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Chinese media reporting on project Veritas lol

I still haven’t played through them

That’s crazy. You must have played through the whole thing with multiple characters.

I mostly like to play games for the story. I thought the whole dragon born thing was compelling and it kept me playing. After completing the main quest and then exploring the dlc’s I just got board with it.

Modding world seems like a lot to learn about. ESO does look a whole lot better today than when first released.

Lots of people are saying it works as a good single player game.

I also got the open source engine of Morrowind working on Linux. That seems fun.

Lots of elderscrolls universe to explore while we wait for the next mainline single player game.

I heard the same investment funds have controlling investments in all those.

Like blackwater.

That’s why they all pump the same propaganda.

War makes a lot of people rich. Even computer programmers.

Wow that’s a lot. I think total I have maybe 150 hours. 120 on steam mostly with one character. I beat all the main quest, a few side quest, and then played through all the dlc’s. (Which were mostly pretty good.)

I bought Elder scrolls online when it was first released on steam.

The game was awful. I played through Skyrim with a controller and only wanted to play ESO with a controller so I didn’t look at it for years.

I recently installed it on steam deck and it now has controller support and is free to play.

So I’m gonna play through that. It’s basically a online version of Skyrim.

Lol I heard that worked for a while.

I’ve no idea why anyone would willingly go back to highschool

Well Clearly these were black white supremacists :/

I’m not sure what direction this will go but I’m really excited to see how it plays out.

I didn’t see any nostr front ends that worked great. It needs to front ends and developers. I really like it though because it takes responsibility and pressure away from admins.

New code could be a while but I can launch a second instance. I’m a little busy today but if you think it will help I’ll get around to it this or next week sometime.

As someone who studies Chinese I like this guy's videos because you get a little extra understanding if you know mandarin because he injects it where relevant to his life.

Honestly I’m thinking about working towards the nostr protocol.

Wolfballs two still has the shell I never finished. I can just wire it into the nostr ecosystem.

I loved ruqqus and their css was better than Lemmy but without the ability to federate in someway I don’t see a point in investing time into building their platform.

Someone could add federation to their codebase but until then tbh fuck em.

Look at scored they are auto deleting half my comments. Shadow banning. Banning words.

That will always happen if there is no technological barrier.

A woman who goes by the name of Eliza Blue says that she was trafficked. She is the daughter of some republican idk. She is somehow involved in the arrest of Andrew Tate. Not that he trafficked her but she is working with the girls complaining about him. I don’t care about that, it’s possible he broke some kinda trafficking law.

What I care about is that a few popular youtube channels were talking about her. They posted some pictures of public music videos she was in. One in particular she was basically naked the whole time. You could clearly see her nipples and she was in a thong.

There are videos of her talking about interviewing for that music video and how she was proud of it.

All of a sudden now that she is like almost 40 she says those videos were non consensual. And some how pulled strings at twitter to get anyone who post them banned. I was banned for posting it on her thread. Thequartering was banned and some other big channel.

It’s dumb because it breaks no laws, it’s provably public.

She then somehow got youtube to take one of the videos down strengthening her argument that it was non consensual.

People are mad at the double standard. Twitter can’t be considered free speech if you get banned for talking about her in a music video.

I deleted my tweet that got me banned. I actually still have several up. I tweeted her picture everywhere. She’s on video talking about how proud she is of that video. She’s in like 9 music videos tramp dancing and wants us to believe she was “trafficked”. Insane. She should be sued for defamation by the video owner.

Just your typical "Transgender" Man
I don't know who Craig is but it sounds like he is trying to save some children.

wolf den guy talked about replacing it with better parts but that is 30$. I already bought a new controller so i’m just gonna send my old broken one in.

Pro Tip on broken Nintendo joy cons
You can send in joy cons to Nintendo to repair for free. I just set up my order and will be mailing it in.

One of the things I really love about Asian culture is their family values.

Grandparents will sell their houses to take care of their grandkids. forwards to
I was looking through edgy popular twitter accounts who's name I could hijack. Troonytoons is getting popular now that Elon is in charge and does not ban such content. I guess because one of his kids transitioned and disowned him. It's mostly just people posting cringe transition pictures from reddit. Anyways, I thought it might give us a little bit of exposure so if you are posting gender cringe stuff consider posting it to troonytoons.

Pretty ugly

Mother kills her daughters murderer in court room 1981:
Klaus Grabowski a convicted sex offender butcher molested and murdered a 7 year old girl. He confessed to the crime after his fiancé reported him to police. Marianne Bachmeier, the girls mother, smuggled a handgun into the courtroom and shot Grabowski 5 times. She served 3 years. [Wikipedia article on her life.](