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Good. Corporations should not get privileges. Just end taxation.

Shot themselves in the foot again. It’s okay, the goodthinkers will forgive.

Good point. I like decimation as a way of enforcing order.

100% agree. When I masturbate, I only use war imagery.

Because they’re cruising for dick obviously


I don’t think Huffman is Jewish. The anti-Semitic crusade always ends up distorting the truth.

The point is free speech + anyone can read it.

We got totally fucked last election in the U.S. from all the big tech working together at once. We need alt tech to break into the mainstream.

It’s not going to do that unless it stops sucking ass, but the geeks want it to keep sucking ass. Same problem with Lunix. “Our clubhouse, not yours.” Same with the internazis, interchristians, etc. Internet = LARP.

I’m afraid. It sounds like nothing but horrors all the way down.

Isn’t this the psyop that demands a phone number and only works through an app on a metrosexual iPhone?


It happened in 1861. Our downfall began with diversity, specifically importing [[[ THE IRISH ]]].

I think that was the last gasp of the dying Christian religion in America: the Moral Majority and PMRC. The new face of Christianity is Joel Osteen’s Communist libertarian “prosperity gospel” nonsense.

Democracy Inc is broke worldwide. The debt bomb is just kicking off. We cover this with our next news update.

I favor burning down anything that’s crap and keeping the good. I also realize that we need ethnat to survive.

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