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Wow ESO is now free to play i totally didn’t see that comming sarcasm

Mods can still make skyrim a lot better than ESO in my opinion. I even found out install dotnet48 works again in wine 8.0 so using that i was able to create a prefix with that installed. I haven’t gotten far modding yet but the .net script framework at least doesn’t crash yet when loading up the game so maybe it now works normally.

putting the 360 into the 360

Skyrim is my 3rd and 4th most played game. Once the standard edition and once the special edition. Those 380 hours though don’t tell the complete picture. You see i once owned skyrim on a ps3 on which i have about 200-300 hours and i used a cracked version of skyrim for years on which i easily have more than 100 hours. Additionally on older versions of SKSE it didn’t correctly hook into steam so back then even after i bought the official skyrim it did not count most of my hours played which again is hard to count but i had like 3 or 4 characters with 60-80 hours each plus a few throwaways so in short a lot of time went missing there too.

All in all i bet i have over a thousand hours into skyrim. I would play skyrim even more but after having had my experience with mods i can’t help but feel the game is incomplete without all the mods but when i mod it it always becomes so unstable and modding guides mostly give me a weird feeling in the end. The only true modding guide for me would be but it takes freaking days to get it running and more and more of her mods rely on the .net script framework and I’ve tried but it’s just impossible to install .net on the current wine/proton versions.


I just got too tired of the constant blocked search querries because they were pinging google too much and appearantly without google it doesn’t work. Ironic if google says no shouldn’t it at least be able to show what all other search sites are spitting out? Anyway since i am now the only one using my instance i don’t need to worry about that and it works great.

One of the things google is currently censoring is the project veritas (veritos?) report on pfizer but my searx instance showed me the real deal just like that.

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remember this one?

It’s sad hilarious shit like this will soon disappear because chat-gtp is already better than most humans in most tasks.

I mean they can replace it but if they replace it with the same faulty part you just gained whatever lifetime it had until the defect. But they might also genuinely fix it for once so it’s worth a try if you are up for the wait.

People have already mentioned how it might run leaner on ram as native compared to my curent docker config and I’m in pain trying to decide if it is worth to run it natively which could make it a little faster by having more ram free for it to use or if i should just stick to my current docker one because it already works and is easily update-able. Heck i don’t even know if native would run at all since i use raspbian which uses the debian repositories aka some packages like PHP can be pretty dated. At least nextcloud was complaining in it’s native install that the old PHP version wasn’t optimal. Now I’m considering if another Distro might be better with newer repositiories but then i would need to install it all again…

The pain is real.

Yeah i know that it’s just barely more private or less censored but that’s better than you get with straight up censored results. Also after some caching it now has really acceptable response time of about 1.5-2 seconds. It doesn’t take the entire gig. The Pi has about 83-85% of ram used up all the time (probably is already flushing ram pretty often) but before searx it was already at about 26% because of Pi-hole and Invidious so searx uses only about half a gig which might still be a lot but isn’t that bad.

Thanks i might give it a try if i decide to try a native install one day but luckily i got it working with the weird ip instead of hostname trick. Now my server is perfect but the Pi 3 is really reaching it’s limits with running 3 services all by itself.

I love it but once i move I’ll make sure to keep some space so i can built some kind of hidden server rack and built there a completely FOSS router with which i can do anything i want to.

THis reminds me of the myth that oylpians are breaking the beds at the hotels they were staying in because olypians have a lot of sex. Turns out it was false but they still do have a lot of sex.

I don’t know where i saw that but there are some insane model swaps for tifa in the remake game. Some look totally hilarious but some restore the old way she used to look like this one.

IDK i just having read about it maybe 2 or 3 years ago so i don’t know if there was a new one or if they had found it but didn’t count it as hard evidence or the article maybe was just late.

Yes these are the right ones because here the track itself is powered and there is no possible slippage between tire and track. These might even be easier to set up since you just need to change the “tires” than to strap the car to whatever.

Anyone here has experience hosting their own SearX instance?
With the help of the project setting it up was super easy after freeing up my port 80 since it kind of seems hard coded to that port or maybe i just don't know how to handle caddy. Anyway but once i access it i just get a blank page. No errors both on the client or the server. Is this intended? I couldn't find any help online and this strikes me as profoundly weird. Setting up invidious was such a breeze after finding out my mistake but here everything seems to be working but it just isn't. Anyone here has any ideas or experience? Edit: i finally found some solution. I needed to add in a file asking for the hostname but i didn't need to enter the hostname but when entering the ip of the host it starts to work. But it's crazy slow. I know waiting like 4 seconds shouldn't be that long but somehow it's longer locally than on the internet... maybe the PI is reaching it's limits since now it almost uses the entire Gigabyte of ram it has.

I wanted to pick up bloodborne like shortly before or some time after the ps5 got out aka the game was already maybe 4-5 years old and it was still full price i mean 60€ the same as it was on the day the fucking thing came out. OK it was the game of the year or so edition with all the dlc but that only makes up for a year or so in age.

This video is from early 2020 so i think that wasn’t proven back then but they had found solid proof of viking villages on american coasts which proved the theory that vikings were visiting america long before the spains or english (whoever was first) and disproved by that the entire pre-somethingsomething intercontinental travel was impossible theory.

It’s just how game prices work… at least on pc where there is a healthy market. On consoles it’s the exact opposite or it might be exactly as you would maybe see as normal where the prices don’t drop for ages especially with nintendo where the prices literally never change except for up.

What do you not get? The price? Because i liked the campaign too. I just followed the advice of buy it cheap for the campaign and never touch the MP. Thought there is some custom server mod thing going around the internet which makes it possible to host dedicated Titanfall 2 servers with extra mods. Reminds me of the chaos modded Battlefield 3 servers were.

This simple addon seems useless. What if the snow get carried to the top section of the chain(?) (track?) and the tires start slipping on that part?

For some reason today my ability to translate the weirdest of all technical parts and concepts is required.

New disappointment discovered (Gaming rant)
First off props to the guys that get the reference to the awesome Crowbcat video! Some time ago i finished God of War (2018) and it was awesome. I actually had GoW long on my radar but never bothered buying it. What finally convinced me was a video by videogamedunkey. His tastes so far outstandingly matched mine and so i highly trusted his judgment. That said another game on his list were Kirby lost wonderland and the new Zelda Link's awakening. Since i really liked that famous old zelda game i thought i start to try out Link's awakening at first. I just don't want to go into the details anymore but let you be told the game is tedious. You often have to check 2 or 3 checkmarks before being able to proceed and naturally there are no hints whatsoever. OK there is the hint where to go next but the problem is that that area is always blocked off and there is never a way to find out what to do other than to run around searching like an idiot. Normally i love searching everything and finding out everything but after 2 or 3 dungeons it became so tedious and don't you dare forget even a single thing. The dungeons themselves are not better. Unless you clear everything instantly always going into the right direction there is sooo much back and forth and searching and looking and don't you dare forget even a single chest anywhere or a single enemy. I feel now pretty frustrated. God of War has the good thing that it either leads you when needed or has it so that you can find your way by yourself. Now after giving up on a game for children i get so frustrated that there is nothing to tell you what to do. In all that i dropped the game and went to something completely different. I started Killer is Dead which was praised for it's insane story and quirky characters. A pisspoor PC port though makes the not so enjoyable experience even less enjoyable. If you've stuck around at my rant for this long i'd just like to ask what now? Will now everything i touch be shit or am i just going wrong at things? The only upside i have is that my game in Hatsune Miku Project Diva has become insane. While last time I've played i wasn't even able to clear one extreme song perfectly I've now played almost half of all songs on extreme without making a mistake.

People are claiming random gen z toddlers they ran across the street are taking production class images of them. Some of them aren't that great so it's possible that they don't lie but the ones claiming 3 year olds or 8 year olds took the pictures are guaranteed a lie.

Since finding out Wolfballs runs on a Raspberry i want to try hosting stuff myself.
I always wanted to have my own Invidious instance and host SearxNG myself so it won't give me any errors when too many people are trying to use it and host pihole myself to give myself a little more power over my DNS requests. Also i always wanted to host my own Nextcloud instance. Not sure if a Pi 3B (not sure if + or not) can handle all 4 at the same time but I'm curious to try it out. Now i only need to find it and then i have to get into how to configure everything. At least installing everything should be relatively easy since i can install everything as docker containers.

Winter 2023 Anime Line Up Discussion
Most Anime this season by now have at least a few episodes out. For this occasion I'd like to hear which anime you have currently started watching and what you think of them.

I've accidentally conditioned myself to be afraid of bird chirping
I've been using relaxing alarms to get up for a long time. I used to have the perfect one but it was bundled with LineageOS and i just couldn't find it anymore once i got a new phone therefore i switched to the next best thing... birds chirping. Now after a year or so of using birds chirping every time i hear something, even only remotely similar like someone whistling, i feel like my alarm is ringing and I'm still asleep needing to get up. That always makes me jump for a second before i realize I'm not currently asleep. Now i really need to get a new alarm.

Spy Kyoushitsu - Episode 1 Discussion
This anime is nothing special. In fact there was so much wrong i barely know where to begin. First off why would they risk their lives to become spies? i know they give a reason for that one girl but having your life saved once isn't enough encouragement for people to go risk theirs on the daily. Next that teacher paints a red smudge called family. It really doesn't get to be more straight forward than this. Before i forget it why do they have to take that dumb secret path through the church? They've got an entire building to themselves. You can't just hide an entire building behind another and think no one would find it. Those house rules are also absolute bullshit. Only 2 wine bottles per day and gambling your organs only once per day but sleeping on the roof is forbidden. If the teacher really is such an amazing spy why couldn't he just say that he will train them. If they ask why only dropouts then mention that the top graduating people didn't get his ways. Also i really hate how everything has to be the most awesome in the entire world. Couldn't he just say he is the best spy known to their organization? Them taking out the boat is some super bullshit. Yes a boat can easily be damadged that it stays afloat but starts sinking once loaded up especially those small ones. The problem is the more water gets in the faster it sinks so basically after not even a minute the water should already have become a considerable issue. Also what was she hoping for on the lake? She kills him and their organization just lets them go? What if he lies there and once the paralysis has ceased he just turns her in as a traitor? Where is her insurance? She really must be the worst spy there ever was. Also was that poison needs honestly just unprotected thrown into her pocket? How the fuck did the poison not get rubbed of or how did she not stab herself when carrying it in the pocket or while pulling it out? They can't even get down the most basic shit about assassination or spies. For example the lock picking scene could have gone that everyone tries to pick the lock but he then shows that you don't have to pick it because they can have many other weak points easier and faster exploited than trying to pick it but no they had to bullshit it. Honestly i didn't know that was gonna be a full female quad anime. Just like isekai or harem/ecchi when there is an anime with a group only consisting out of girls it's definitely trash only with very very few exceptions. Fuck this anime and now i have to contemplate if it has worth to watch thoughtless trash or if i should just keep it at having wasted only 20 minutes of my life.

Super Ultrawide is ugly as hell
I just saw some article sharing screenshots made with triple 16:9 (48:9 or 16:3 in total) and they look hideous. I myself are using a 21:9 monitor and at first i wasn't sure but it really does represent your natural field of view a lot better than a 16:9 monitor. Though going 16:3 makes everything extremely squished. You can probably use larger monitors but then they would wrap around way beyond your field of view. Even now on my 21:9 you could argue that everything to the edges is mostly a blur and "doesn't add to the experience" though i can certainly tell when playing a racing game it is so much better being able to truly see the entire world whiz by.

About top game lists
Wherever you look at top ??? games of all time you always see the same games on top. Portal, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft or Bioshock (the first one). Incidentally I've played all those games except for world of warcraft but only years and years after their release and my experience with them has been mediocre at best. My question now is: are gaming journalists just that deluded by their nostalgia or is there something about these games I truly do not get? Also ranking warcraft 3 better because of the user content is extremely retarded. I get that user content can add a lot to games but in my mind it's something external and should not be included in the main rating of the game itself. Also also any list that gives and good rating to glorified flower picking simulator (aka the bitcher 3) is instantly discredited from my point of view.

I never released how much time Genshin Impact wastes
I was on the daily grind. Doing everything for maximum efficiency so that i had to never pay a dime for this game. I also tracked what i did to make sure to max out the experience pass thing (aka free goodies for doing stuff in the game aka the fix to get addicted people to start using it daily). Now I've laid off Genshin and in record time i finished Nier Replicant, Crash Bandicoot 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. All of which are games that are not short (except for crash maybe) and all of which i really wanted to finally finish for a long time.

Does anyone here actually want to watch Avatar 2?
Since the media won't freaking stop shilling it i can't catch a break from this fucking movie. I don't really want to see it since it was made by a huge cuck. James Cameroon believes in toxic masculinity and therefore probably isn't able to tell a story with a real masculine male.

I just finished Crash Bandicoot 4 and it was like pulling teeth
I loved the original three games and I also played the N.sane trilogy of the games and still loved it. People were shilling the 4th game hard but i couldn't play it with bs playstation exclusivity. Then the PC port was announced and i bought it aaaaand i still couldn't play the game. Even though it is a singleplayer game with ZERO online functionality the game is always online and if the connection to the servers drop just once you get kicked from the game no mater where you are. This also includes when the game hasn't even started because turns out the servers were down because too many people tried to play the game. I knew what i had to do. I refunded the game and got myself the one and only definitive edition of the game so good they won't even sell it to you. The game has been lying dormant forever. I played the first few levels and it was pretty ok but never good enough to continue playing. To combat my ever growing stockpile of unplayed games i created a list which just recently led me to play this game again. Now i was finally able to finish the game and it was worst than i could have ever imagined. Almost everything of the game is really good but there are a few essential problems that completely break the gameplay and without gameplay your game is just shit. So what's wrong? There are two issues which in tandem make each other that much worse. **Depth perception** You absolutely cannot tell for the love of god how close or far something is from the character. In the first few levels that's not an issue but later on they expect insane accuracy of you. Also not really related but there are parts later where you have to aim a gun/canon and there is zero aiming so it's almost random where the character shoots. Naturally there is a little auto aim so your "aim" doesn't have to be perfect but of course it's always not targeting anything even though the enemy is right in front of you or it targets the wrong things. **Checkpoints** You can probably imagine how you are constantly dying without having any real control over it due to the depth perception. So now imagine most levels in the late game having no checkpoints at all. Ironic when you die often enough you can get an intermittent checkpoint to help you but mostly you die again and again at some tight BS point where another checkpoint does you nothing! Also you can free masks when you die often enough but since all the hard parts only kill you with instant kills they are completely useless. tl;dr the game constantly drops inputs, is horribly inconsistent in hitbox detection, thus you die without and control over it and then you have to replay the entire fucking level again because there are no fucking checkpoints. This game was so frustrating that i would say it's literally one of the worst games I've ever played and i've played dynasty warriors 9 so i know bad when i see it.

Videogame-esque isekai are theoretically super depressing
The title says it all. If you think about it if skills and abilities are just given or not given can you really say that you have earned anything? I guess it would be supposed to be like real life where you train a skill and get better in it. Though the animes never go that far. Even if skills are not stolen, copied and just simply given they don't really follow that logic. They try to mimic real life a little bit where some people just get better at some things than others but then again isn't it super depressing to think you might never get better unless something decides you are allowed to level up. I mean real life itself is depressing but disconnecting it from the few real factors you have to influence makes it just even more random and unfair doesn't it?