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He is so impulsive and immature that nobody wants to listen to this brat. I don’t hate him, but he’s annoying

You could be right. He shouldn’t get a free pass on things he does wrong.

That said, FL is supposedly the most woke free place on earth after this dude came to office. I can’t imagine Blackrock and others would approve of that

Also, he so far doesn’t have the problem of hiring traitors that happened to Trump after he won 2016. His campaign staff were good ppl, but the presidential cabinet was 90% snakes who all used him and threw him under the bus

Kanye is not a pedo. The only pedo in the circle was Milo’s support for the priest who raped him at 15

100% this

Like arguing you don’t like Gravity or the sky is blue. Its a law and unchangeable fact. Accept the concept or face puishment of ignoring reality

A huge amount of today’s problems - trannyism, utopia vision, wokeism are because people refuse to accept unchangeable reality and try to remake the world in ‘their vision’. Results are clear - reality always wins

The boy never struck me as too smart. I first saw him several years ago, hounding Ben Shapiro when he was picking up his kids. Granted, Benji isn’t that great either, but it was pretty awful. Then again, there is a video of him nailing Robert Barnes in a debate, presumably about ‘Financial Aid’ to Israel… so he must have some skills/talent

I dunno, he just seemed so impulsive and immature, just like in this video.

Good chance both of these clowns are being played by Milo.

Fair enough. Keep in mind right after Midterms, everyone was confused as to what happened. I think it took 3-4 days till consensus started emerging that they got way more mail-in and harvesting

Not fair to label DeSantis as pro-Mitch McConell when no one knew what was happening

Santis doesn’t have a national record to judge him on, only state. Hard to know if he would send money to Ukraine for example. Trump made his huge share of blunders because he listened to the wrong guys - pompeo, miley, fauci. We still know where he stands despite that

I don’t think DeSantis will run 2024, he doesn’t speak about national level stuff much. Its actually a good thing, because local level will matter much more than FED in near future

Yup. But AFAIK, he meant Milo endorsed the pedo who raped him at 15 or so, not that Milo is a pedo himself, i.e. Milo is pro pedo because he tried to support his rapist 🤨

Surprisingly DeSantis has had almost now big scandals/exposes from both right and left Journos. If he had been doing shit like that, they would paste it on the front page to win some votes/seats in the Midterm

Left has been attacking DeSantis for taking days off to be with his cancer patient wife. That’s how desperate they were…

If they had something as juicy as the Yale thing, they would 100% use it against him

So I checked the claim about Vax bill - Bill 2006, and it seems accurately reported. In case of high public risk they would quarantine you (but not forcibly Vax). Key words are “significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health”, so not for Covid where mortality is ~0.05% general population

DeSantis was rightly criticised for early Vax and Covid, same as Trump. Both get blame, but at least DeSantis reversed tracks quickly and fixed the mistake.

Secondly, he is getting a lot of big ticket donors. It makes sense because businesses would like to be on the side of the winner. DeSantis washing FL deep red was obvious, and any fools like Disney + Blackrock who opposed him are now paying the price in Billions $ lost

Any sensible businessman, even leftist, would try to protect his money, so they hope to appease the winner

Heard Alberta is setting up States’ rights. You guys may have a way out

Europe is going to swing back to Nazis, the real deal this time. Same shit happened after the Great Depression. Extreme left, trannyism was going on in mainstream. Depravity was everywhere. Communists fought for control after Weimar republic, but ultimately the far right won the support of desperate Germans.

I am looking ahead 2 or 3 years, its gonna be a bad time for brownies like me 😞

God is good - but, God is not perfect

Problem is, existence comes from God. How can we, His creation, call our creator ‘imperfect’ ? Man does not have ability to understand or judge God

DeSantis kicked Blackrock out last week over Woke diversity policies (ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance)

He punted them about as hard as Disney.

Don’t know much about Yale society… sounds kind of like an old boys club that got corrupted


Good point. I think so too. Funnily high IQ PhD people were the most gullible.

Prob IQ will plummet. There’s a lesson here

DeSantis hype is because they want GOP infighting

MSM hates DeSantis. He cleaned FL of every last DEM. 0 office holders statewide now. He kicked out Woke school teachers and professors, and the ‘Don’t say Gay’ bill. Plus he handed Disney a nice fat tax bill.

Libs hate DS with a seething fire, second only to Trump. Trump continues to be symbol of MAGA