Ancient Eastern Demon. Sealed by the late emperor with a blood seal during the Zhou Dynasty. Masterofballs was accidentally released from his prison under Tiananmen square in 1989.

Now free to spread his Chaos across the fediverse.

Favorite foods: Raw Donkey meat and rice wine.

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Not sure where you guys are coming from but welcome!

Yeah they ban everyone. This instance doesn’t ban much. At all.

User following isn’t supported yet. Just community following.

It is isn’t it. Not working on free speech extremist

Seems to work on mastodon but not pleroma

Snake oil

23 million views …






They would be executed for dating you…



If it doesn’t work for you yet I’ll get it to work somehow if I have to change the code. I really like their ui. I might host one myself. Call it wolf something

Don’t care what anyone says about communism itself…

My wife is pretty quick to remind me to change it. I buy like two years at once so the next time I just pull it the extra one out of the closet.

I don’t see any post yet, maybe it takes a while

federation test

just testing federation ignore me…


For this site being neutral is good. In actual life, where does that get us?

Personally I think forming your tribe is really important in real life. You need to be around people with similar values to not go crazy.

Imo red pills save lives and minds. It’s about waking up to the system of control the world has put in place. People are prisoners to the corporate brainwashing so rampant in our society.

I love that so any people are waking up. I think that has to do with media systems breaking down.

Wonderfully said.


community edited wiki’s are good for lots of information not accurate information. multiple personal works examined in context is better for accuracy.

You need to follow a wolfballs community. I’ve done this from mastodon before. Let me grab my old video and post it here. I’ll edit this comment here in a second.

Watch this video. You should be able to do something like that.

Institutional power is always corrupt. I’ve become more and more anarchist as this last year goes on. Just take it all down and revert back to tribal nations

I just clicked over there and saw they just banned some antivax community. nutomic is a great guy who has a good head on his shoulders but other admins seem to just ban anything Facebook bans

Wolfballs is like Switzerland. We are neutral .

It be like that sometimes

We are not "Right Wing"

People across the fediverse keep referring to wolfballs as the right wing instance. …

Unsurprisingly media is sooo quiet about that one.

It’s great to live in a time where we can see traditional media die. Lol no one watches CNN. And as we further decentralize tech they will have no way to centralize their power again. Feels good man. real good

Reminder, in a global world with global social media, a group with any credential means nothing. No poll was taken with all doctors. It would be easy to find 270 MD’s who support Joe Rogan…


Love this pic…


We allow both pro and anti vaccine content

I noticed over at lemmy they do not allow anyone to post content that suggest vaccines to be ineffective or not effective. Even calling it “Right Wing” To suggest big Pharma might not have your best interest in heart. They can do what they want on their instance but if you want real debate with both…