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After someone post you can from the post make that person a mod. Its not intuitive someone should make a mod page with a user search. Probably wouldn’t be that hard to do.

Yeah they get scared when you dox them. They know they aren’t on the right side of history and don’t want to be judged.



Alex Trolling Antifa, and tearing up their signs
lol, this dude really went for it

or there are other things you can do to boost up your health and immune system

Exactly. Society putting pressure on people to take experimental gene therapy is silly when there are many other proven ways to reduce your chances of getting sick.

Exercise, sunlight, dieting, ect …

Bevis and butthead discover they have white privilege

Why they are going after Children

They aren’t always reversible. Sometimes dudes can’t produce swimmers after attempting to reverse it.

They make it out like its a on off switch. Its not.

I don’t think its a big deal.

  1. Fearing hell as a reason to follow a religion seems disingenuous. Like you wouldn’t do any of these nice things if there wasn’t a pearly gate at the end.

  2. Most people are going to hell. At least according to Christianity. It seems pretty absurd that I would be one of the exceptional ones.

I’m OK with going to hell. I would rather just live life how I think God wants me to live it regardless of where I end up after the grave because those laws and methods are for my and other’s well being while being alive. They have value during our current life.

I’m not even 100% sure the after life sections of the bible are saying what people think they say. They seem pretty vague. And much how we think of the afterlife came from works of fiction like Dante’s inferno.

Me to. when I was a kid my mom use to tell me how big of a loss that ruling was to Christians. My dad was arrested for protesting it (wrongly i guess).

Then one day bam, saw that leaked opinion.

Lemmur 出现了问题,现在可以使用网址登录

They can make a giftssendgo account and people would donate enough money to each of them for new houses and security.

Let the lefties seeth. They lost. Bigly.

That’s usually the way to go. I bought my first shotgun at dicks I think.

Lol, Karen Patented


I guess I’m at peace about likely going to hell.


is there such thing as a girl being a virgin after high school? Like all but really religious girls who are usually a 5/10 lose their virginity in high school.

I think most guys like to date virgins. If it were possible. I think girls are usually indifferent to it but some prefer it.

Its like, before you are going to eat a sandwich, wouldn’t you like the sandwich more if you knew for sure no one had fucked that sandwich?

No one granted them those powers.

Men in dresses scare women Downloaded from YouTube before they delete it. I just saw a dude with a 5 o'clock shadow wearing a dress on the plane. Pretending it was normal. His facial expressions screamed serial killer. I can't go on a plane wearing a speedo. Its not socially acceptable. Maybe legally I am allowed to try, but surely someone would be Luke "de fuck dude, put some pants on". Seems fair to say it to guys wearing dresses.




It was pretty good. 10 OZes with Cheddar cheese

No one is going to move to have an abortion. Its more economical to fly when the need arises. People will continue to migrate to Texas because Texas is very pro business. People will continue to leave California because there is human shit on the street and its unsafe.

There will be demographic changes.

Some populations get more abortions than others.

Short term, the protest will probably be short lived. The decision is made. No amount of marching will change the supreme courts mind. It was bad law. If the lib turds want a constitutional right to baby sacrifice they will need to vote to make it happen.

Celebrate brothers and sisters. A good thing happened today and no post gloating about it will be deleted here in the house of bawls.

Soon a cheeseburger too

Yeah but you end up just smoking less I think.

Lol, wolfballs mods only job is to try not to delete anything.

Pretty much the point of this place. Censor as little as possible.