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Yeah. If anything he would be assassinated by other party leaders. He does kinda answer to a small circle of high communist members. They wouldn’t risk a conflict by arresting him. It would be like poison or something

discusting anti vax scum will be punished

IMO, He commands to much fear and respect for an arrest. Anybody even thinking about arresting him would be disappeared.

I turn this thing on once in a blue moon. I would expect a small update. But 100 gigabytes? That is just the entire game re downloaded. Do they not even burn the disc? They should at least be able to reuse the assets on the disc.


Ive heard it for a while. I had a uber driver a year ago who told me, she got covid, then got vaccinated once, got covid again and then had “long covid”. She kept testing positive for covid but was fine.

Personally I think its BS. I think the test don’t mean anything.

Its just vax cope.

They said the vaccine would prevent infection. That turned out to be false.

They said that the vaccine would prevent spread. Its really hard to prove something spreads less. Somehow they still showed it did not prevent spread.

Then they said, well if vaxed you won’t have it as severe. But unvaxed people often did fine while vaxed people would get terrible covid. Everyone’s personal anecdotes just did not line up with that.

So now they are clinging to long covid as their last hope.


We got lot of good people on the free fedi verse
There are now several instances who don't block because of political stance. As mid terms approach we need to be at battle stations. No censorship on anything political. They can't ddos us all.

G-d I hate my HAO. How did you find this post BTW?

So, I grew up next to a small Mennonite community. Nowhere anyone would have heard of. They would sell stuff to other people, offer activities for children, they do Christian outreach and try to tell other people about Jesus. They are not a internal intranet. They are more like a old dialup service still running. People still interact with them. Buy their blankets, meat, chairs and so on.

It’s like the vaccine didn’t do anything but kill people alergic to stuff and it’s better to just go outside and do work everyday for health.

This would be really useful for generating movie subtitles.


I mean, if I had a wife who drank to much and hit me, my first thought would be get her help. If she wanted to dress like a man, shave her head, take testosterone, my first thought would be divorce.

Looking deep into the reason the media all beat to the same drum that the vaccine was the only solution (Absurd to think no other medicine would help) was because they and the vaccine companies were being steered by the same investment funds. As they say, follow the money.

Either they restore him or they get regulated. They should be regulated over that anyways. No politcal candidate should be deplatformed.

This dude was on youtube for like 16 years and never said anything hateful. He was one of the original raw meat eaters that folks like the liver king got their info from. (Whether they admit it or not)

On issues such as vaccine mandates I actually aligned a bit more with the right in that I never thought the measures were reasonable, but maybe “center” is a better descriptor for my views.

Welcome to the right wing Bigot. You don’t want a vaccine you get 4 times in a year and a half that doesn’t stop spread mandated for 3 year olds in day care? You are literally Hitler sacrificing grandma and must be silenced.

I used to think I was left wing, wanting socialized medicine, a woman’s right to terminate pregnancy in the first trimester but then I didn’t get vaccinated in 2019 and suddenly I’m Hitler and spend all my freetime when i’m not taking care of my family in the darkest places of the internet.

Closer to the source material

It's android based and meant for cloud gaming. $350. Seems terrible with a steam deck is 400$ and can do everything this thing can and more.

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Manga designed to help language learners with easy to use language.

Alex Jones one World War

Watching the world burn like...


I would be disappointed if I saw a movie with Blade as a blond headed white vampire hunter
You got to stay true to the characters