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Your in Texas ? Do they stay ?

Californians would have it easier, because they are more used to hot weather I guess ?

Ok, you got me. I thought if I think hard, I could give you at least 1 example… I can’t

I am sure old school anti-war libs had good points, but ‘lib’ today is a libtard not a bleeding heart

If you check my other post, libs really think Civil War totally unlikely, and the Reds shouting for it are simply lone insurrectionists who can be taken out by FBI

We’re busy with a Civil war here. They can do whatever they want

Whose afraid of Dork Bidet ?

Don’t take dating advice from him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVOO4LJNKpo

I agree men need to walk from girls who are modern, feminist, user, vapid types. But he is idiotic.

Girl wants to go to an art exhibition, that makes her a hoe ? She should just sit at home all day waiting for lord Andrew to bless her with a visit ?

He’s grifting young boys who are vulnerable & inexperienced in dating/rejection, with his overconfident macho aura. But he’s got no real wisdom, just poser shit.

Do we really need more posers to jade young men and put them on the path of fakeness and self destruction ? Is it not better to teach them discipline and how to not take rejection personally and build themselves up, for real, rather than pretend shit ?

I am ok with machos like Gavin McInnes who tell truthful, maybe mysoginistic stuff. Andrew is a fake

Somehow that’s not helped the Pres and the Veep, lol

Pelosi is 3 yrs older than Dork Brandon btw, so…

You think Nancy thought it through that hard before opening her yapper ?

I think she had a senior moment. Otherwise her sudden 180 on China within a week is jarring

She mean Taiwan, otherwise she wouldn’t have said Democracy

Its the Biden effect

She meant Taiwan, because she said its a “democracy”

Although, seeing how the West is doing, this will be correct very soon

Yeah, but even cultists need some motivation. They will cheer for Obama… but Biden is a wet noodle

They are all protected by blackmail they hold against each other. “Epstein didn’t kill himself”

At that level of power, you only get through if the Elites can hold you hostage

Nobody cares about Biden, not even the people in his own party. I doubt Dems would even blink if that dude keels over

Trump on the other hand… any attempt to jail him will start a firestorm

HUGE MISTAKE. The governors will all want to protect themselves from something like this happening. All GOP states will start cutting off as a result, leading to war

If he had jailed Hillary, and disbanded 3 letter agencies, we wouldn’t be here or the last 3 years of Covid mania thanks to FDA/CDC

You don’t need a head’s up if you are the one ordering it, cunt

This is what happens when you don’t “Lock em up” and clean the swamp…

…the swamp monster comes back and eats you

TBH, China could be a global threat, but they are running out of time too

If the world can hold them off 20 years, we are safe. Their population started dropping in 1991, when fertility hit 2.1 due to One Child policy. Their current working population is the largest ever, with almost no kids. When they retire in 20 years, China will collapse.

Look at Japan. They rivalled US till the 70s, you can read books from that time showing the fear they will take over. They were #2 economy in the world. Now they are dying out. Their men have virtual girlfriends and no sex, no kids. Land of incels.

But that 20 years till China’s retirement… oof its gonna be tough

Carriers are in danger near Chinese coast due to missile swarm. When they are out of range of the anti-ship missiles, the only thing that can hit them are hypersonic missiles, which can only hit stationary targets. Subs too, but they have defenses for those

USN has same problem near Iran coast, because they could get swarmed w missiles or speedboats

Even w/o military US is an expensive target. China has strict gun control. They’ll be ass fucked by hundreds of millions of 2A supporters

Mainland US invaded by anyone is a unrealistic. Civil war is the likely scenario where war breaks out on mainland

I can’t say it was FBI’s bias. Rather Facebook employees’, who flagged this dad as a threat to the FBI

FBI will listen when a big org like Facebook says someone is making violent threats

They want to spy on the US, its no secret. But the reason is not necessarily war. As you know, China just LOVES to steal other peoples’ hard work and tech. They are trying to steal info on the Air Force to save trillions $ of development costs and catch up to the US

I work in IT Security, I can tell you, every company above a certain size gets absolutely bombarded by Chinese hackers every month. Absolute thieves.

China loses, 100% against US. China fans don’t agree, but China is building its 3rd aircraft carrier, US built 88. Add up the manhours of experience operating them. Same w submarines, advanced fighters etc. In high end weaponry, US dwarfs the planet. US has a deteriorating industrial base, which is core of war. China’s army, even with the fancy propaganda, is a soviet army, with some high end hardware. They have a big industrial base, but not a high tech one.

Price and risk for China would be insane. They can easily instead colonise Brazil or Canada which have vast resources and tiny forces.