimes, and cyberbullying. > In the video, the students are heard repeatedly using the n-word, referring to several Black students around them but not within earshot. > “It’s disgusting, it’s terrible,” said Lt. Travis Theroit with Houma Police. “That’s absolutely [not] something that this police department nor this town condones.” > Superintendent Bubba Orgeron says the video displays despicable language and thoughts. > “This type of behavior and disgusting display of content will never be tolerated by our school system,” Orgeron said in a statement. > FOX 8 has reviewed the video and has decided not to release it. Community members said they’re hurt and outraged by the incident but are happy the two students were dealt with swiftly. > “In my previous 16 years, there was nothing to this magnitude,” said Roosevelt Thomas, a former school board member. “I thought those days and time were gone, but evidently you have some people who still seem to have a different impression of people and want to call them different names.” > They said they hope this will serve as a wake-up call and facilitate more conversation in the community about the history of that slur and why the word should not be used. > “The word is being trivialized again,” said Wanda Ruffin-Triggs, a child advocate who is also a candidate for school board. “I think that parents of all cultures, mine included, need to talk with their children about the impact of this word, the background, the history of this word, and why we don’t want it used.” > Houma police say the investigation is ongoing, and ultimately it will be up to the district attorney’s office to accept or reject the charges. > “The most important thing, I think, it sends a message to the community, from the school standpoint that it won’t be tolerated and from law enforcement that it won’t be tolerated also,” said Jerome Boykin, President of the Terrebonne Parish chapter of the NAACP.

Tulsi fighting for the right of children not to have their bits chopped off

Playing Final Fantasy VII remake
Man it's good and you can pirate it no problem on PC

You will fuck that whale or you are a racist anti science fat phobic islamaphobic , global warming enabling bigot.

Correction he WAS healthy before taking the vaccine.

Sorry, unless there is direct proof that Elon is pushing CCP talking points

He said the sovereign nation of Taiwan Should give up their democracy to join a communist dictatorship in the hopes that China will allow them to keep some of their rights.

That is a CCP Talking point if I’ve ever heard one.

Russian Propaganda Video on why not to move to America Pretty funny

When he makes a robot that can suck my dick as good as your mom then we might be making progress. I just see empty promises here.

Man says life is to hard as a sex offender in documentary
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You must be quite the specimen when sexually serving you is considered a bribe.

Considered a privilege I would say.

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